Thursday, 22 July 2010


Before I start I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who's been commenting me & my new followers - I know I've been really rubbish recently, with commenting back & stuff, but I do really appreciate it all!

Ok, so my spending has kinda got out of control recently it seems.. but at least that means I've got lots to show you!

These are just another few things I've bought recently - I've not got pics of the rest yet. In a week's time, I've got the house entirely to myself, for a whole week - so I'll probably take that opportunity to take more pics for my blog. In fact, I could even use that time to set my blog shop up too.. hmm, that's an idea.. Right, we'll see. But for now, back to it!

More sale purchases:

Saw this pretty floral & crochet smock top in the Topshop sale the other week for £15. Liked it, but managed to resist it - glad I did, because I then saw it again this weekend - £7! So for that price, it had to be mine!
I'm actually really not convinced that it suits me at all. But I've decided, I don't really care & will probably keep it anyway!

I also bought this in Topshop:

It's really cute :)

Ok, I'll stick with dresses for the minute. I've picked these couple up, reduced in Primark:

Both things I'd liked full price but had managed to resist, so obviously had to snap up now they're in the sale!

I also bought one of the Primark jersey tshirt maxi dresses - a grey one. Haven't got a decent pic of it, so I'm not showing you. But it's really really nice! I've worn it a couple of times already & I'm loving it rather a lot.

Picked this top up in H&M:

for the bargain price of £2.99 - that's not even in the sale! Love this top, it's really light & flowy so would be great as a 'holiday' top, but I also wore it the other day to work - belted, black trousers, cardi etc & it worked that way too - very versatile & at that price, how could you resist!?

After my last post, asos released that 10% discount code, so I had to go back & have a little look.. honestly, I'm so naughty!

There were a few bits that caught my eye, that had gone further down in the sale, so plus the discount = must-have purchases!

Both of these are actually MUCH nicer in real life :)
I also got a couple of other things; a top & a necklace. But can't find either of them on the site now, so I'm assuming they've sold out - so no pics of those! The necklace actually arrived broken anyway - so I really wasn't impressed. But, I emailed asos this evening, & they got back to me REALLY quickly. Not just with an automated reply, but a real response - telling me a replacement item is on its way & also a discount code for my inconvenience. So.. although it's not ideal to receive faulty items from a company, I'm really impressed with how they've dealt with it. Just so you all know!

The last thing I'm going to show you isn't new, but I've rediscovered it recently! Had it a while, & used to wear it a lot, but then put it away & kinda forgot about it. But as I said, I've rediscovered it, so it's made a couple of appearances recently:

Silly really isn't it, all this new jewellery I've bought recently, & so I dig my old stuff out!

Ok, so I might as well mention.. I'm kinda going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment. I'd just thought I'd come out the other side of the last one, but turns out I hadn't quite.. I promise I'll not abandon my blog again & when I'm off work I'll actually try posting a bit more often.

Speaking of being off work: I have one day left, then 5 weeks off! The perks of spending my every working hour dealing with hormonal teens & all their dramas ;)
I'm actually feeling really conflicted about the holidays.. Which sounds so ridiculous, but let me try & explain.. Bit of insight into the crazy workings of my not quite right mind.. I'm really tired & really in need of a break, so am looking forward to having some time off - I'm really really looking forward to NOT hearing the alarm clock on Monday morning! BUT, I actually think work is the best place for me when I'm feeling like this. The routine, the structure of the school setting, really suits me. Work gives me something to focus on & in the most basic sense, gives me a reason to get up in the mornings.
Also, my main support network at the moment, is through my work colleagues. So, the thought of not being there for the next 5 weeks, is worrying me a bit.
It's a bit of a double-edged sword as well really, because THEN, come September 1st - I'm not going to want to go back! It'll be really hard to readjust back into it.
Believe me, I'm not complaining about the time off - I realise I'm very lucky to get such good holidays & most people would kill for holidays like mine. & normally, when I'm 'better', it wouldn't be a problem at all - it'd all be great. It's just because of how I am at the moment.. that this is all the stuff going on in my head.

In fact, I'm thinking it's definitely best to leave it there! Rather tempted to just delete that whole last paragraph.. It probably doesn't even make sense.. Ah well, told you I was feeling conflicted!

Take care,



  1. love that second Topshop dress! was that in the sale too? Also that spotted Primark dress, I always see it!
    I kind of understand what you mean about summer.. long holidays with nothing to do, seems daunting after the organised days & system that helps distract you from things that bother you.

  2. love that topshop dress and h&m top!

    I hope you are feeling better soon, next week the sun will be shining, i like you should get out in it as much as possible - it will make you happy - its science!!

    also you should google free stuff to do in ur area and write up a time table of stuff to occupy your days (this doesn't mean go shopping everyday!!!) - this might be fun to blog about too!!

