Saturday, 26 June 2010


So, where to start?

My Dorothy Perkins order (featured in my last post) arrived safe & sound - also including these, which I didn't show you before:

These Uttam London rosette dresses were both in the sale too, at £10 each. There was a pretty aqua colour too that I was tempted by, but it was out of stock in my size - lucky really!

There's so many sales at the moment - it's not a good time for my poor bank balance..! That & the fact I still haven't been paid for the extra hours I've been doing since bloody February, doesn't help. I was assured it'd be in this month's pay cheque.. which obviously wasn't the case. Oh well, it'll be a bonus next month, right in time for the Summer holidays, so I'll look on the bright side!

I've been having a sort of streak of good luck recently.. (wish it'd transfer to more areas of my life!) - but I won the Wonderland prize on Gem Fatale's blog - - very exciting! Check it out:

So, I can't wait to receive that! My favourite thing has got to be the teacup ring, it's just amazing :) My kids at school will definitely be impressed with that baby!

Going back to shopping - does anyone have/know of any current free delivery codes, or discount codes for either Miss Selfridges, New Look or Dorothy Perkins..? Please please please let me know if you have! & yes, I know I've just received an order from DPs.. but check out this bag:

It's imperative that this bag finds its way into my life.. Seriously. But I need a free delivery code!

There's also this one, that I did see whilst I was making my order the other day:

Which I also really like, but I managed to resist it & I'm kinda ok with that decision. It's that first one that's got to me - it has to be mine!

& yeah, Miss Selfridge, purely because of their sale jewellery - they've got a few bits I want rather a lot.. like these for example:

They're only £2. I'd wear them as a brooch, as I don't have my ears pierced!

These rings would definitely like to become part of my collection.. I'd be doing them a favour really..

So yeah, there's a couple of things I want.. but when the most expensive is £3 - it's not really worth the delivery charge - know what I mean!?

Yeah, & I'm on the quest for a New Look code of some sort, as I've seen some sandals that I have fallen in love with.. but again, a decent price for a pair of sandals, becomes not so decent when you add nearly a fiver for delivery!
I know, I know, I'm cheap! What can I say!?
So if anyone can help me with any of these missions, I'd be very grateful :)

I definitely am going to do a blog sale at some point in the semi-near future. I have got so much stuff, it's really ridiculous. I've got lots & lots of brand new with tags items, that deserve to go to a more appreciative home! So that's something I'm going to definitly organise. I may well wait until the Summer holidays though.. I think there's 4 weeks left of school, then I have 5 weeks off. That way I'll have time to do it properly (I hope) & get things posted off etc. Good idea?

Right, I'm going to go now - I shall leave you with this - it certainly rang a bell for me, so I thought some of you would appreciate it too :)

Good ol' Edward Monkton :)

Take care,


Sunday, 20 June 2010


You've probably noticed, if you're a regular reader of my blog, that I'm into jewellery - particularly rings.
I seem to have bought a ridiculous amount of new jewellery in the past couple of days (I blame the sales entirely!), so thought I'd show you some of it :)

These bits are all from the Dorothy Perkins sale:

Dorothy Perkins has LOADS of jewellery in their sale - this was me being restrained! Well worth a look :)

This is also somewhere worth a look: - it's a site I've had in my favourites for ages now, but had never actually used. I randomly had a look late Thursday night, & there's a sale on - woo! I placed an order, & it arrived this morning. Very impressed indeed.

Here's just a snippet of what I got:

This brooch is probably my favourite item - it's so pretty :) Also the most expensive item I bought - at a whole £2.25!

I got a few bits - including a tape measure bracelet, which I wore today! There's all sorts on there; Lego rings, button necklaces & earrings (which I also got..) - definitely worth checking out. Although I do recommend if you are going to have a look, do it quickly, because I noticed lots of the colours etc are sold out - probably because it's such a good sale!

Right, what's next?
Ooh yeah - these beauties:

Got these all from the same seller on eBay. Having to really consciously not go back & order some more things - they're just SO pretty.
My favourite is the turquoise - it's so gorgeous.

This is by no means all I've bought.. I also got 2 necklaces & a bracelet from Asda today - aswell as a couple more nail varnishes.. only went in for a Father's Day present - oops! But no pics of those yet.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I bought a dress from my last post... the purple maxi dress! I do really like it, but I'm not sure of it on me. I much prefer the shape of the H&M maxi-dresses. This New Look one felt really clingy. Which I hated. So I ended up buying it 3 sizes bigger..!

I also took a dress back to H&M today - being sensible, getting my £9.99 back.. However, I then left the shop with: a scarf, a skirt, sunglasses, top x 2 & tshirt x 3! That is not sensible! Honestly, I think I need help. But at least I won't be short of things to show you in future posts :) Although, I do really need to find my camera..

Right, last thing's last - everyone head over to the lovely & gorgeous, Miss Gem Fatale ( - she's having the most amazing giveaway you've ever seen - DO IT!

Take care,


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Post No. 25

I don't really have anything planned for this post to be honest, I just noticed it'd been a week, so figured I'd not let anymore time pass by!

I still haven't taken any pics of all my new stuff, so that's not helpful - can't show you those things..

Ok, here's the rings I wore today:

I LOVE this elephant ring. I think it's adorable. It always puts a smile on my face :)
I bought it from eBay a while ago - if I was clever enough I would do a link now to the post where I talked about it!
Gotta say, this ring gets some very mixed reactions. Not that I care, I think it's cute & that's all that matters.

This one's from Dorothy Perkins. I may well have posted that one before too - don't remember, do apologise.. I've also got it in grey & purple. I wear the grey one quite a bit, but I appear to have lost the purple on for the timebeing..definitely haven't seen it in a while..

