Saturday, 23 October 2010

I had so many posts planned, but yet again, have been entirely rubbish at actually doing them! I do apologise, as always.

Lots has happened since I last posted.. including:

-going back to work: Yeah.. so I went back to work. Before my sick note expired actually.. Just felt like I should go back sooner rather than later, for my own sake & because I felt guilty about leaving them in the lurch..

-my birthday: Urgh. Didn't actually celebrate at all really! Basically just tried very hard to forget it even was my birthday.. Just not in the mood this year. And I feel old! Urgh.
I did get a nice selection of jewellery though - my family obviously know me well!

-half term: I was only back at work for a week & then it was half term anyway (partly why I decided to go back!) - Have had a week off so far & still got another week to go :)

-Blackpool: spent Monday to Friday in Blackpool on a coach trip with my Nan.. which I suppose I should be embarrassed to admit, but I don't really care! We had a good time. She hasn't been away for a really long time, & she wouldn't have gone on her own, so I know she appreciated the company. It was nice.
I actually really enjoyed living like a granny for a few days - a few early nights did me good!
My favourite day was Wednesday when we went up to the Lake District. It was a gorgeous day & we went for a boat cruise on Lake Windermere & it was just lush (pictures may well follow, when I can be bothered to find the camera lead!)

I'm sure there's other things I could talk about, but that's your lot for now!

I've been kinda busy, so am still trying to catch up on the reading/commenting I've missed over the last few days - I will do it though :)

I'm sorry for this disappointing post. I will get round to doing some better posts, sooner or later, including the things I'd promised in my last post. Just wanted to quickly update so you knew I was still about..

Hope everyone's good :)

Take care,



  1. Glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better now :)

    Family coach trips can be fun!! I've been on a couple with my mum and we've always had a good time. Look forward to seeing your Lakes photos.

  2. There is nothing wrong with going to Blackpool with your nan thats such a nice thing to do!

    Its my birthday next month and it does start to be less fun when you are getting older.
    Glad you are feeling ok now x

  3. It's not a disappointing post at all.

    Blackpool with your Gran sounds like a hoot! Nothing to be embarassed about.

    Hope you enjoy your second week off.


  4. Happy belated birthday! They do feel a bit of a non-event when you get older, don't they.
    I love sound of a coach trip with your nan, my Grandma was hysterical, we used to have such a laugh. xxx

  5. oh, i hope you had a wonderful birthday! so looking forward to seeing what you have bought since you last posted! :)


  6. I think a coach trip sounds pretty fun, and sounds like it was a nice break away. I really want to go the Lake District at some point; it seems such a nice place to visit x

  7. You came to blackpool! Hope you enjoyed my home town :p
    & i went on holiday with my nan last month - it was lovely spending time with her :)

  8. It wasn't a disappointing post at all! I love hearing about peoples weeks! I would love to have a little trip with my Grandma and me :) xoxo

  9. Happy belated birthday! The trip with your gran sounds fab!

    P.S. Yes it is Paignton zoo :)

  10. why didnt you celebrate your birthday xxxx

  11. Happy late birthday! Aging is boring, but celebrations are so fun!

  12. Happy belated birthday :)
    This isn't a dissapointing post!! Its lovely and wintery!
    Please come back to blogger.. your one of my favorites! xxxxx

  13. i used to love outings with my Nan :) doesnt very rarely happen anymore tho as shes going a bit loopy!
    Hope your okay x