Saturday, 15 June 2013


Why hello there, it's certainly been a while..

Although I haven't posted here in approximately forever, I have been keeping up to date with reading everyone's blogs (well, sort of. Attempting to at least!) So the developments in the blog world haven't passed me by completely - which is why I'm here actually, I signed up to Bloglovin' - after being told to numerous times by basically every blog I read - & apparently I need to write this post, to 'claim' my blog. So that's why I'm here. I'm not sure if this is going to signal my return completely or not - I do miss blogging, but I'm making no promises (least of all to myself) - a lot has happened in my absence, & I'm not sure what or if I'm ready to start sharing. But I didn't like the idea of my poor little abandoned blog disappearing into the internet abyss, so I'm therefore 'claiming' it - & we'll just go from there for now :)

If for some mad reason you would like to continue my blog (on the offchance I may start blogging again someday!), then do please feel free:
Follow my blog with Bloglovin
However, I definitely won't be offended or hold it against you if you decide against it.

Take care,
D x

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Ah, my poor poor abandoned blog..

Ok, so (yet again) apologies for not having been around. I've not felt in the right frame of mind to post to be honest. I'm not feeling good at the moment at all - in fact, I'm having to constantly try & remind myself that life isn't all one big bad joke. Because that's how it feels right now!

But that's enough of that. No one wants to hear any of that malarkey, I'm sure.

So, just to save my blog being totally abandoned, I thought I'd stop by & post. I'm aware I said last time that my next post would be a giveaway - well, guess what - I'm letting you all down again, because it's not.
However, I will be having a giveaway in the near future (no promises as to when - as we all know how rubbish I am - but it will definitely be happening sooner or later)

Ok, down to business...


Loved this. Gutted how messy it looks in this pic - it looked so good in real life!

Extremely shiny silver. Probably my favourite nail varnish at the moment. Have had to make a conscious effort to put it to one side, because I just want to wear it with everything!

With blue crackle.

Actually, that photo isn't a great representation of that purple - lemme find another one:

This is one of my fave 'looks' - this pic was taken a whole week after I'd painted them though, that's why they're looking a bit lived in (tip wear etc)!

That's your lot for nails for now. As you can see - the accent nail trend is alive & kicking over here. Although now all my students (& certain fellow staff actually) are starting to do it too, so I've not done it for a couple of weeks & have just had block colours again!

What do you think? Is that enough for one post? Maybe it's because I don't post very often, but I always feel like I need to put loads, to make up for it! But is it too much? Do my posts get too long? Ah actually, I'm not sure that I'm overly bothered..!

I'll carry on, just for a bit - seeing as I'm here :)

Say hello to this year's new winter coat:

Yum. Love it. Although.. thought I'd live in it, but still haven't actually worn it yet! Keep being drawn back to last year's grey duffle (which I love lots still).. But I will wear it (I will I will!)

Can't remember if I mentioned this last time I was around (was so long ago!) - but I've been asked to be a bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding in August. Very exciting indeed :) I think this is the dress I'm having:

Any thoughts? I've not actually tried it on yet - or even seen it in person, for that matter. But I'm hoping it'll fit, because I really like the shape of it. In the photo, it's VERY 'me' indeed - so I'm hoping it's the same in real life!

Ok, will leave you with this very cute pic indeed of my sister's (absolutely adorable) new kittens. They're brother & sister, & they're such cuties:

Aren't they the cutest!? I've gotta be honest, I'm not actually a 'cat person'. Not in the slightest. Have always much preferred dogs. But these little guys - they are gorgeous. Can't deny it :)

Ok, I'm going to be off now. Hopefully I'll be back sometime relatively soon. Have got a huge amount to show you - because obviously I've been shopping (a lot - as usual) in my absence. In fact, I'm rather concerned about the level of my shopping.. but that's a story for another post..!

Take care,


PS. I don't know why my some of my photos have decided to turn themselves every which way.. But honestly, I can't be bothered to try & fix it! Sorry..

PPS. Apparently I still can't post from my actual computer/laptop. What is that all about!? So yet again, I have to sit here composing all this - then leave it in drafts, log on to my bloody PHONE & post it from there. That is pretty ridiculous isn't it!? Is anyone else having problems with blogspot? It's been AGES now!

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Okie dokie, well overdue a new post - yet again! Seriously, you must be used to my erratic blogging habits by now!?

Right, first things first - nails:

(Plus new ring, from Topman of all places!)

Check out my new ring - amazing huh!? I won it from Laura, in her giveaway on her blog - Love it! Thanks again Laura :)

Ok, so gotta say, the summer holidays have been pretty up & down for me to be honest. I had friends down visiting for a few days (with some exciting news!), & that was brilliant - but since they've gone again I've been bloody miserable & have been finding it a real struggle to even get dressed & leave the house. So there have been quite a few days where I just.. haven't.
As a result, I've been watching these:

& I've also read this:

Which was really good. I actually think everyone should read it!

