Saturday, 13 August 2011


Okie dokie, well overdue a new post - yet again! Seriously, you must be used to my erratic blogging habits by now!?

Right, first things first - nails:

(Plus new ring, from Topman of all places!)

Check out my new ring - amazing huh!? I won it from Laura, in her giveaway on her blog - Love it! Thanks again Laura :)

Ok, so gotta say, the summer holidays have been pretty up & down for me to be honest. I had friends down visiting for a few days (with some exciting news!), & that was brilliant - but since they've gone again I've been bloody miserable & have been finding it a real struggle to even get dressed & leave the house. So there have been quite a few days where I just.. haven't.
As a result, I've been watching these:

& I've also read this:

Which was really good. I actually think everyone should read it!

I've been trying really hard the past couple of weeks, to not buy so much (or anything if possible!) My shopping habits had seriously got out of control in a ridiculous way, so I really needed to cut down. Now was probably not the best time to try & do this, being off work for 5 weeks, & all the sales going on = not the best combination! I've been trying really hard though. (Don't worry, I've got bags & bags full of brand new things - I'm not going to run short of things to share on my blog!)
Clothing at Tesco are really trying to tempt me out of my shopping ban - they've got another one of their "£10 off when you spend £40" promotions - seriously!? And I keep taunting myself by going & having a look on the site - they've got some great things in their sale (as usual!) - I could definitely spend £40 pretty easily! But I'm being strong. I am! Argh!

One of the sales tempting me is the Dorothy Perkins one - here are a few things that I'd happily purchase if I was allowed!

Heart-print dress = £10

Stripe cotton skirt = £9

Tribal print skirt = £9

Violet midi-skirt = £12

This was listed twice on the site under different names - one was £15 & one was £12!

And this one is out of my budget anyway, but I love it:

2in1 prom dress = £25

Although Dorothy Perkins are NOT in my good books at the moment - yet again. So I wouldn't be ordering with them anyway! I've definitely said that before, but always end up being suckered into going back - but will definitely have to think harder next time I'm tempted to shop with them. My last order was cocked up AGAIN & they STILL haven't sorted it. This seems to happen every time with them!

I'm off to Cardiff on Monday with my Mum. Just for a couple of days, but should be a nice change of scenery. We went a couple of years ago & had a really nice time, so hopefully cna recreate that again! If anyone's got any recommendations of things to do/places to eat/things to see etc, whilst in Cardiff, please feel free to leave them for me - they'll be greatly appreciated :)

Right, my next post will be a...

So stay tuned for that! Need to get it organised actually.. But don't worry, it will be!

Ok, I'm off now to catch up on some of my programmes on the Sky planner - how exciting my Saturday night is!

Take care everyone,