    Im so helpful!

    xoxo sending you some love and happy thoughts xoxo

  3. loving all your items! oh damnnnnnnnnnnn i forgot all about the 10% off code :( i had some items on my saved list aswell boohoo :( nevermind i would have only saved like £3.00. wow i adore your H&M top..... i am defo going in there tomorrow in search for it!

    hope your okay xxx

  4. LOVE basically all those dresses! Amazing choices! :)



  5. I love sales, especially when you go back and they have reduced stuff down even more. Literally giving the stuff away- my sort of sale!

    All the dresses are gorgeous, and good to hear an online company providing good customer service for once! Hope your new one arrives in perfect condition this time.

    I hope you are feeling better, we all have ups and downs, and I do think the time off will at least let you get a rest. x

  6. I'm sorry you are still feeling in a tough place. I can totally understand the security of a routine, maybe you can put a loose one in place while your off. Hope you feel a bit brighter soon, always here to listen.

    That topshop dress is super pretty with the contrast of stripes and florals. x

  7. Beautiful buys. I especially love that first Topshop top. Bet it looks fab on you - don't go sending it back now!

    I think it's probably safe to say happy holidays now. You must be so chuffed at the prospect of all that lovely time off. Perhaps try a loose sort of "home" timetable? Sounds like you need a good rest for a week or two so don't make it too complicated or busy but a bit of structure might help.

    And maybe blogland can provide a temporary support network while you don't have your colleagues around? You can always email me if you want a natter or to get things off your chest :)

  8. im loving you blog please come over to my site and get involved in my give away

  9. I love that dress in the 2nd photo! I hope you´re feeling better and it´s good that you´re taking a break to re-energize and think about things calmly. :)

  10. I love everything you bought! Great choices. xo

  11. Love the Topshop and H&M tops! I hope us fellow bloggers can offer you support when you need it! Hope you have a fab 5 weeks off!!

  12. I tried on a Primark maxi dress but it was just too long on me! I swear you must be a giant.. Or maybe thats just the black one??
    It would be mine

  13. Love all your purchases! That's excellent service from ASOS!
    Maybe you could plan things to do over your summer so you have a structure to it? xx

  14. What lovely finds! Hope everything is better for you soon x

  15. Wonderful Topshop finds! And I love the H&M top, might have to stop off and buy it sometime! I have the dress version (£4.99!!), but I love the print and at that price, you cannot go wrong!

    Lou x -

  16. i love how i can always rely on H&M for great bargains and fab clothes! today i bought a crochet top for just a fiver!!

  17. I love all the dresses, I wish I could bring myself to buy summer clothes. I really love the first asos necklace it is beautiful and if it looks better in real life then...WOW!

  18. i love these purchases!! The dresses are awesome :-)

  19. Oooh the Primark buys - amazing. Hitting the place on Friday, cant wait. I'm having Primarni withdrawals.

    PS. Stop by and enter my Marc Jacobs giveaway .

  20. Thanks for spotting the mistake on my blog haha! £300 certainly would be a bit too much :P

    Love your latest buys, especially the Primark dresses, and the ring is so lovely - I want one!

  21. Wow great sale buys - I really love the gold bee ring. Hope you have a brilliant time in London - definitely go to Spitalfields, although Portabello market in Notting Hill is really good too! xx

  22. Thank you for the advice on the clothes I just don’t wear. I am glad there are like minded people, I mean seriously I lust after a gorgeous piece of clothing then never wear it EVER, what is all that about ?

    I do love the skirt but I just feel daft wearing it, I know I know that sounds silly but I just feel like it’s too girly or too pretty for me.
    You know I was a lot worse than this. I went clothes mad a few years back and had 2 wardrobes and an extra clothing rail just to house all my clothes, I even had a bin bag full of clothes I didn’t like, but didn’t want to chuck away stuffed in the spare room.

    Since then I have cut down A LOT. I mean I’ve been wise, and sold quite a lot of it on. The non label stuff mainly went to our last car boot, I did feel a little wince of guilt when a woman took away 8 pieces 8PIECES off my hands! All for £2.00

    The other stuff, (some with labels still on) I’ve sold on eBay. And actually made profit! Yes the other week I sold a Kate Moss playsuit I bought in a Topshop sale many moons ago for £30, I had originally paid £10 = £20 profit! Just shows there’s a happy ending to every clothes hoarding story.

    I think once the summer draws to a proper end, I am going to really downsize properly and only keep key items.
    All in all I think I have the clothes under control, just you wait until I unleash my other problem…. BAGS!

    Anyhow sorry for the extended rambling, I just wanted to say thank-you, I don’t tend to comment back on my blog posts, because I don’t know whether people check back for a response on the comment section, it’s all a bit of a silly system x

  23. I'm so into florals right now, so I loved the dresses you posted. I kind of glad we're inching out of the "80's" trends and the 90's grunge is taking over. LoveitLoveit.

  24. Love that bee ring so much!

  25. No no nooo it wasn't about you! Honest :) Just a few bloggers from since they got 'very well known' decide anyone who isn't better known than them aren't worth commenting anymore and just suck up to anyone whos more well known thn them if you get what i mean. But it totally wasn't about you :)

    i reallly love those primark dresses, and the bee ring :D

  26. all the flower prints look so nice!

  27. cute stufff! I love rings too! xoxo Camille @