Saturday, 22 October 2011


Ah, my poor poor abandoned blog..

Ok, so (yet again) apologies for not having been around. I've not felt in the right frame of mind to post to be honest. I'm not feeling good at the moment at all - in fact, I'm having to constantly try & remind myself that life isn't all one big bad joke. Because that's how it feels right now!

But that's enough of that. No one wants to hear any of that malarkey, I'm sure.

So, just to save my blog being totally abandoned, I thought I'd stop by & post. I'm aware I said last time that my next post would be a giveaway - well, guess what - I'm letting you all down again, because it's not.
However, I will be having a giveaway in the near future (no promises as to when - as we all know how rubbish I am - but it will definitely be happening sooner or later)

Ok, down to business...


Loved this. Gutted how messy it looks in this pic - it looked so good in real life!

Extremely shiny silver. Probably my favourite nail varnish at the moment. Have had to make a conscious effort to put it to one side, because I just want to wear it with everything!

With blue crackle.

Actually, that photo isn't a great representation of that purple - lemme find another one:

This is one of my fave 'looks' - this pic was taken a whole week after I'd painted them though, that's why they're looking a bit lived in (tip wear etc)!

That's your lot for nails for now. As you can see - the accent nail trend is alive & kicking over here. Although now all my students (& certain fellow staff actually) are starting to do it too, so I've not done it for a couple of weeks & have just had block colours again!

What do you think? Is that enough for one post? Maybe it's because I don't post very often, but I always feel like I need to put loads, to make up for it! But is it too much? Do my posts get too long? Ah actually, I'm not sure that I'm overly bothered..!

I'll carry on, just for a bit - seeing as I'm here :)

Say hello to this year's new winter coat:

Yum. Love it. Although.. thought I'd live in it, but still haven't actually worn it yet! Keep being drawn back to last year's grey duffle (which I love lots still).. But I will wear it (I will I will!)

Can't remember if I mentioned this last time I was around (was so long ago!) - but I've been asked to be a bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding in August. Very exciting indeed :) I think this is the dress I'm having:

Any thoughts? I've not actually tried it on yet - or even seen it in person, for that matter. But I'm hoping it'll fit, because I really like the shape of it. In the photo, it's VERY 'me' indeed - so I'm hoping it's the same in real life!

Ok, will leave you with this very cute pic indeed of my sister's (absolutely adorable) new kittens. They're brother & sister, & they're such cuties:

Aren't they the cutest!? I've gotta be honest, I'm not actually a 'cat person'. Not in the slightest. Have always much preferred dogs. But these little guys - they are gorgeous. Can't deny it :)

Ok, I'm going to be off now. Hopefully I'll be back sometime relatively soon. Have got a huge amount to show you - because obviously I've been shopping (a lot - as usual) in my absence. In fact, I'm rather concerned about the level of my shopping.. but that's a story for another post..!

Take care,


PS. I don't know why my some of my photos have decided to turn themselves every which way.. But honestly, I can't be bothered to try & fix it! Sorry..

PPS. Apparently I still can't post from my actual computer/laptop. What is that all about!? So yet again, I have to sit here composing all this - then leave it in drafts, log on to my bloody PHONE & post it from there. That is pretty ridiculous isn't it!? Is anyone else having problems with blogspot? It's been AGES now!