Monday, 29 March 2010


Ok, so you lovely lot have been patient enough! Here goes:

Sorry if you're disappointed! It's not as exciting as some giveaways I've seen, but it'll have to do :)
Consists of:
-a wall plaque - thought the saying was rather apt!
-Collection 2000 lipliner
-elf plumping lip gloss
-Collection 2000 lipstick x2
-Cheek Creme
-Brown & gold tone bead bracelets
-Plastic heart rings x3 (orange, yellow & black)
-Leopard print scarf
-Next 'Pure Passion' Bath Creme

Ok, so to enter - you have to be following my blog (obviously) - & you have to comment on THIS post, with why you feel you deserve to win. This won't actually affect who does win, as the name will be picked at random - I'm just nosy!
You've got until Monday 12th April to enter - good luck :)

By the way, if you mention this in a post on your blog, you'll get an extra entry - can't turn down a bit of free advertising can I now!?

Ok, so back to business.
I went shopping AGAIN this weekend. Honestly, it's a real problem! I swear it's a compulsion or something - I probably need therapy of some kind. Oh well, let me share some of my buys with you!

So, I bought far too much stuff in Primark, yet again.

This pretty dress, which I love. Cost £9.

I also FINALLY gave in, & bought this:

I've been resisting it for far too long. & it's just so perfect, why shouldn't it be in my life?! Well, now it is. So I'm happy. Cost £10. Although, I got it in a bigger size, as shirts are always dodgy on me (as I've got big boobs) - & I wanted it to be slouchy & roomy enough, but now I've tried it on, I'm thinking it may actually be TOO big. Which is annoying! So might have to do a swap job. Not sure.
(Btw, how lovely would this shirt look with the above dress? Yay!)

I also picked this up:

Lace vest, in navy. I already own this in cream, black & grey.. I'm terrible at doing that - when I find something I like, buying it in every colour! Cost £4. (This is a bad pic, is much nicer than this in real life)

Also got two skirts in Primark:

This one's navy, with black embroidery (which you should be able to see better in the second pic) - was reduced to £5.


This one is lighter than it looks in the pics - tis a kinda cornflower blue/lilacy colour - pretty :) Also cost £5 in the sale.

Also treated myself to two pairs of shoes (which I don't need!):

These shoes are kinda hideous, therefore I love 'em! They were also reduced to £2,so there was no way I was leaving them behind!

Also got these, slightly more sensible shoes:

They're a pale, nude, pink kinda colour - so figured they'd go with lots of things as the sun starts coming out :) They cost £4.

I also bought a top in H&M (& a skirt that I don't have a pic of - it's just plain black & stretchy anyway, nothin exciting):

That cost £3.99.

I also bought a bag in New Look for £5:

Pic doesn't really show the colour - it's a really pretty muted turquoise, with silver trim.

I also got this bag:

Which I'm pretty much in love with.

I got a few other random bits as well, including:

-Flower hair grips (LOVE the colours of these) - £1 from Primark
-Rose quartz necklace (which you can't see v.well, I realise) - was reduced to £.1.50, in a boutique that's closing down
-Pearl/cream beads - £1 from Primark
-Cute butterfly underwear - on sale at £1 from Primark
-Necklace - £2.50 (very expensive!) from Primark

Ok, so thinking this has turned into another rather long post..
Just thought I'd mention, if you comment on this, just for entry to the giveaway, I may well be slightly offended if you haven't even looked at the rest of the post - I like peoples comments on my purchases!

Thank you so much to everyone that's following/commenting me - you're all bloody marvellous :)

Take care,


Thursday, 25 March 2010


Look at all my followers, just look! How exciting!?

I promise I've actually started sorting the giveaway now.. I'm not posting about it yet - it needs a post of it's own! The giveaway features lots of make up, a scarf, a couple of rings & some creme bath (so far!).

Haven't been into town since my last post. I work Monday-Friday, so generally my shopping is done at the weekend - although I internet shop/eBay any day of the week (but as you know, that doesn't count!)

