Friday, 29 July 2011


Thought I'd do a quick post to show you some of the jewellery I've been wearing this week.. if anyone's remotely interested!

By the way, the nail varnish is another of the Accessorize ones from my last post, if you were wondering :)

I never knew a little blue Lego ring would cause so much disruption & controversy to my school day! Seriously, I don't know if ANY of my rings have ever gained that much attention before. The kids could not stop talking/asking about it. Bearing in mind, my 'kids' are 14-16 years old, not littluns!

I wore it the same day, I wore this one:

This one's a new one from the asos sale. I love it. I've wanted a star shape ring of some sort for ages, as I felt it was something I was lacking in my ring collection(!) - so when I spotted this in the sale, it had to be mine :)
I've shown you both pics so you can see quite how 3D it is!

The next day I wore:

Both of which are pretty old, & if you've been reading my blog for a while, you may well have seen before..

Next was:

A H&M classic that everyone & their Mum probably owns :)


My 'empowerment' ring. I didn't know that's what it was when I got it - I just liked it! & still do, it's simple & easy to wear, so seems to return to my finger quite often..

I also bought some new rings too (honestly, I have a problem!) - including:

Got these two from Morrisons, of all places!
I noticed a while ago that there was a stand of jewellery now, amongst all the general supermarket stuff, but have been trying to avoid it - however when I saw big half price stickers, I couldn't resist any more & these are what I came away with!

Also got this, in the Dorothy Perkins sale:

Love it - white was a colour much underrepresented in my ring collection, so that obviously needed to be rectified!
This was one of the concessions at DPS - possible Ribbon & Asher..?

Ok - there are more, namely a number more from the asos sale - but I'm not sure I'm happy with the pics of 'em, so they can wait for today.

I'll stick with the jewellery theme & show you a couple of the necklaces I've been wearing instead:

Love my seahorse necklace - he's so cute :) He was from the Men's section of asos. Quite a while ago now. I wear him quite a lot. I'm surprised actually that he hasn't featured on my blog already!

This is gorgeous in real life. Another purchase from the Dorothy Perkins sale - bargain at only £2 - reduced from £12.50! Definitely couldn't leave it behind for that price!

Last one for today:

Bought this AGES ago, but then forgot all about it. (I'm a buggar for that, tis shameful..)
I really like it though, so now I've refound it, I'll definitely be wearing it a lot! It's really simple, but a bit different. I did notice though, that I rattled a bit as I moved around wearing it, because all the pieces are separate, so move a bit - if that makes sense..?! Anyway, that definitely won't put me off wearing it!

Right, just a quick chat & then I'll be off..

I finished work on Tuesday, for five weeks. Yes, five weeks. Bonus of working in a school! So, although I've been pretty rubbish recently at commenting/updating/replying to comments, I will definitely be around a bit more & trying harder at keeping up with those things :)

I'm still hoping to do a giveaway when I get to 250 followers. I was very close to that total, but then I keep losing people (presumably because I don't post regularly enough).. But we'll see!

I am going to get my arse in gear & attempt to get a blog sale organised. When I look around my room (& in fact, my whole house), I realise just how many clothes I have actually got - majority of which have NEVER been worn. Again, shameful. So yeah, hopefully that'll be something that a few of you will be interested in (else it'll be pointless me doing it!)

Right, hope you're all well - be back soon (hopefully!)

Take care,



  1. The lego ring, pink flower ring & white stone ring are my favourites, they're so cool.

    Lovin' the nail varnish too.

  2. The Lego ring and the white stone ring are my favourites but, as you know, I love your taste in jewellery.
    Have a wonderful five week break. x

  3. Love the lego ring :)
    I would love to get one in red!
    I have a ton of rings with loose jewels on them!

  4. Gorgeous rings - you have great taste in jewellery! x

  5. I'd love to see how you store all your jewellery. You've got the most amazing collection!

    Get cracking on that blog sale missus, would love to see what gets offered up :)

  6. Enter my giveaway.

  7. I love your jewelry *

    Lady Fashion, OUI?
    Have a fashionable day! <3
    IT *

  8. Lol when I wore my DIY lego ring into school all the kids thought it was awesome too! :P Love the jewellery!

    L x

  9. I want to come steal all of your rings... :) haha.

  10. The lego ring looks amazing! And I lvoe the Dorothy Perkins necklace.

  11. Your jewellery collection always makes me envious! I do think the lego number is the highlight - actually love it,

    Rosie x

  12. I love the lego ring too, did you make it yourself? I always manage to spend a fortune on jewellery in Dorothy Perkins, I especially love their rings xxx

  13. That lego ring is fab! You must share where it's from!

    X x

  14. We love the lego ring! You have absolutely great taste in accessories and your nails are always immaculate! Keep up the fantastic blog and we'll make sure we'll be back to read more! Hope you're having a great week so far. x

  15. The leggo ring is so cute, and I love the colour of your nails!

    x Michelle |

  16. love the 1st and 6th rings and the stone neclace, im so jealouse!

  17. What gorgeous rings! I would love to get away with some of these beauties, but I have such tiny hands and fingers that my hands looked swamped so i have to stick to the tiniest of rings! x

  18. Lovely rings, love the colour of that nail varnish too! I'm your 250th follower :D

  19. omg i love your nailpolish matched with the leggo ring and with the pink rose ring, so cute!!! I am your newest follower, follow me back? :)

  20. that lego ring is so cool!
    Love it!

    Love Amie

  21. Your nails are amazing! I love the crackle effect ones!

  22. I can't believe I've missed this - it's cause I was on holiday - I must seek out this Accessorize polish it looks amazing on you! I love all the jewellery, particularly the star ring, the empowerment ring and the seahorse (men's section?! why?! women love seahorses too! :P ) Oh they're all just so pretty :D xxx

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