Saturday, 31 July 2010

31st July - 31st Post!

Ok, so I don't want to talk too much about what I finished with last time - just because.. well, I don't want to! But I did just want to say: thank you all so much for your kind comments & support. You can't know how much it means to me. I really do appreciate every word. And I am actually attempting to take some of the advice - which if you knew me, you'd know is quite a big thing! I'm not good at taking advice!
I want to leave that at that for now. But wanted to say thanks :)

Ok, so, I was planning on sorting my blog sale, but then realised I still can't find my camera.. so.. I'm putting that off for now. I did start having a sort out - which led to me discovering about 15 pairs of shoes I've never worn. Literally NEVER worn. There's loads more that I've only worn once or twice, but I literally have a massive bag full of ones I've never worn. Which is crazy. But pretty much sums up my problem!
But anyway, I'll get back to the whole blog sale thing - it is going to happen in the next few weeks - promise :)

Right, so I thought I'd been really good recently - but then I remembered all this stuff - oops!

Made ANOTHER order from asos the other day. I wanted to use the 10% discount code they'd sent me, so thought I'd have another look.. here's what I ended up purchasing:

This looks really pretty - hope it lives up to expectations when it arrives :)

Also got this dress:

But NOT in that colour. I got it in THIS colour, much more 'me':

Check out this bag - I won it on eBay earlier, but it's an asos bag:

Think I got a bit caught up in the moment.. I don't even know if I like it! Part of me thinks it's pretty hideous. But I'm not sure if it's hideous in a great way, or just plain hideous..! Oh well, too late now - we'll see when it turns up!

I placed an order on the Asda site the other day - think that's a new one for my blog! They can be a bit hit & miss, but generally they do have some pretty decent stuff. They also do great kids clothes :)

So, here's SOME of the bits I got - I'm going to pick them up in store on Monday - saves on delivery charges!

Those items range in price from £3 to £6 - bargains!

I also got these couple of bits for my nephew:

He's obsessed with motorbikes - so when I saw that tshirt, for the price of £1 (yes, £1!), I really couldn't resist. It's not even in the sale, that's just the price. Honestly, you can't go wrong!
The hoody was reduced from £3 to a whole £1.50 - such bargains!

Also got this little tshirt for my friends baby boy:

How adorable? And I got him a cute Tigger t-shirt, but can't find a pic of that for some reason..

So, slightly different topic now: mobile phones! I've been looking into getting a new phone for a little while, mine's started to go slightly mental, so it's getting kinda vital that I get a new one..
This is the one that I think I've decided on:

Just wondering if anyone had this? What you think of it? Pros, cons? I'd really like to hear some real-life opinions before I commit to it! There's no returns policy anymore either on contract phones, so if I got home & decided after 2 days I hated it.. I would be stuck with it for the next 2 years! So, I really want to be sure :) So anyone that can offer me any input I'd be really grateful :)

Also was wondering - does anyone have/know of any Boohoo free delivery codes? There's a few things I want in the sale, but I really begrudge spending that much on postage! I only ever order from there when I have a free delivery code, but I can't seem to find one, so thought I'd try you lovely lot :)

Anyway, this post seems to have been going on forever now.. so I think it's time I finished!

Take care,


Thursday, 22 July 2010


Before I start I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who's been commenting me & my new followers - I know I've been really rubbish recently, with commenting back & stuff, but I do really appreciate it all!

Ok, so my spending has kinda got out of control recently it seems.. but at least that means I've got lots to show you!

These are just another few things I've bought recently - I've not got pics of the rest yet. In a week's time, I've got the house entirely to myself, for a whole week - so I'll probably take that opportunity to take more pics for my blog. In fact, I could even use that time to set my blog shop up too.. hmm, that's an idea.. Right, we'll see. But for now, back to it!

More sale purchases:

Saw this pretty floral & crochet smock top in the Topshop sale the other week for £15. Liked it, but managed to resist it - glad I did, because I then saw it again this weekend - £7! So for that price, it had to be mine!
I'm actually really not convinced that it suits me at all. But I've decided, I don't really care & will probably keep it anyway!

I also bought this in Topshop:

It's really cute :)

Ok, I'll stick with dresses for the minute. I've picked these couple up, reduced in Primark:

Both things I'd liked full price but had managed to resist, so obviously had to snap up now they're in the sale!