My nail varnish in those pics is my new OPI one - it looks much darker there though for some reason. I rather like it, & I'm an even bigger fan of it because I realised I have a bag that matches it - so guess what I've been using this week!? Sad I know. I can't help it!

I had an email today from New Look & noticed that they have an offer on at the moment - 20% off all dresses! Pretty good hey? I'm not sure if that's in store as well, or just online.. But of course, I had to have a quick look on the site..
Now, I'm trying very hard to be restrained, so I haven't ordered any. I know, how good am I!? But, thought I'd show you a few that are tempting me, in case anyone's interested!

Love this for some reason. It's so.. kitsch! See the sequin berets on the flamingos. Amazing. This is now only £10 (was £25!)

I think this is really pretty :)
This one is £12 - they've got some other colours too, but all of those are £20.. so this one's my favourite personally!

Sooo tempted to get this to add to my collection of (unworn) maxi dresses I already own..! I really like the colour, but they have got other colours & also stripy ones which are rather nice too. This purple one is only £12. I actually may not be able to resist this one..

This one is reduced from £45 - down to £14 - bargain! I love the paint splash print - think this would be an easy dress-down, or dress-up kinda item.. What do you think?

Oooh! Guess what!?!
I got my first anonymous comment! Does that mean that my blog has officially 'made' it!?

I'm not going to get into that habit of giving these people time or space on my blog, but seeing as it's my first..!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Giveaway Winner :)":

"How the hell you have so many followers i will never know."

Anonymous, if you're reading: I totally agree! I pretty much ask myself that every day!

Right, that's it - that's me done for today.

Take care,


Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Welcome to my 24th post - & hello & thanks to my 124 followers!

So, my resolution to post more over the half term obviously didn't quite go to plan. I'm sure you weren't expecting any less from me, but I do apologise - as usual.. I'm starting to sound like a broken record aren't I!?

This is going to be a really random post I think. I just decided I needed to stop making it all such a big deal in my head, & just do it. So here I am.
First things first, I've decided to kick off again with a tasty man! Another one I'd forgotten about from my previous post..

The rather lovely, Mr James Nesbitt. Definitely got something about him this man. Such a cheeky chappie! The only time I haven't thought much of him was in Murphy's Law - the facial hair just didn't do it for me!

Anyway, I've bought rather a lot of stuff recently, but I haven't got photos of any of it yet - I also haven't managed to sort out pics of my giveaway wins yet - I'm basically useless.. So, as I said, random post.

The lovely weather has inspired me to go sandal shopping. I have rather a lot of shoes, but I find sandals quite difficult - I cannot handle toe-posts. You'd be surprised how many millions of pairs of sandals this discounts immediately!
I didn't find much at all for quite a while.. I wasn't desperate for new sandals, I do have a couple of pairs, but I just fancied some different ones..! Didn't want to spend a huge amount. Mainly because I don't like spending much on anything!

Then I came across these:

For the absolutely bargain price of £8.40 - including free delivery & free returns. So they became mine! They arrived at the weekend & I wore them on Sunday - brilliant. Job done.

However, when I just quickly visited the site to steal that photo.. lo & behold, they have new stock of flat, toe-post-less sandals to tempt me with!

So.. I've now just ordered these babies:

The pink & purple ones were the even more bargainous price of £6 each - & the cream/white ones were a whole .. wait for it! ... £3.80!
& like I said, free delivery & free returns. Or they do offer next day delivery, if you needed something in a hurry & to be fair, that's only £3.50, which is very reasonable!

I'm sure you're all wondering what wonder this website is.. let me share with you:

Check it out! It really does come recommended - I've bought a few things from there now (including a couple of gorgeous maxi dresses & I've never had any problems with them whatsoever. I will warn you, there's quite a variety of items on there in my opinion - it's one of those where if you have a good look, you'll find something great - but on first glance, you could be mistaken for thinking it's just tacky tat. In the nicest possible way!

Change of subject, but I am now the owner of my first ever OPI nail varnishes, courtesy of my sister. Bless her!
We've had quite an up & down relationship for a really long time now - we totally hated each other for quite a while (couple of years..?), but we seem to be past that & are getting on pretty well at the moment. Long may it last!
I'm the type of person that if I see something I think someone would like, I'll get it for them (within reason obviously), but I do like giving people things. So I've given her various things over the years & since she had her baby, I'm always buying things for him too!
She's never been like that at all, but then yesterday she texted me saying she'd got me a new nail varnish because she thought it might cheer me up after my first day back at work.. & by gum, it did! It's just so unlike her. I don't know what came over her, but I'm not complaining!

I googled the names to get these pics, because I still don't know where my camera is, & my phone camera wouldn't pick the colours up properly at all - so here goes:

Sapphire In The Snow. &:

Ate Berries In The Canaries

So I'm quite excited to see if I notice much difference - I've never had a more expensive nail varnish y'see. The majority of mine are George @ Asda - £1.50 or less! & I've always been totally happy with that. But I am interested to see the difference!

Right, I will leave you with a random pic of a ring I've rediscovered recently & so have been wearing quite a bit of - I love it!
You can also see what colour nails I've been sporting (although it is now a whole week in, this nail varnish, so don't look too closely!)

Take care,


PS. There are certain blogs that I follow, that for some totally unknown reason, will NOT load for me recently. I don't know what's going on. The majority are fine, but there are a few that however I try & get to them, it just won't happen! Highly annoying. Thought I'd mention it - if I normally comment you & you haven't heard from me in a while, that may well be why - your blog doesn't like me looking at it!