Friday, 26 February 2010


I'm so glad it's the weekend at last. Not only that, but it's pay day - woo!

Don't actually have anything much planned for my weekend - sad hey? Am looking forward to NOT hearing the alarm go off in the morning! Just feel the need to chill really. Although there are a few things I need to do in town, one of them being find a cobblers & get my boots fixed - I really miss them!

I keep seeing things that I really want - but y'know, don't need in the slightest. I buy far too much. Here's a couple of things I've spotted that I want in my life :

This mac would fit rather perfectly into my wardobe & into my life - & guess what? It's from Primark!

Another Primark find - pretty floral dress. I really like this - the colourway is very wearable & versatile in my opinion - can definitely see myself in this one!

I LOVE this dress! Look at it, it's so perfect. This one's from asos so I have less chance of actually being able to afford this one, compared to the Primark finds!

I've been trying to remember to take photos of things I'm wearing, but I've been busy & am finding it hard to fit into my day - however, I do have some photos of a couple more of my rings I've worn this week - takes less effort to get a pic of them I guess!

So here goes:

This ring (if my memory serves me correctly) was from Dorothy Perkins - tis a nice green, nicer than this pic portrays.

This ring was from asos - I really like this, tis probably one of my favourites (& believe me, I've got LOTS to choose from!)

This ring was a present for my last birthday from my sister - however I was with her when she bought it (I pointed her in the direction of the one I liked), so I know that it was from a craft stall & it cost £5. It's really cute - it reminds me of a button.

I got this ring in the January sales - it's from Dorothy Perkins. I've also got the exact same ring in purple, & royal blue. They were £2.10 each. The kids at school think I wear these so I can knock them out if need be - bless 'em. They are pretty big though...

So that's a little selection of the rings I've worn this week - plenty more to come. I did warn you in my introductory posts that I had a thing about rings!

Right, I'm gonna be off now - blogspot seems to be playing up big style - is it just me?

Hope you all have a great weekend - looking forward to reading about them!

Take care


Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Right, I've just deleted & am now re-writing this, as it was ridiculously moany & I decided that's not how I want to start my blog post!

I'm sorry if my posts tend to be a bit... disjointed, but that's how my brain is right now. I'm sure you won't mind - there'll still be pretty pictures, don't worry!

Didn't update yesterday as was babysitting after work, then when I got home I was just SO tired. I'm trying to work out what's going to suit me, updating wise. I don't think I'm going to be able to be an everyday blogger. But I'm going to attempt to stick at how I've been doing it, kinda every other day- ish.

Anyway, onto FAR more important matters..

This is what my outfit started with this morning:

This was purely down to the fact it was really wet & miserable & rainy outside - & these boots seem to be my most reliable at not getting my feet wet! So I started, knowing I was going to wear these - then I built my outfit around them.
  • Boots - from New Look - were originally £65, but I paid £15 in the sale for them a while ago(real leather) - love them! They're really comfortable & are probably my most practical pair of shoes (hence how they always come out when it's raining!) Generally practicality isn't something I tend to consider when I buy things...

This is the jewellery I wore:

Gold/cream ring was from Miss Selfridge - one of my few gold items (see couple of posts back) - however I am quite OCD about what I can wear it with. For example, I can ONLY wear any gold if I'm wearing a brown/cream tone outfit. I wear silver with everything else.

To give you an idea of how funny I am about things like this, the two wooden items of jewellery I wore today? I couldn't wear them with grey for example. Because grey is a 'silver' colour.

There was an occasion where I was wearing grey trousers, but all my work stuff was packed into a brown bag - I was actually late for work because I HAD to swap my bag. I literally couldn't allow myself to leave the house with both grey & brown in my outfit.. Yeah, I have issues, I really do!

Anyway, back to the subject:
  • Wooden ring was from a craft stall on the seafront last year sometime, cost £1/£1.50ish.
  • Wooden necklace was from a little shop we found in Birmingham, that I absolutely LOVED, & now I can't remember for the life of me what it was called! It cost £1 (everything in the shop was on sale - partly why I loved it quite so much!)

Just thought, with those photos you get some idea of my pretty nail varnish I was telling you about - what do you think?!

Just wanted to say again - thanks SO much for all the comments & people who are following me. I really appreciate it, & it does definitely add to the enjoyment of having a blog :)

Take care


Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sunday Night

Back to work tomorrow morning, after having had a week off. Definitely not looking forward to hearing the alarm at 6.15am...
Especially as for the past couple of weeks, the earliest I've been able to go to sleep has been about 3am.. Ridiculously tired. Anyway, lets not talk about that!