I also bought one of the Primark jersey tshirt maxi dresses - a grey one. Haven't got a decent pic of it, so I'm not showing you. But it's really really nice! I've worn it a couple of times already & I'm loving it rather a lot.

Picked this top up in H&M:

for the bargain price of £2.99 - that's not even in the sale! Love this top, it's really light & flowy so would be great as a 'holiday' top, but I also wore it the other day to work - belted, black trousers, cardi etc & it worked that way too - very versatile & at that price, how could you resist!?

After my last post, asos released that 10% discount code, so I had to go back & have a little look.. honestly, I'm so naughty!

There were a few bits that caught my eye, that had gone further down in the sale, so plus the discount = must-have purchases!

Both of these are actually MUCH nicer in real life :)
I also got a couple of other things; a top & a necklace. But can't find either of them on the site now, so I'm assuming they've sold out - so no pics of those! The necklace actually arrived broken anyway - so I really wasn't impressed. But, I emailed asos this evening, & they got back to me REALLY quickly. Not just with an automated reply, but a real response - telling me a replacement item is on its way & also a discount code for my inconvenience. So.. although it's not ideal to receive faulty items from a company, I'm really impressed with how they've dealt with it. Just so you all know!

The last thing I'm going to show you isn't new, but I've rediscovered it recently! Had it a while, & used to wear it a lot, but then put it away & kinda forgot about it. But as I said, I've rediscovered it, so it's made a couple of appearances recently:

Silly really isn't it, all this new jewellery I've bought recently, & so I dig my old stuff out!

Ok, so I might as well mention.. I'm kinda going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment. I'd just thought I'd come out the other side of the last one, but turns out I hadn't quite.. I promise I'll not abandon my blog again & when I'm off work I'll actually try posting a bit more often.

Speaking of being off work: I have one day left, then 5 weeks off! The perks of spending my every working hour dealing with hormonal teens & all their dramas ;)
I'm actually feeling really conflicted about the holidays.. Which sounds so ridiculous, but let me try & explain.. Bit of insight into the crazy workings of my not quite right mind.. I'm really tired & really in need of a break, so am looking forward to having some time off - I'm really really looking forward to NOT hearing the alarm clock on Monday morning! BUT, I actually think work is the best place for me when I'm feeling like this. The routine, the structure of the school setting, really suits me. Work gives me something to focus on & in the most basic sense, gives me a reason to get up in the mornings.
Also, my main support network at the moment, is through my work colleagues. So, the thought of not being there for the next 5 weeks, is worrying me a bit.
It's a bit of a double-edged sword as well really, because THEN, come September 1st - I'm not going to want to go back! It'll be really hard to readjust back into it.
Believe me, I'm not complaining about the time off - I realise I'm very lucky to get such good holidays & most people would kill for holidays like mine. & normally, when I'm 'better', it wouldn't be a problem at all - it'd all be great. It's just because of how I am at the moment.. that this is all the stuff going on in my head.

In fact, I'm thinking it's definitely best to leave it there! Rather tempted to just delete that whole last paragraph.. It probably doesn't even make sense.. Ah well, told you I was feeling conflicted!

Take care,


Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sales :)

Ok, so lots & lots to share with you guys! This may turn into a rather picture-heavy post, so look away now if you're not interested in seeing things I've been buying!

First things first, something I made. Yep, get me!
Yesterday was my cousin's hen do & for part of it, we all went jewellery making. Here's the fruits of my labour, my finished product:

What do you think?! I think it'll feel right at home with my rather varied jewellery collection!
The hardest bit I found, was just deciding what beads/colours I wanted to use! We basically had the run of the shop - which was far too much choice for me. Took me ages to decide! There were lots of purple & turquoise jewellery being made, which I do like, but I thought I've got quite a lot of already, so I went for something a bit different. It's also relatively neutral, so will be easy to wear with lots of things :) Overall, I'm quite happy with it!

So, I've found the sales far too hard to resist. I'm sure you wouldn't expect anything different from me..!

Here's my latest asos order - should arrive hopefully tomorrow!

That little lot only cost me £25 - not bad hey?!
Think my favourite is the aeroplane necklace - love it :)

I've bought a few pairs of new shoes in the past couple of weeks too:

Got both these pairs in the New Look sale. Haven't worn either of them yet though!

