Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Post No. 25

I don't really have anything planned for this post to be honest, I just noticed it'd been a week, so figured I'd not let anymore time pass by!

I still haven't taken any pics of all my new stuff, so that's not helpful - can't show you those things..

Ok, here's the rings I wore today:

I LOVE this elephant ring. I think it's adorable. It always puts a smile on my face :)
I bought it from eBay a while ago - if I was clever enough I would do a link now to the post where I talked about it!
Gotta say, this ring gets some very mixed reactions. Not that I care, I think it's cute & that's all that matters.

This one's from Dorothy Perkins. I may well have posted that one before too - don't remember, do apologise.. I've also got it in grey & purple. I wear the grey one quite a bit, but I appear to have lost the purple on for the timebeing..definitely haven't seen it in a while..

My nail varnish in those pics is my new OPI one - it looks much darker there though for some reason. I rather like it, & I'm an even bigger fan of it because I realised I have a bag that matches it - so guess what I've been using this week!? Sad I know. I can't help it!

I had an email today from New Look & noticed that they have an offer on at the moment - 20% off all dresses! Pretty good hey? I'm not sure if that's in store as well, or just online.. But of course, I had to have a quick look on the site..
Now, I'm trying very hard to be restrained, so I haven't ordered any. I know, how good am I!? But, thought I'd show you a few that are tempting me, in case anyone's interested!

Love this for some reason. It's so.. kitsch! See the sequin berets on the flamingos. Amazing. This is now only £10 (was £25!)

I think this is really pretty :)
This one is £12 - they've got some other colours too, but all of those are £20.. so this one's my favourite personally!

Sooo tempted to get this to add to my collection of (unworn) maxi dresses I already own..! I really like the colour, but they have got other colours & also stripy ones which are rather nice too. This purple one is only £12. I actually may not be able to resist this one..

This one is reduced from £45 - down to £14 - bargain! I love the paint splash print - think this would be an easy dress-down, or dress-up kinda item.. What do you think?

Oooh! Guess what!?!
I got my first anonymous comment! Does that mean that my blog has officially 'made' it!?

I'm not going to get into that habit of giving these people time or space on my blog, but seeing as it's my first..!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Giveaway Winner :)":

"How the hell you have so many followers i will never know."

Anonymous, if you're reading: I totally agree! I pretty much ask myself that every day!

Right, that's it - that's me done for today.

Take care,



  1. I love unusual rings and that elephant one is amazing! Anonymous comments are pathetic, if you feel that strongly about something you should have the guts to post it without the anonymous-ness. Just jealousy I'm sure :)

  2. Anonymous sounds like a bitter bitch! Glad you're not taking it to heart!!

  3. I love your elephant ring - it's so cute! Ooh I may have a look at the dresses in New Look then :) I like the second dress you've chosen with the lace detail. But it's Summer so get the purple maxi dress for a bit of colour!


  4. I love that elephant ring :)

    Glad your not taking the annominous comment to heart I've had 2 I think and Ive just got to laugh at them! Pathetic really! :)


  5. How rude, what a bugger! I love the elephant ring too!

    Sarah x

  6. i love the rings :)

  7. Your elephant ring is adorable! I also love the flamingo dress too. Its quirky, I think thats why I like it.
    ♥ Jess x

  8. That elephant ring is just utterly wonderful - I want one!

    I vote you get the maxi dress and get wearing it! They can't hang in your wardrobe all unloved this summer.

  9. Those rings are lovely - the elephant one is really cute! I love that nail colour too, your nails look so nice and long. x

  10. Those rings are so fabulous and your hands and nails are just beautiful.
    Get wearing those maxi dresses, once tried you'll wonder how you lived without them.

  11. Ohhh my, i loveee that elephant ring, its the cutest ring ever! x

  12. you always have the cutest jewelery! wow 20% off is generous i noticed the offer whilst shopping yesterday! xx

  13. Haha anonymous sounds like a bit of a kill joy :) not brave enough to leave it with their name signed eh, it makes me giggle so it does :p Those dresses are super cute! I dont need any more of a temptation to shop online haha. Wee elephant ring made me smile ♥ xx

  14. Such a unique ring! I’m becoming more and more envious of your ring collection! I have a load of rings, but I tend to stick with the same three everyday! It feels too weird not wearing them. Plus, I know you can find loads cheaply online, but I never know if my fingers will fit...

    And how lovely are your nails! Love the colour, and the shape too; they just look so perfect! (unlike my own, which have currently been bitten down...)

    Lou x – craftyandquirky.blogspot.com

  15. Don't worry about the anon's! I think its jealousy personally! I love the dorothy perkins ring! xo


  16. The elephant ring is so cute!
    Oooh I love New Look sales! Having a look through the website just now to ofind something to spend my pennies on :)

  17. Omg I totally need that Elephant in my life! Adorable.
    Your comment on my Tuesday tip made me chuckle. Odd bod indeed ;) ♥
    PS - congrats on the anon negative comment! I haven't had one yet, still waiting for my big day... Guess I'm not really 'someone' yet. Haha!

  18. you picked such cute stuff cant get enough of the elephant ring!

    Anna Katrina

  19. Hey gorgeous :')
    Sorry i haven't been around much recently, i've been revising for my stupid amount of exams, but i only have one left now.. which is good!

    Honestly, don't worry about it, it's a good enough excuse for me, if you've got things going on, it's fine! Just post it whenever you have the free time, it shouldn't seem like a chore to you, i promise.

    Get the maxi dress! I'm actually dying for one. Seriously. I NEED ONE. But there all so expensive, i can't be bothered to buy one hahaha

    Love, Ruth xo

  20. Great Post! That elephant ring is ADORABLE!
    - Adele

  21. Love that elephnat ring! Congratulations on making it in the blogging world! Is sad that the blogging milestone seems to be marked by a Anon comment!

  22. Just ignore the anonymous posters, they are clearly bitter and jealous. I love your elephant ring, so cute!


  23. That elephant ring is adorable! It reminds me of of one of my elephant bracelet which had completely slipped my mind. Really must find that!
    Love your blog - followed! :) x

  24. The elephant ring is adorable!

  25. aww bless you! ive missed looking at ur impeccable taste in rings!! aaa love it :) hope you ok
    love sammy

  26. Aww the little elephant ring is just super cute! x

  27. Why are you not giving us people the time of day ????? Just 'coz we dont have a blog of our own. Tsk tsk. Never mind I do love yarrrr xx