Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sales :)

Ok, so lots & lots to share with you guys! This may turn into a rather picture-heavy post, so look away now if you're not interested in seeing things I've been buying!

First things first, something I made. Yep, get me!
Yesterday was my cousin's hen do & for part of it, we all went jewellery making. Here's the fruits of my labour, my finished product:

What do you think?! I think it'll feel right at home with my rather varied jewellery collection!
The hardest bit I found, was just deciding what beads/colours I wanted to use! We basically had the run of the shop - which was far too much choice for me. Took me ages to decide! There were lots of purple & turquoise jewellery being made, which I do like, but I thought I've got quite a lot of already, so I went for something a bit different. It's also relatively neutral, so will be easy to wear with lots of things :) Overall, I'm quite happy with it!

So, I've found the sales far too hard to resist. I'm sure you wouldn't expect anything different from me..!

Here's my latest asos order - should arrive hopefully tomorrow!

That little lot only cost me £25 - not bad hey?!
Think my favourite is the aeroplane necklace - love it :)

I've bought a few pairs of new shoes in the past couple of weeks too:

Got both these pairs in the New Look sale. Haven't worn either of them yet though!

These are a bit more wintery - they're suede & such a lovely burgundy colour (really not 'me' at all!) - but I fell in love with them, best part = only £4! Bargain. So I couldn't resist obviously.

Speaking of more wintery, I also bought a pair of boots the other day. I'm not entirely sure about these, but knew if I didn't get them I'd regret not trying them!

These were Primark bargains - reduced to £10. Studded cowboy boots, what's not to like!?

These are also from Primark:

But they actually are going to be returned. I just decided that everyone's got them, & actually I really don't need them! How sensible of me?

Right, what else have I bought recently then?

Oh yeah! This bag:

It's gorgeous. It was reduced from £20 to £6 - what a bargain! This was another New Look purchase.

I'll stick with New Look for a min. I also got:

Totally fell in love with this top in store, but now I'm not so convinced.. Have to try it again & see what I think. It is pretty though. I love the detailing.

I also bought these bits in New Look:

Yep, the purse matches my new bag - how sad am I?! And the floral purse was just too pretty to leave behind. Did I need two new purses? No. I really didn't..!
And the socks, well, at that price they're even cheaper than Primark, so obviously I couldn't resist!

I also bought these two rings from Dorothy Perkins:

Love the big flowery one. I do have lots of flower rings, but that one's a bit different than my others!

Check out the bits I got in the H&M sale:

How adorable?!
Don't worry, they're not for me!
It's my friend's little girl's birthday coming up - she's going to be 5 - so I couldn't resist these little cute bits :) Pretty sure she'll love 'em!

Right, I've also got quite a few dresses & a couple of tops etc to show you - but have decided I'm going to leave this post for now I think. It seems to be going on a bit!
So I'll save some things to show you next time - I'm not exactly going to run out - I seriously think I've got a shopping problem!

Take care,



  1. You've got so many pretty things here! Love the rings. x

  2. I picked up the same New Look sandals in black - they're shown in one of my latest blog posts! :) xx

  3. You're so naughty. Reading your post makes me want to hit the shops!
    Loving the flower rings (and your fab nail polish) soooo much.
    Your jewellery making is fantastic. Great result and a lovely idea for a girly day out.

  4. Great post, you got some really nice things! It's a really nice necklace that you made too :)
    Shopping keeps us all sane!

  5. Wow, you have some great things there, I love the flower ring, it's my kind of ring!
    Wish I could make my own jewellery, your's is really pretty!

  6. Whoah that's a lot of goodies. Love the plane necklace too, and the origami birds tee. Great picks.

  7. What a pretty make. Well done and what a cool way to start a hen do.

    Some lovely buys. The detailing on the top is very pretty, hopefully you will be convinced once you try it back on. Loving the necklace with the bird and postcard. And the long purse... I bought the pinky red version of that :) It annoyingly holds very little but its so pretty I don't care.



  8. I love all the asos necklaces, especially the postcard one, I love these sort.
    & this must be the double strap bag. It just makes life so much easier to have two straps! And to get it for less than half price, bargain!

    Great finds, I haven’t hit any sales as of yet, but am ever so slightly tempted xx

  9. Great shopping spree! Love the bag and those rings!

  10. loving your purchases! i have the spotty asos top its lovelyyy xx

  11. Gosh all that shopping!! Love the bird ASOS tee and the aeroplane necklace!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  12. Great shopping! Love the new look top, its so pretty!
    And your self-made necklace is gorgeous! x

  13. So many bargains! Amazing! New Look's sale is a corker, I haven't allowed myself to have a proper rummage for fear of bankruptcy.
    Thanks for your comment on my last post :) Of course I'm not too cool for you, you meanie! Have been really busy with work (not to mention ill for the last couple of days) and haven't been able to sit and respond to comments in ages. It sucks but I have a night of nothingness tonight so I can finally see what everyone's been up to!
    I really love that necklace you made, well done! And if you lived in this neck of the woods, I'd totally do your nails! Need to re-do mine. Peeled them all off during BB. Oops!
    Hope you're having a nice night, <3

  14. PS - Good luck if you do try the Tues tip out! Pictures are an ORDER, obviously :) xx

  15. Hi ! you have a nice blog. Keep it up.

  16. cute buys! i love yoru studded cowboy boots!

  17. oh, i love that place necklace. so cute. :)

  18. love all those shoes!
    great blog
    loving the posts
    stop by sometime xx

  19. love everything! and you're making me feel so much better about my own shopping addiction! ohh the SALES!!! I can't remember the last time I bought something full price to be honest!

  20. what amazing bargains! i especially love all of the stuff from asos. i am trying to force myself not to buy anything, but i think i might have to, hehe! xxx

  21. super cute buys! especially that top! i'm a new follower by the way! ♥

  22. some gorgeous the rings!

  23. Great finds! Lovely blog, I'm your newest follower!

  24. the second sandals are gorgeous!

  25. Hello lovely!
    I'm sorry for the really late reply!! I've been so so busy I hate it!
    I have recieved your giveaway! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT!!! Seriously, your far too generous. I may seem really ungrateful for not replying in SO long, but i've been tied down with work and going to the gym and family things.. I really do appriciate it.
    I LOVE THE Oui/No earrings. I've had so many comments about them!
    I'm going to blog about it very soon, i misplaced my memory card.. i say misplaced, i mean lost it, but i've remembered where i left it, so will be picking it up VERY soon!
    The makeup pallette colours are really lovely too! I was in need of some new good browns too! And the anchor necklace.. and the bath creme.. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh i could go on and on..

    But yeah, basically, thankyou very very much, p.s, the packaging made me smile :D!

    Anyway -
    On this post!
    Danielle! :o Your almost as bad as me..! Almost :P We're similar in that way, i can't resist a good sale, and always think ''hey - why not''
    Your large DP ring is lovely! And the bag and boots!

    Sorry for the essay..!
    Love, Ruth xo

  26. I really love the things you bought recently! You have such good taste when it comes to these things. I love the first shirt and the white one with like the crotched stuff around the neck. The necklaces were so cute too. My favorite is the bird one with the I love you part. The brown shoes are cute too and that white bag!! I wish I had all of those things too!

    That little girl is sure to love those items the little cat ears are just too cute!!

  27. WOW! I can't believe how much stuff you got!! I especially love the pile of goodies you got for only 25 pounds (sorry, my keyboard doesn't have the symbol.) Adorable blog, I'm a new follower!!

  28. Nice stuff!! you got a lot girl ;)