I've been trying really hard the past couple of weeks, to not buy so much (or anything if possible!) My shopping habits had seriously got out of control in a ridiculous way, so I really needed to cut down. Now was probably not the best time to try & do this, being off work for 5 weeks, & all the sales going on = not the best combination! I've been trying really hard though. (Don't worry, I've got bags & bags full of brand new things - I'm not going to run short of things to share on my blog!)
Clothing at Tesco are really trying to tempt me out of my shopping ban - they've got another one of their "£10 off when you spend £40" promotions - seriously!? And I keep taunting myself by going & having a look on the site - they've got some great things in their sale (as usual!) - I could definitely spend £40 pretty easily! But I'm being strong. I am! Argh!

One of the sales tempting me is the Dorothy Perkins one - here are a few things that I'd happily purchase if I was allowed!

Heart-print dress = £10

Stripe cotton skirt = £9

Tribal print skirt = £9

Violet midi-skirt = £12

This was listed twice on the site under different names - one was £15 & one was £12!

And this one is out of my budget anyway, but I love it:

2in1 prom dress = £25

Although Dorothy Perkins are NOT in my good books at the moment - yet again. So I wouldn't be ordering with them anyway! I've definitely said that before, but always end up being suckered into going back - but will definitely have to think harder next time I'm tempted to shop with them. My last order was cocked up AGAIN & they STILL haven't sorted it. This seems to happen every time with them!

I'm off to Cardiff on Monday with my Mum. Just for a couple of days, but should be a nice change of scenery. We went a couple of years ago & had a really nice time, so hopefully cna recreate that again! If anyone's got any recommendations of things to do/places to eat/things to see etc, whilst in Cardiff, please feel free to leave them for me - they'll be greatly appreciated :)

Right, my next post will be a...

So stay tuned for that! Need to get it organised actually.. But don't worry, it will be!

Ok, I'm off now to catch up on some of my programmes on the Sky planner - how exciting my Saturday night is!

Take care everyone,


Friday, 29 July 2011


Thought I'd do a quick post to show you some of the jewellery I've been wearing this week.. if anyone's remotely interested!

By the way, the nail varnish is another of the Accessorize ones from my last post, if you were wondering :)

I never knew a little blue Lego ring would cause so much disruption & controversy to my school day! Seriously, I don't know if ANY of my rings have ever gained that much attention before. The kids could not stop talking/asking about it. Bearing in mind, my 'kids' are 14-16 years old, not littluns!

I wore it the same day, I wore this one:

This one's a new one from the asos sale. I love it. I've wanted a star shape ring of some sort for ages, as I felt it was something I was lacking in my ring collection(!) - so when I spotted this in the sale, it had to be mine :)
I've shown you both pics so you can see quite how 3D it is!

The next day I wore:

Both of which are pretty old, & if you've been reading my blog for a while, you may well have seen before..

Next was:

A H&M classic that everyone & their Mum probably owns :)


My 'empowerment' ring. I didn't know that's what it was when I got it - I just liked it! & still do, it's simple & easy to wear, so seems to return to my finger quite often..

I also bought some new rings too (honestly, I have a problem!) - including:

Got these two from Morrisons, of all places!
I noticed a while ago that there was a stand of jewellery now, amongst all the general supermarket stuff, but have been trying to avoid it - however when I saw big half price stickers, I couldn't resist any more & these are what I came away with!

Also got this, in the Dorothy Perkins sale:

Love it - white was a colour much underrepresented in my ring collection, so that obviously needed to be rectified!
This was one of the concessions at DPS - possible Ribbon & Asher..?

Ok - there are more, namely a number more from the asos sale - but I'm not sure I'm happy with the pics of 'em, so they can wait for today.

I'll stick with the jewellery theme & show you a couple of the necklaces I've been wearing instead:

Love my seahorse necklace - he's so cute :) He was from the Men's section of asos. Quite a while ago now. I wear him quite a lot. I'm surprised actually that he hasn't featured on my blog already!

This is gorgeous in real life. Another purchase from the Dorothy Perkins sale - bargain at only £2 - reduced from £12.50! Definitely couldn't leave it behind for that price!

Last one for today:

Bought this AGES ago, but then forgot all about it. (I'm a buggar for that, tis shameful..)
I really like it though, so now I've refound it, I'll definitely be wearing it a lot! It's really simple, but a bit different. I did notice though, that I rattled a bit as I moved around wearing it, because all the pieces are separate, so move a bit - if that makes sense..?! Anyway, that definitely won't put me off wearing it!

Right, just a quick chat & then I'll be off..

