Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Ok, so I've been busy. And lazy. And unmotivated. And pissed off with Blogspot (because I composed an entire, great, long post a few days ago, which then disappeared off the face of the Earth - not happy!)
There you go, that's the excuses out the way.. But I'm here now, just about! So here goes for a truly random post, as always with me.. Ok, so where to start?!

Here are some pics of my more recent nail varnish/ring combos:

(Check out the glittery tips - cool!)

Since I last posted, they've also been this colour:

- which I loved.

And they are currently this colour:

which is supposedly Green Tea. Now, this is my first experience of Models Own - I bought a few of their colours in the asos sale a while back, but hadn't got round to using them yet. I've heard so much about them, I was really expecting good things. However! Well, the colour is absolutely NOTHING like the pic for a start. Which as it happens, isn't the end of the world, as I like it anyway. It's also a matte finish, which is ok now I've got used to it, but I really wasn't sure of to begin with. I do think it should state if they're matte - I'm sure I would've bought it anyway, but I would've been prepared!
It went on nicely, but it chipped REALLY badly, really quickly! Which I was definitely not expecting. I've now stuck a coat of black Instant Effects over it, which I thought was quite cool, until my nephew informed me he liked my 'dinosaur nails'..
Anyway, rant over.

I need to say a big:

to Sarah @ (apologies for the Disney 'thanks' - can't resist a bit of Disney, particularly after my trip last month!)

I won a giveaway on Sarah's blog, which meant I was lucky enough to receive:

which was obviously particularly apt, seeing as I'd just, I think the week before, been up The Eiffel Tower itself - woo! So yes, thank you ever so much Sarah - & I really am sorry it's taken this long to send my thanks - I am a particularly rubbish blogger, it's true..

Ok, so back to the randomness of this post.. Erm.. I've bought a ridiculous amount recently, as usual. I've been off work on my Easter hols, so I suppose that's made it easier to spend some money!

My recent purchases include, but are not limited to, these:

All from Dorothy Perkins. (The earrings were for my Mum for Mothers Day - I don't have my ears pierced - little fact for you there, fact fans!)

Also bought this today (from New Look):

I know, I know, it's hot & sunny - not jumper weather. But I couldn't resist it. I also am still not sure that it's my colour, but oh well, it's mine now, so who cares!?

I've also got another order due to arrive tomorrow from DPs, so I'll share that with you at some point too :)

Right, a couple of things, then I'm off again. First things first, I'm going to be holding a giveaway, I'm thinking it may well be a 250 followers giveaway - but I'll let you know the details when I decide :)

And the other thing, I had a rather large clear out yesterday - would you guys be interested if I did a blogshop type thing on here? The vast majority, if not all, of it is brand new with tags - between sizes, probably 8-14..? ) oh, & shoes - size 5-6. What do you think? I was going to take all the photos tomorrow & sort it all out, to hopefully actually do the blogpost on Friday probably.. but I don't want to if no one will actually be interested.. So please be honest! Let me know :) Cheers!

Ok, that's your lot for now.

Take care,