These are some things I've been wearing the past few days:

This necklace was an asos purchase a few years ago - it's one of my favourites :)

I wore these shoes yesterday:

These are another asos sale purchase - eyelet shoes. I also have them in silver/grey, but saying that has just made me realise that I've never worn those ones! These black ones get shown off quite a lot though - not bad for £5!

I've used this bag a few times this week (very unlike me!):

I bought this off eBay. Love this bag - it's a really good size for work, & the colour is gorgeous. I've had lots of compliments this week on it - even a small argument today with someone who was convinced it had to be real leather, & wouldn't believe me when I told her it was only a cheap bag!

Today I wore:

Another asos sale buy! Had this for ages, but it only had its debut today :)

These are the rings I wore:

Nothing too exciting - black ring is from H&M & cream tiled ring was from a craft fair.

I've actually had a really crap day - somehow managed to quit my job. So that was fun. Stupidest thing ever, being that my problem is not with my job at all - I love my job, it's the best job I've ever had. But I've since seen my boss, who informed me that even though I left work 6hrs early today saying I'd quit(!), he's chosen to ignore my resignation & expects to see me in the morning. So.. I guess I should be thankful for people not taking any notice of me!

I've just ordered this, which I'm sadly excited about:

Haha! I saw it AGES ago in grey, & loved it, but my size was always sold out. Then today, there it was, in black, in my size, in the sale! So it's going to be mine :)
I'm totally not a hoodie kinda girl in the slightest, but oh well - they're handy, for say.. long journeys?! I think that's the last time I wore a hoodie - the trip to Paris (by coach).. in November. Oh well, I love it!

Right, think that's it for today. I only realised after, but my last post was REALLY long! I know I haven't got round to replying to all the comments yet, I do apologise. Totally distracted at the moment, with.. life. And all the crap that comes with it. But I will do, promise :)

Take care,


Monday, 22 March 2010

50(+3!) Followers!

I am in shock that I have more than 50 followers! A massive thank you to everyone that's following me, or has commented me (or both of course!) - I really do appreciate each & every one of you - & am planning on replying to my comments after I do this :)

Just to let you know, I haven't got my giveaway ready to post about. I'm sorry. I know I'm crap. It's just happened so quickly (not complaining, it's amazing!) & I haven't had chance to sort it all out. I promise it'll be this week. I have got a collection of bits & pieces that are ready to go in this giveaway, including mainly make-up & a bit of jewellery (so far) - will let you know more details asap. I hope you're not too disappointed in me - I've just had a huge amount going on & haven't had time to sort out the details. Sorry!

I went shopping yesterday... Naughty me! On my way home I did realise that it probably wasn't a good idea to go shopping the week before payday - but oh well!
I've got pics of SOME of the bits I bought:

Love this, it's SO pretty. This skirt was from Primark & cost a whole £7.

I also got:

Cost £2.50 - wore this today :)

I also got this:

Was going to get the navy blue striped one, but the buttons were gold (bleurgh), so went for this one - which is 'cornflower', as it has silver buttons :) This cost £5.

Have seen lots of Paris-inspired items around (which I like, particularly as I went to Paris a few months ago!), but have resisted so far - until I saw this:

It's lovely - & only cost £5. It's a pretty 'blush' colour (which doesn't show up well here) - very on trend!

Spotted this in the Mens Department - I always check out mens stuff for t-shirts & accessories - I always used to buy mens cardigans, as they were a bit longer & slouchier, but now I don't have to, as they're all 'boyfriend' style anyway!

I don't really know why I like this so much, but I LOVE it - & it's such an easy to wear piece :) Only cost £4.

I also got some black jeggings, as I've wanted some for a while - & some light blue ones, as I thought they'd be nice for Summer - they're reduced to £6. I've already got the dark blue ones from ages ago, but thought I might as well! (Didn't get a pic of them though..)

I also picked these pretty bits up:

Some 'wine' tights, as they were only 50p, & two new rings! The pink rose one is from New Look & the other one is from Asda, & it's amazing - really unusual. I struggled to get a decent pic of it though - will keep trying!

Trying my new ring on (on the bus!).

I also bought quite a few things in New Look (again). Haven't got pics of all of it, but here's some:

Grey 'skater' dress - on offer at £10 at the moment, from £16. These are great as they're so versatile, & ideal for layering etc.

