Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sunday Night

Back to work tomorrow morning, after having had a week off. Definitely not looking forward to hearing the alarm at 6.15am...
Especially as for the past couple of weeks, the earliest I've been able to go to sleep has been about 3am.. Ridiculously tired. Anyway, lets not talk about that!

Have already thought about what I'm going to wear - it works better for me to have some sort of an idea/plan - else I spend AGES in the morning faffing about with various things, trying desperately to make myself look presentable, whilst still half asleep!

I have apparently lost my camera, which is obviously just bloody brilliant. So, you'll have to excuse the dodgy quality photos on this post - they're from my phone. By the way, have also lost the cable for my phone - but that's ok, Bluetooth to the rescue! I really need a major sort-out, so I can actually find things!

Went for lunch yesterday - wore 'boyfriend' jeans, white vest, greeny/tealy/turquoisey, ribbed, slouchy, chunky cardigan (which matched perfectly with the new necklace I got in H&M on Friday), then went for tan shoes & bag - as pictured here:

The shoes are suede pumps from New Look & cost £5 in the sale, quite a while ago. They're ones I'd forgotten I'd bought until quite recently, when I found them (still in the bag...) - I've been waiting to wear them, so when I saw the sun was shining yesterday I decided to make the most of the opportunity to not have to wear boots!

Bag is from asos - it's less orangey than it looks in the photo - is a really nice tan. Love this bag rather a lot. It's another sale bargain, from last year's Jan sales - costing the grand total of £4! It's served me well & is still a favourite :)

Talking of favourite things serving me well, I'm highly disappointed with my favourite pair of boots! They've let me down big style - look:

Bloody things. Gutted! These were my absolute, go-to boots. I love them. I love everything about them. I love the buckle. I love the studs. I love how comfortable they are. I love how they go with EVERYTHING - from floral dresses, to work trousers - I love them. & they've let me down. I don't want to give up on them (don't know if I've mentioned, but I love them!) - but it'd probably cost more to fix them than they cost originally! So, not sure what I'm going to do about them.. But look at them, they're so.. lovely!

Lets change the subject away from my boots, I'm too traumatised - need to take my mind off them!

Was going to show you a photo of my nails, that I painted this evening, ready to go back to work. But I don't think I'll bother - the photos don't really give an accurate portrayal.. They're a pretty colour. I'm never quite sure what colour it is. The name is BMX Bandit, which really doesn't help at all! They look lilac in some lights, but in other lights they look blue. Anyway, I like them :)

I'm getting quite into this blogging malarkey - & browsing through other people's blogs I've found some that I really like, so that's nice. I think my problem is going to be finding time to actually post - it seems to take so bloody long! But anyway, I'm going to try & stay on top of it, because I'm enjoying it :)

Take care



  1. Love the shoes and bag! I am always gutted when my favourite things fall apart too...have been known to reach for the superglue! Loving the posts! xoxo

  2. Sadly, I've already tried superglue! It did kinda work, gave me an extra couple of weeks outta them, but now I think they're past the point where glue will help.. :(
    Thanks for your comment! I really like your blog, so it's lovely to hear you're enjoying mine :)

  3. oh so sorry about the boots. that´s why i tend not to wear my favorite stuff everyday (though i would LOVE to) because i am scared they´ll get destroyed. haha


  4. i love those nude shoes and bag. It matches and it's really cute.

    well its like a death sentence if our camera is lost. hahahaha.

    have a great day!

    I am Denise Katipunera

  5. Lovely bag, really cute. I'm sure a cobbler could sort out those boots for a few quid, they definately need heavy-duty glue.

  6. Love those brown shoes. I want a pair like that! Take those boots to a cobbler, quick. If you love them it'll be worth the money to fix them :)

  7. Thanks for the lovely comment! I love to hear that i inspire people.. but im really not that great aha! Your post is lovely, and the bag is stunning.. along with the shoes xxxx

  8. those boots are so lovely,
    i agree, get them to the cobblers!

    nice to know i'm not the only new blogger around :)

  9. I love your bag, and cried when the same happened to my favourite boots!