Friday, 19 February 2010


So, I'm back! Haven't given up yet - even with the obstacles in my way, such as my camera disappearing & then my phone cable disappearing when I took photos on my phone instead.. Nothing will stop me giving this blog a good go!

Ok, so I did a spot of shopping today - thought I'd share some of my goodies with you.

First of all I got a parcel from asos - I made the most of the free next day delivery they had on yesterday & took the opportunity to order a couple of things (although the one particular thing I wanted, was out of stock - bloody typical!

So here's what I got:

A black, partically studded, double belt - actually from the men's section. Bargain price of £3.

Arm warmers! Love them. I actually already have a couple of pairs of arm warmers - a blue fuzzy pair & a black pair with tiny bright blue buttons on - but these are grey. You'll soon learn that I love grey! Grey is a real staple colour in my wardrobe. So I decided that these had to be mine :)

I also got this dress from the asos outlet - although mine is black. Tis a French Connection dress, for the bargain price of £10. I haven't tried it on yet, but when I got it out earlier it seemed EVER so short - looked more like a top, so we'll see. It's got nice detailing on the back though - it kinda gathers round into a big bow. I'll see if I can get a better picture (if I decided to keep it)...

I then got this:

From New Look - I love this, it's so pretty. It was reduced from £25 to £12. The picture doesn't really do it justice actually, it's one of those that's much better in real life! Can't wait to wear this one :)

I also got an oversized stripy top, a necklace & ring from H&M (which I haven't got pictures of).

I managed to buy rather a lot in Primark today - some good stuff in at the moment (in my opinion) - but only have a photo of one of the things - & do please excuse the quality, I had to take it on my phone & it doesn't really show it at it's best!

I love it - it's SO damn cute! & for the bargain price of £4.

I haven't had chance to take photos of the other things I bought - has been a rather hectic day...

Hope this has been a sufficient enough blog post for you all :) I will leave you with some pics of the jewellery I was wearing today. All silver - no colour, quite unusual for me! Although these are all pieces I wear quite often...

Take care


PS. Just wanted to say quickly - thanks for my comments so far :) They're all really appreciated. A particular mention to Dolly at for being my first ever comment!


  1. love all of your buys!! especially the double belt :)

    such a lovely blog! im following :D thank you for the lovely comment! love sammy


  2. such great buys - especially the belt. if only i had money to spend... grrrr



  3. Ok, so the belt appears to be popular - & I'm not even sure that it works for me!

    Thanks for the comments x

  4. Love love love the floral dress!
    Lovely bargains!
    Thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  5. The floral dress is definitely one of my favourite recent buys - I can think of so many combinations I want to wear it with, & it's so pretty & comfortable - love it!

    Thanks for commenting back :)

  6. Ha! Found you at last so I'll be commenting on your every move now.
    Love the Primark bag, looks really retro and groovy and lovin' those rings, too.

  7. Such pretty things! I LOVE the scalloped bag and must get myself one! And the rings are cute too.

  8. Love the Primark bag, its adorable!And how cute is the NL dress!! Love it xoxo

  9. :O only £4?? bargin!
    love the rings, they are look really vinatage and worn but in a cool way :)

    thank you for your lovely comment! love sammy