Monday, 5 July 2010

Prom Night

I've actually been trying to post for a few days now - I promise I've had all good intentions! But my internet has been severely playing up. Highly annoying. Although it has highlighted to me just how much I rely on the internet & how much time I spend on it - crazy. I've been going mental with it not working properly!

Right anyway, hopefully it'll work long enough for me to do this :)

So, Friday was my Year 11s Prom - I work in the school, just so you know, I'm not in Year 11! So it was a lovely excuse to get a bit dolled up & have a good night - & it's SO great to see them all on that night - I love Prom! They all make SUCH an effort & they all look so gorgeous.

I decided I was going to be brave, & show you what I wore. Properly. As in, me wearing it. Urgh. Can't believe I'm about to do this..!

So here's what I went for:

That's the only full length pic of my outfit, so it had to do! I don't actually like it much - I feel like I'm leaning in a weird way, which makes my belly stick out :( I was trying so hard to breathe it in, but I obviously kept forgetting! (& the more vodka & Pimms consumed, the less I cared, gotta be honest!)

I've got a couple more photos, to show you more of the details..

That's the jewellery I wore. The ring is one of my oldest & favouritest rings - I used to wear it a huge amount, but I've noticed I wear it less frequently now I've got so damn many! So I decided it needed a reappearance. I chose the necklace because again, I used to wear it LOADS, but haven't done for AGES (like the ring). It's one I got for my 21st birthday - it's actually engraved on the back of the pendant - it says "Danielle, 21" - just in case I ever forget who I am & which birthday I got it for!
The bracelet I believe I showed you when I bought it - love it, it's so pretty. Got lots of compliments on the night :)

I also thought I'd include the next photo, so you can see the lacey shrug thingymebob a bit better:

I was REALLY glad I wore this. I've had it in my wardrobe for ages & hadn't ever worn it before. But it was just perfect for this. I hate my arms/shoulders/chubby bits - & this covered me up enough, without being too warm or too cardigany - it was pretty enough to go with the event (I thought anyway) - I would've been hugely more self-conscious if I hadn't have worn it, so I was glad I had :)

By the way, the photos cropped like it is because it has students in it - & to be honest, half of my face is quite enough anyway :p !

I've got lots more things to show you - things I've been buying.. things I've been wearing.. things I've been wanting etc. But I'll leave you with this for today.

I'll end with these pics - just to give you some idea of some of the dresses - obviously I've cropped their heads out so they're unidentifiable!

Ok, will be back soon with my more usual type of post :)

Take care,


PS. I really hope the appearance of my face on this blog doesn't give you nightmares..!

PPS. Why can't I change the font!? Urgh.


  1. you look gorgeous, LOVE that big oval ring!

    there are some great dresses there, but i think you win best dressed :-)

  2. Ooooh, you look lovely! :) and great choice of jewellery, thats a really unusual ring. I missed out on my prom because I didnt stay on for my last year of high school :( gutted! xx

  3. AWWWWW! I love the photos. It looks like you had a good time and you amazing in the photos. Your dress was so pretty. I love the color and the accessories that you chose. Also in the student photos in the very first one I absolutely LOVE the green dress and the pink dress!!

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  4. The bracelet and ring combo is amazing and you look really lovely in your outfit, I love the frilly white jacket!

  5. I love your dress; I love the navy blue colour and think the lacey shrug works perfectly together.
    OMG the bracelet is so pretty, I don't think I have ever seen one like that, it is so delicate and beautiful!

    I never went to prom, so don't really get/know what it's all about but it looks like the students had a great night. :)

  6. You look beautiful/stunning! xo

  7. It was my prom friday too! But I'm Y11, well, was :P

  8. You look gorgeous and i love the jewellery. x x

  9. You look absolutely gorgeous. If anyone was born to wear a maxi dress you were.
    Lovely hair and fabulous jewellery (as always) and I adore the headless shots of all those dresses.

  10. It's so nice to finally see you! I love the dress and shrug - so simple and classy - and as usual, the jewellery is stunning. More full length photos from now on please :)

  11. You look gorgeous! Your hair is very pretty curled like that.

  12. I love what you wore, its really elegant and a great colour! beautiful!

  13. You look really beautiful in that dress, it really flatters your shape :) Love it!

  14. Awww seriously who DOESNT love proms??
    Its so nice to dress up and feel glam for a day :)
    lovely post xxx

  15. You look soooooo pretty. The outfit is lovely and the jewelery is just fab, what a nice colour the necklace is. I love your blonde curly hair! x

  16. I love your black maxi! Is great to finally be able to put a face to the blog!!

  17. awww you look so gorgeous! My internet was playing up and then my charger broke :| I was havng withdrawls without my laptop aha! Keep in touch xxx

  18. Lady, you look lovely! I freak out over outfit posts (hence only doing 3 thus far)... where do people get their confidence from?! Anyway, good accessorising! xxx


  19. the lace shrug is beautiful as are you and where did you say you got the hand bracelet ring thing from i am in love xxxxx

  20. You look gorgeous and I adore all the jewelry!!!

  21. ahhh, that hand thing is gorgeous! i need one in my life!


  22. ill be on a search for one then lol xxxxxxx

  23. That's such a beautiful prom dress you're wearing, I wish I had one as lovely as yours for my prom:)

    And I seriously adore your turqoise jewelry, they're all so wonderful!!


  24. You look cute! Love the bracelet/ring thing.

  25. The little lace cardigan is very pretty! I really love the jewelry though! I love ring pieces that conjoin with bracelet.