I finished work on Tuesday, for five weeks. Yes, five weeks. Bonus of working in a school! So, although I've been pretty rubbish recently at commenting/updating/replying to comments, I will definitely be around a bit more & trying harder at keeping up with those things :)

I'm still hoping to do a giveaway when I get to 250 followers. I was very close to that total, but then I keep losing people (presumably because I don't post regularly enough).. But we'll see!

I am going to get my arse in gear & attempt to get a blog sale organised. When I look around my room (& in fact, my whole house), I realise just how many clothes I have actually got - majority of which have NEVER been worn. Again, shameful. So yeah, hopefully that'll be something that a few of you will be interested in (else it'll be pointless me doing it!)

Right, hope you're all well - be back soon (hopefully!)

Take care,


Sunday, 17 July 2011


Figured I should probably make the effort to post again - it's been about a month :/ For some reason Blogger is still not working properly for me, but at least I've worked out now that I can still post - just have to do it from my phone. Bit of a faff, but there we go!

So, as usual, this will be a bit of a hotchpotch post of different things, including things I've bought (lots - oops!), nails etc..

So we'll start with.. erm.. (this is the problem with not having any structure to my posts, I never know where to start or anything!)

Are the sales killing anyone else?! Ok, killing may be an exaggeration. Killing my bank account would be more accurate. Honestly, why do I have NO willpower whatsoever when it comes to shopping!?

Here's a few things I've bought recently:

LOVE these. They were from New Look & were reduced to £7 in the sale.
I definitely didn't need them, but hello, how could I resist!? They're really rather lovely indeed. These are probably number 20 or something silly like that, in my brogue collection.. Oops!

I've bought quite a few things actually in the New Look sales, but haven't got pics of anything else yet. Ooh apart from this:

And you probably know already the elephant one was from Primark. Lots of people seem to have it, but I couldn't resist for £1!

You know what I'm like when it comes to my jewellery.. Nightmare! Speaking of which, I bought LOADS from the asos sale too.. Lots of new rings. As if I needed new rings! Will try & get pics soon..

Also got this:

Which I've nabbed a pic of from the site. Really not sure it's going to suit me, but I fell in love with it & had to have it!

I bought a few things from the River Island sale too.. I hardly ever shop in there, but I saw a free delivery code so thought it was worth a look.. I'm seriously a sucker for free delivery!

One of the things I got was this:

I've never really been a fan of slogan tees, but recently have found myself being attracted to them more & more. They're just so easy to wear, when you can't be bothered, or haven't got time to think too much about your outfit..

Now I may well be the only sad enough person to get this reference, but the slogan instantly made me think of a song from the Buffy musical episode..

No? Just me? Thought so! (If you do know what I'm talking about, please do say so I don't feel quite so alone in my utter lameness..!)

Ok, what next?

Right, I mentioned free delivery earlier.. Well I was seduced into making some more purchases yesterday because of a free delivery offer! Everyone get yourself over to Clothing at Tesco, to get free delivery until tonight..

I've got the following winging its way towards me:

Oops, yes, more new brogues! But they were only £5.. And I've got a few pairs of Tesco shoes & they're REALLY good quality.. so obviously I couldn't resist.. (by the way, if you're looking for these: for some reason they're in the Kids sale section - I have no idea why, they're adult sizes, but just a tip for you!)

I also chose these:

Which are cropped palazzo pants. Hmm.. We'll see. I'm thinking they'll probably look like a skirt, so will be fine!

Speaking of skirts, also got:

I really like maxi skirts at the moment - they're so comfy & easy to wear. But all mine are plain colours, so figured I'd try a couple of patterned ones. They were only £5 each, so can't go too far wrong!

I've bought lots more too, but don't want to bore you so I'll save some for another post :)

Onto nails:

I've developed a love for a new nail varnish brand. Accessorize. LOVE 'em! Here is my collection so far:

Oops, have just realised there's one missing. I got one ages in a giveaway that I had forgotten about!

Here's closer up pics, in the hope you can see the colours a bit better:

I haven't used all of these yet, but the ones I have I LOVED. They're brilliant.

Here are the ones I have used so far:

(Btw, I forgot to check the names of all these before I sat down to post & am too lazy to get up now & get them.. If you're interested in any, let me know & I will make sure I include it in a future post)

I am one of those people that are still not over the crackle trend (I'm sorry to admit!), so I also added crackle to a couple of the above:

Ok, so this has turned into rather a long post, so I will leave it at that I think!
I only have another week & a bit of work, then am off for the Summer, so hopefully will have chance to blog a lot more regularly then :)

Take care,


PS. Am still strongly considering doing a blog sale - it won't be for another couple of weeks at least, but would anyone be interested? Would mainly be clothes & shoes (you may have noticed my slight shopping problem - resulting in stacks of things I've NEVER worn :/ Would rather they went to you lot!