These are a bit more wintery - they're suede & such a lovely burgundy colour (really not 'me' at all!) - but I fell in love with them, best part = only £4! Bargain. So I couldn't resist obviously.

Speaking of more wintery, I also bought a pair of boots the other day. I'm not entirely sure about these, but knew if I didn't get them I'd regret not trying them!

These were Primark bargains - reduced to £10. Studded cowboy boots, what's not to like!?

These are also from Primark:

But they actually are going to be returned. I just decided that everyone's got them, & actually I really don't need them! How sensible of me?

Right, what else have I bought recently then?

Oh yeah! This bag:

It's gorgeous. It was reduced from £20 to £6 - what a bargain! This was another New Look purchase.

I'll stick with New Look for a min. I also got:

Totally fell in love with this top in store, but now I'm not so convinced.. Have to try it again & see what I think. It is pretty though. I love the detailing.

I also bought these bits in New Look:

Yep, the purse matches my new bag - how sad am I?! And the floral purse was just too pretty to leave behind. Did I need two new purses? No. I really didn't..!
And the socks, well, at that price they're even cheaper than Primark, so obviously I couldn't resist!

I also bought these two rings from Dorothy Perkins:

Love the big flowery one. I do have lots of flower rings, but that one's a bit different than my others!

Check out the bits I got in the H&M sale:

How adorable?!
Don't worry, they're not for me!
It's my friend's little girl's birthday coming up - she's going to be 5 - so I couldn't resist these little cute bits :) Pretty sure she'll love 'em!

Right, I've also got quite a few dresses & a couple of tops etc to show you - but have decided I'm going to leave this post for now I think. It seems to be going on a bit!
So I'll save some things to show you next time - I'm not exactly going to run out - I seriously think I've got a shopping problem!

Take care,


Monday, 5 July 2010

Prom Night

I've actually been trying to post for a few days now - I promise I've had all good intentions! But my internet has been severely playing up. Highly annoying. Although it has highlighted to me just how much I rely on the internet & how much time I spend on it - crazy. I've been going mental with it not working properly!

Right anyway, hopefully it'll work long enough for me to do this :)

So, Friday was my Year 11s Prom - I work in the school, just so you know, I'm not in Year 11! So it was a lovely excuse to get a bit dolled up & have a good night - & it's SO great to see them all on that night - I love Prom! They all make SUCH an effort & they all look so gorgeous.

I decided I was going to be brave, & show you what I wore. Properly. As in, me wearing it. Urgh. Can't believe I'm about to do this..!

So here's what I went for:

That's the only full length pic of my outfit, so it had to do! I don't actually like it much - I feel like I'm leaning in a weird way, which makes my belly stick out :( I was trying so hard to breathe it in, but I obviously kept forgetting! (& the more vodka & Pimms consumed, the less I cared, gotta be honest!)

I've got a couple more photos, to show you more of the details..

That's the jewellery I wore. The ring is one of my oldest & favouritest rings - I used to wear it a huge amount, but I've noticed I wear it less frequently now I've got so damn many! So I decided it needed a reappearance. I chose the necklace because again, I used to wear it LOADS, but haven't done for AGES (like the ring). It's one I got for my 21st birthday - it's actually engraved on the back of the pendant - it says "Danielle, 21" - just in case I ever forget who I am & which birthday I got it for!
The bracelet I believe I showed you when I bought it - love it, it's so pretty. Got lots of compliments on the night :)

I also thought I'd include the next photo, so you can see the lacey shrug thingymebob a bit better:

I was REALLY glad I wore this. I've had it in my wardrobe for ages & hadn't ever worn it before. But it was just perfect for this. I hate my arms/shoulders/chubby bits - & this covered me up enough, without being too warm or too cardigany - it was pretty enough to go with the event (I thought anyway) - I would've been hugely more self-conscious if I hadn't have worn it, so I was glad I had :)

By the way, the photos cropped like it is because it has students in it - & to be honest, half of my face is quite enough anyway :p !

I've got lots more things to show you - things I've been buying.. things I've been wearing.. things I've been wanting etc. But I'll leave you with this for today.

I'll end with these pics - just to give you some idea of some of the dresses - obviously I've cropped their heads out so they're unidentifiable!

Ok, will be back soon with my more usual type of post :)

Take care,


PS. I really hope the appearance of my face on this blog doesn't give you nightmares..!

PPS. Why can't I change the font!? Urgh.