I also got a couple of pretty basic tops which I thought would do for work, which I haven't got pics of.
Then I bought this for my friend:

She's got a thing about giraffes, & collects them - so when I saw this I couldn't resist! Hope she likes it :)

This is probably my new favourite dress - ever:

It really didn't photograph well (you may have noticed I still haven't found my camera..), but seriously - it's amazing. So amazing that I bought it in black too :)

I also bought this bag, which again, doesn't do it justice :

It's really nice, & it cost £8. I may have mentioned before that I love grey! It reminds me of a bag I've already got, which is a similar shape, but is white & studded ALL over with oversized silver studs - it's beautiful!

Speaking of bags, this is the bag I used yesterday for my shopping trip:

It's one I've had for years. It was from New Look. I was feeling uninspired when I was getting ready yesterday, & it just happened to be there!

I also wore these shoes:

Which are the same as the black ones I've blogged about recently - from Primark, costing £6 - ages ago.

I also bought some random little bits - like a purple umbrella for £1, a bright yellow nail varnish for 50p, a pack of 10 pens for 27p (bargain!) as the kids at school keep borrowing & not returning all my pens - etc..

I cut & painted my nails last night - they now look like this:

Love this colour :)

Ok, think I've finally run out of things to say.. promise I'll get the giveaway sorted..

Take care,


Saturday, 20 March 2010


Can't believe I have 49 followers! Tomorrow I'll sort out the stuff for my giveaway & take pictures etc ready for a post - how exciting!?

So, the party..
This is what I wore:

It's a Miss Selfridge dress, via eBay. Got it months & months ago but hadn't worn it yet, so decided it was time for its debut :) I really like it, it was so comfy & I love this colour..
(Excuse the state of it in this pic - I had to retrieve it from the floor where I'd dumped it to take a pic of it earlier.. I promise it was ironed when I went out!)

I wore it with black tights, a black slouchy cardi (to dress it down a bit - & to cover my fat arms!) & these shoes:

These are my trusty 'going-out' shoes! They're pretty much the only shoes I ever wear out. They're so comfy, & they go with everything, & they're the only heels I can walk in! So it's either these or flats :) They were from Peacocks, & I've had them for quite a few years now - so they're doing me well..

This is the bag I used:

I got it for Christmas a couple of years ago, & I didn't think I liked it much at all at first, but actually it's really grown on me & I'ved used it quite a lot! It's a good size & I like that it's a clutch, but with a handle.. if that makes sense..?

My hair looked like this:

My Mum did this for me, as I'm incapable of doing it myself! It was clipped at one side with a black flower (you might just be able to make it out..)

All in all, it was a good night! Well, until I got home anyway.. I got in at 1am, but didn't make it to bed until 4am. As I was indisposed in the bathroom, shall we say. Oops. Didn't really want to know that did you!? It was the first time I've had a drink since New Year's Eve - & I wasn't exactly sensible... But other than that, it was a fun night. Which I'm glad about, because I really wasn't sure that I wanted to go.

In all my drama of having to find an outfit for the party, I forgot about what I was actually wearing all day - I do however have a pic of the shoes:

They're sequin pumps from New Look a few years ago. I was wearing a black dress & black tights, with turquoise cardigan & jewellery - these are great, as they're just black pumps, so go with lots of things, but the sequins just add a bit of interest :)

Just realised that this has gotta be the first post I've ever done, with NO jewellery (ie. rings) photos! Crazy.

Ooh, just one more thing to show you:

How cute is that?! This is the purse I used last night. My sister gave it to me for Christmas, from my nephew :) It's meant to remind me of him. It's the first time I've used it, & it generated some interest I tell you! It's actually quite handy, as it doesn't take up much room at all.

I think that's it for today. I'm ridiculously tired & my brain's not functioning properly so I should probably leave it there!

Take care,


PS. Any ideas on what to get a 48yr old man for his birthday? It's my Dad's on Monday & I'm going to have to go shopping tomorrow, as at the moment I haven't even got him a card! I've got ZERO idea...