Saturday, 30 October 2010


I didn't really feel like updating to be honest. But I'm sat here watching The X Factor, so figured I could do this at the same time.. My mind's not really in it at the moment to be honest. We've had some sad family news yesterday & I can't really think about anything else.

This is just a quick, half-hearted post to be honest - I do apologise. Yet again. I know. I'm crap. And that's why I'm losing followers too! Oops. Oh well. On the flip side though, hi to my newer followers - my blog will at some point be a bit better, hopefully!

Right, I said in my last post that I'd been to Blackpool last week & spent a day in the Lake District? Well here's a few pics from that day :)

I took these pictures in Grasmere (where William Wordsworth is buried, fact fans!)

I'm loving these autumnal colours at the moment, & those first couple of pics sum them up for me really - I am being inspired by those colours whilst shopping (so have obviously got LOTS of things to show you at some point..!)

These next pics were taken when we were on a boat cruise across Lake Windermere - it was such a gorgeous day. We were so lucky :)

So there's just a few I thought I'd share with you :)

Halloween. Yeah. Don't really do Halloween in my house. Never have! We do actually have plans for tomorrow night though, but totally un-Halloween related! We've got tickets to see Dara O'Briain, which we've been really looking forward to. Not sure that anyone's really in the mood anymore, but hopefully it'll be good..

I'm going to leave this there - hope everyone's good.

Take care,


Saturday, 23 October 2010

I had so many posts planned, but yet again, have been entirely rubbish at actually doing them! I do apologise, as always.

Lots has happened since I last posted.. including:

-going back to work: Yeah.. so I went back to work. Before my sick note expired actually.. Just felt like I should go back sooner rather than later, for my own sake & because I felt guilty about leaving them in the lurch..

-my birthday: Urgh. Didn't actually celebrate at all really! Basically just tried very hard to forget it even was my birthday.. Just not in the mood this year. And I feel old! Urgh.
I did get a nice selection of jewellery though - my family obviously know me well!

-half term: I was only back at work for a week & then it was half term anyway (partly why I decided to go back!) - Have had a week off so far & still got another week to go :)

-Blackpool: spent Monday to Friday in Blackpool on a coach trip with my Nan.. which I suppose I should be embarrassed to admit, but I don't really care! We had a good time. She hasn't been away for a really long time, & she wouldn't have gone on her own, so I know she appreciated the company. It was nice.
I actually really enjoyed living like a granny for a few days - a few early nights did me good!
My favourite day was Wednesday when we went up to the Lake District. It was a gorgeous day & we went for a boat cruise on Lake Windermere & it was just lush (pictures may well follow, when I can be bothered to find the camera lead!)

I'm sure there's other things I could talk about, but that's your lot for now!

I've been kinda busy, so am still trying to catch up on the reading/commenting I've missed over the last few days - I will do it though :)

I'm sorry for this disappointing post. I will get round to doing some better posts, sooner or later, including the things I'd promised in my last post. Just wanted to quickly update so you knew I was still about..

Hope everyone's good :)

Take care,


Friday, 8 October 2010

New Shoes

Right, so here I am again. As usual, it's been a while. I've decided that you lot surely don't expect anything more from me by now, so it's not like I'm letting anyone down! That's my theory anyway :)

I have been buying a ridiculous amount this week.
I know I always say that. And to be fair, yes, I do actually buy a lot of stuff. But this week seriously takes the biscuit! I actually think I need therapy or counselling of some sort to cure my shopping addiction. It can't be normal. I need help!

So, I'm going to share with you some of my buys. As I said, there's been a LOT - so what I'm going to do is break it down into sections. As you've probably guessed from the title, today's post is going to be based on my new footwear.. You also have the pleasure of 'clothes', 'cosmetics' and 'accessories - jewellery & bags' to look forward to, sooner or later :)

I've actually been signed off work sick (don't really want to go into that though..), so these have all been online purchases. It's just too easy to click those buttons & then have lovely packages come to your door!

First we have:

So.. these were all from
They were in the sale at £5 each. And I also had a 10% discount code = bargains.
Just a note, those first pairs aren't actually as shiny as the flash has made them look. They're a more matte finish, then just the bows are sequinned.

Then there's these:

More bargains from my favourite site of the moment:!
I have bought SO much stuff from there recently it's ridiculous! But seriously, their things are amazing - such good quality, for such good prices. Check it out if you haven't already!
(Oh & just to convince you further, there's free delivery on all clothing until midnight tonight - so go, now! Then come back & tell me what you've got!)

I loved these on the site, they looked the perfect neutral colour & just gorgeous. Then I wasn't sure when they arrived.. But now, having photographed them & seeing these pics, I love them again :) I actually think they're amazing..
I've totally bought into the whole brogue trend.. I love them. I've now got quite a few pairs, in various colours - HOWEVER, I haven't worn them! What's the matter with me!? I love them on other people, then I feel like I look silly in them when I put them on.. But these are going to be the ones that break that cycle, I know :)

Ok, now onto boots:

Again, these are purchases - they're lovely. Really soft & comfy.

I also got these ones from the site I mentioned earlier (


My sister laughed her head off when she saw them - but I think they're bloody great. Very 'me'. Love 'em!

Now all the pairs featured so far are actually here, in my possession, in my bedroom, with me now.

These next couple, are ones I'm still waiting on delivery of:

These are asos.. Don't even get me started on their sale!
These pumps make up part of my THIRD order from them this week. Wait till we get to the 'cosmetics' post of my recent purchases! I told you my shopping habits were getting more ridiculous by the day.

And I'm also waiting for these (& very looking forward to getting them):

These are basically perfect in my eyes. I love them. Which is why I had to have them, even though I'd just got those other grey boots.. Oh well. I will wear & love them both. Gorgeous.

These, as you can see, are Dorothy Perkins boots - but I've bought them brand new from good ol' eBay.

I think that concludes my new footwear post :)

I am actually going shopping tomorrow :/ But I seriously need to try & not buy anything. No, not anything, that'd be unrealistic.. Not buy much. I'm going shopping with my sister, as she's starting a new job on Monday, & she needs work wear, including shoes/bag/everything! So hopefully I'll manage to stay focused on that mission, rather than get distracted by things for me.. We'll see!

Right, that's me done. Hope you're all well & have good weekends :)

Take care,