Thursday, 23 September 2010

I'm alive...

Ok, so it turns out that I'm one of the worst bloggers in the history of blogging.. I have been SO crap recently it's actually unbelievable.. so:

I really am. I know that my posting makes or not makes no difference to any of your lives, but I still feel bad for having practically abandoned my blog. There's just too much going on at the moment. And even when I'm not doing anything at all, there's too much going on in my head, to concentrate on posting. If it makes you feel better, I'm also not reading or seeing my friends or watching dvds or anything else I'd normally be doing either - basically anything that requires any brain power at all, is out!

But I thought I should probably just remind you of my existence.. So here I am.
I've got a helluva lot of stuff I could show you.. It's all online shopping purchases, because I STILL can't find my camera, so website photos are the best I can do for the moment..

So here's some things I've been buying:

These were both sale items. Had them a little while, but haven't worn either. In fact, bought them bank holiday weekend, because there was a free delivery offer (which I can never resist!)
I've ordered from Boohoo a few times & never really had any problems, but they took the piss a bit with this order for various reasons - the main one being that it took more than 2 weeks for my parcel to arrive, which is pretty ridiculous! Also, was quite gutted when it actually got to me - because I was really excited about that dress, but it's FAR too short so I can't even wear it. Really disappointing.
The shorts are really cute, I love them. When I tried them on my Mum informed me they looked like pyjama bottoms though.. but, I don't care, I like them :)

Placed an order with the other day. Should hopefully receive it tomorrow.
Again, this was inspired by a voucher code for 25% off, which I certainly put to good use!

Here are just a couple of things I chose, I'll maybe show you the rest when they arrive:

Y'know the last time I posted I told you about a order I'd made? Well, I only a few days later bought a whole load more stuff, including:

Absolutely LOVE that skirt, it's gorgeous in real life. Love it!

Then last night, I somehow ended up back on the site.. Oops. Yep, another order placed.. Honestly, I have a problem.
Last night's order included the following:

Plus a few other things, including 'Toy Story' pants for my nephew for Christmas - he'll love 'em!

Right, I'm going to make a move & say goodbye now. I do apologise for not having been around as much as I should've been - posting, commenting, replying to comments etc. I am aware of how shite I am as a blogger. However, I'm making no promises for drastic improvements as yet, because I don't like making promises I can't keep!

Take care,


PS. I apologise for how messy & un-put-together this post is, but I literally can't be arsed to faff around with those pictures to make the layout right..