Have already thought about what I'm going to wear - it works better for me to have some sort of an idea/plan - else I spend AGES in the morning faffing about with various things, trying desperately to make myself look presentable, whilst still half asleep!

I have apparently lost my camera, which is obviously just bloody brilliant. So, you'll have to excuse the dodgy quality photos on this post - they're from my phone. By the way, have also lost the cable for my phone - but that's ok, Bluetooth to the rescue! I really need a major sort-out, so I can actually find things!

Went for lunch yesterday - wore 'boyfriend' jeans, white vest, greeny/tealy/turquoisey, ribbed, slouchy, chunky cardigan (which matched perfectly with the new necklace I got in H&M on Friday), then went for tan shoes & bag - as pictured here:

The shoes are suede pumps from New Look & cost £5 in the sale, quite a while ago. They're ones I'd forgotten I'd bought until quite recently, when I found them (still in the bag...) - I've been waiting to wear them, so when I saw the sun was shining yesterday I decided to make the most of the opportunity to not have to wear boots!

Bag is from asos - it's less orangey than it looks in the photo - is a really nice tan. Love this bag rather a lot. It's another sale bargain, from last year's Jan sales - costing the grand total of £4! It's served me well & is still a favourite :)

Talking of favourite things serving me well, I'm highly disappointed with my favourite pair of boots! They've let me down big style - look:

Bloody things. Gutted! These were my absolute, go-to boots. I love them. I love everything about them. I love the buckle. I love the studs. I love how comfortable they are. I love how they go with EVERYTHING - from floral dresses, to work trousers - I love them. & they've let me down. I don't want to give up on them (don't know if I've mentioned, but I love them!) - but it'd probably cost more to fix them than they cost originally! So, not sure what I'm going to do about them.. But look at them, they're so.. lovely!

Lets change the subject away from my boots, I'm too traumatised - need to take my mind off them!

Was going to show you a photo of my nails, that I painted this evening, ready to go back to work. But I don't think I'll bother - the photos don't really give an accurate portrayal.. They're a pretty colour. I'm never quite sure what colour it is. The name is BMX Bandit, which really doesn't help at all! They look lilac in some lights, but in other lights they look blue. Anyway, I like them :)

I'm getting quite into this blogging malarkey - & browsing through other people's blogs I've found some that I really like, so that's nice. I think my problem is going to be finding time to actually post - it seems to take so bloody long! But anyway, I'm going to try & stay on top of it, because I'm enjoying it :)

Take care


Friday, 19 February 2010


So, I'm back! Haven't given up yet - even with the obstacles in my way, such as my camera disappearing & then my phone cable disappearing when I took photos on my phone instead.. Nothing will stop me giving this blog a good go!

Ok, so I did a spot of shopping today - thought I'd share some of my goodies with you.

First of all I got a parcel from asos - I made the most of the free next day delivery they had on yesterday & took the opportunity to order a couple of things (although the one particular thing I wanted, was out of stock - bloody typical!

So here's what I got:

A black, partically studded, double belt - actually from the men's section. Bargain price of £3.

Arm warmers! Love them. I actually already have a couple of pairs of arm warmers - a blue fuzzy pair & a black pair with tiny bright blue buttons on - but these are grey. You'll soon learn that I love grey! Grey is a real staple colour in my wardrobe. So I decided that these had to be mine :)

I also got this dress from the asos outlet - although mine is black. Tis a French Connection dress, for the bargain price of £10. I haven't tried it on yet, but when I got it out earlier it seemed EVER so short - looked more like a top, so we'll see. It's got nice detailing on the back though - it kinda gathers round into a big bow. I'll see if I can get a better picture (if I decided to keep it)...

I then got this:

From New Look - I love this, it's so pretty. It was reduced from £25 to £12. The picture doesn't really do it justice actually, it's one of those that's much better in real life! Can't wait to wear this one :)

I also got an oversized stripy top, a necklace & ring from H&M (which I haven't got pictures of).

I managed to buy rather a lot in Primark today - some good stuff in at the moment (in my opinion) - but only have a photo of one of the things - & do please excuse the quality, I had to take it on my phone & it doesn't really show it at it's best!

I love it - it's SO damn cute! & for the bargain price of £4.

I haven't had chance to take photos of the other things I bought - has been a rather hectic day...

Hope this has been a sufficient enough blog post for you all :) I will leave you with some pics of the jewellery I was wearing today. All silver - no colour, quite unusual for me! Although these are all pieces I wear quite often...

Take care


PS. Just wanted to say quickly - thanks for my comments so far :) They're all really appreciated. A particular mention to Dolly at for being my first ever comment!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Bit About Moi

Decided I'd give more of an introduction to myself. So, here are a few of my likes & dislikes. I could think of loads more, but decided I should attempt not to bore you TOO much already..!


