Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Right, I've just deleted & am now re-writing this, as it was ridiculously moany & I decided that's not how I want to start my blog post!

I'm sorry if my posts tend to be a bit... disjointed, but that's how my brain is right now. I'm sure you won't mind - there'll still be pretty pictures, don't worry!

Didn't update yesterday as was babysitting after work, then when I got home I was just SO tired. I'm trying to work out what's going to suit me, updating wise. I don't think I'm going to be able to be an everyday blogger. But I'm going to attempt to stick at how I've been doing it, kinda every other day- ish.

Anyway, onto FAR more important matters..

This is what my outfit started with this morning:

This was purely down to the fact it was really wet & miserable & rainy outside - & these boots seem to be my most reliable at not getting my feet wet! So I started, knowing I was going to wear these - then I built my outfit around them.
  • Boots - from New Look - were originally £65, but I paid £15 in the sale for them a while ago(real leather) - love them! They're really comfortable & are probably my most practical pair of shoes (hence how they always come out when it's raining!) Generally practicality isn't something I tend to consider when I buy things...

This is the jewellery I wore:

Gold/cream ring was from Miss Selfridge - one of my few gold items (see couple of posts back) - however I am quite OCD about what I can wear it with. For example, I can ONLY wear any gold if I'm wearing a brown/cream tone outfit. I wear silver with everything else.

To give you an idea of how funny I am about things like this, the two wooden items of jewellery I wore today? I couldn't wear them with grey for example. Because grey is a 'silver' colour.

There was an occasion where I was wearing grey trousers, but all my work stuff was packed into a brown bag - I was actually late for work because I HAD to swap my bag. I literally couldn't allow myself to leave the house with both grey & brown in my outfit.. Yeah, I have issues, I really do!

Anyway, back to the subject:
  • Wooden ring was from a craft stall on the seafront last year sometime, cost £1/£1.50ish.
  • Wooden necklace was from a little shop we found in Birmingham, that I absolutely LOVED, & now I can't remember for the life of me what it was called! It cost £1 (everything in the shop was on sale - partly why I loved it quite so much!)

Just thought, with those photos you get some idea of my pretty nail varnish I was telling you about - what do you think?!

Just wanted to say again - thanks SO much for all the comments & people who are following me. I really appreciate it, & it does definitely add to the enjoyment of having a blog :)

Take care



  1. the boots are gorgeous! so jealous you got them for £15! :o

    And I am totaly the same with wooden jewellery! I cant wear it with silver shades :) x

  2. Hope work is okay for you hunny!
    adore the jewellery and the boots, such bargains!
    It takes a while to get into blogging. I couldn't blog everyday. I just blog when i get the time, or when i really want to blog i drop everything else till later, it's hard as i've got my GCSE's in a few months, but blogging shall get my through!
    Thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog :)
    I'm just in love with the dress. I've had so many compliments of people telling me how much it suits me, so i'm happy! :)
    hope you have a wonderful week!
    love love love your blog :)

  3. Thanks for the comment on my last post! You have a lovely blog :) Haha I know what you mean about grey and brown, 'tis a sin! xx

  4. Lovely boots and more fab jewellery, too! Whilst I don't put grey and brown together (too drab)I do have a long skinny TopShop stripey top in these very two colours.

  5. oooooh loving your boots huni xxxxx

  6. those boots are wowzass.

  7. Cute boots (:
    & I love your nailpolish.

    xx, Melissa

  8. love the boots, but love the rings and the colour! :)
    love sammy

  9. Oh I love those booots - and what a bargain!
    the nail colour is gorgeous