  • Ebay - I'm a total Ebay addict. It's quite bad really. A large proportion of my money goes there, which leads to a high proportion of my wardrobe being acquired via Ebay. I just love it! I am a major bargain hunter generally, whether in town or online, so Ebay appeals hugely to my bargain hunter side. I am however, a slight Ebay snob, in that I only ever buy things that are 'new with tags'. I know I doubtless miss many a bargain that way, but however much I admire vintage styles - I like my items to be new, with labels in, when I get them...
This picture is of one of my newest Ebay purchases - & I love it! Great size, great colour - so versatile :)

  • PJ/Duvet Days - Man, I love having a day where you don't have to go out, don't get dressed, don't have to do anything. Just stay, snuggled in your pjs, wrapped in a duvet - watching dvds, reading, having naps - a combination of these would be ideal! I actually have days like this too often really - but I love it, & I think you need it sometimes (I certainly do), to recharge your batteries. Days like this come highly recommended!

  • My Nephew - I knew that my little sister getting pregnant would obviously change her life, & therefore mine to some degree. I totally underestimated what an impact this child would have on my life. I totally adore him. He amazes & astounds me each & every day. & he's just so damn cute it's unbelievable!

  • Jewellery - I love jewellery. Particularly rings at the moment. I feel naked if I leave the house without at least one ring on each hand. I love chunky, interesting rings. I will be sharing with you on here some pics of my jewellery, I'm sure, as I don't feel an outfit is complete without considering which rings to wear! One of my favourite necklaces at the moment, is a silver camera pendant. Totally random, but I love it & have worn it a lot recently. It goes with anything, & adds a bit of interest to any outfit. I'm hankering after a clock pendant at the moment (preferably a working clock, & on a budget..!)

Edit - I've just seen a clock ring on the Topshop website - it's silver & heartshaped - I think I'm in love. However, it's £14 - so it won't be mine I'm afraid :(

Je deteste:

  • Rude People - I don't think there's any excuse for being rude. People who don't say please or thank you seriously get my goat. It doesn't take a second. It shouldn't be something you even have to think about, it should just happen effortlessly. I hate people with no manners - argh!

  • My Room - My bedroom is seriously messy. I hate it. I can never find anything I want, because there's just so much stuff absolutely everywhere. I actually dream of having a tidy room. I plan all the storage solutions & bits & pieces I'd have if it was sorted out & tidy. I would adore my clothes & everything to be organised. Like I said, I dream about it (sad, but true!). But it's just so bad, it's past the point of being tidy-able! Very disheartening to be faced with such a sight every morning.. Every time I think I'm going to do something about it, I have to give up as it's just TOO big a job - crazy huh!?

  • Gold - I don't like gold generally. I do have a few odd bits in gold, but on the whole I'm a silver girl. And the gold I do have is more what would be described as 'antique gold'. One of my pet peeves is gold fittings on bags. I'm pretty sure 'fittings' isn't the right word, but my mind's gone blank! Y'know, zips, studs etc. I hate hate hate it. I don't even really know why, now I come to think about it. It's just one of those things that's always got to me!

  • Label snobs - I buy things because I like them, regardless of where they are from. I've mentioned that I'm a bargain hunter - that means if I see a cardigan in Asda that I like, I'll get it. I love Primark. I buy rather a large amount of stuff from there. I HATE people that have an issue with that. I don't understand how, in this day & age, people can still have a stigma against Primark. I have things I've bought in Primark literally years ago, & have been washed & worn countless times & are still going strong (stronger may I add, than items from more expensive shops). I know a couple of people who absolutely refuse to set foot in Primark, yet have complimented me on an outfiit entirely made up of Primark items without realising. Yes, this has turned into an 'I love Primark' rant, but I bet you all know people like this - it's so frustrating..

Right, well this post has been far too long & I'm sure I've bored you all to sleep. I'm planning on featuring a lot more photos in my blogs in future, but my camera isn't charged tonight.. I wasn't prepared when I decided to start my first blog - I promise it will improve!

Take care


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

First Post

Well, this is officially my first post on my new (& first!) blog.

I'm quite excited about getting this up & running, but fear I don't quite have the technical know-how.. so I'm planning on just giving it a go & seeing how it ends up!

I've got lots of ideas for this blog - it's just going to be about finding time to do it all.. we'll see hey?!

I'm pretty much obsessed with jewellery, clothes, bags & shoes - so the majority of my posts will most likely feature around my latest purchases, or ideas for outfits etc. But again, just going to kinda wait & see where this takes me!

Anyway, that's enough I think for my little introductory post - I just really wanted to test out how this all worked & this seemed the best way to see.