Thursday, 18 March 2010


I feel like I've been a bit of a rubbish blogger this week. I've just not had chance - I do apologise!

As for my giveaway, it's going to have to be for when I get 50 followers, to give me chance to sort it out & get the prizes - I never in a million years expected to get to 40(+1!) so quickly! But it will happen - I promise. I've ordered some bits & pieces, so waiting on them to arrive & will sort it out & post about it properly :)

Outfit today: I wore this skirt for the first time, & got LOTS of compliments, which is always nice :)

It should really be worn high-waisted, but as it's got ruched elasticy bits, there was enough space in it to wear it down on my hips - which made it long enough for work, yay!

I love this skirt :) I love the big pockets, & it's a gorgeous colour, & the buttons are so pretty.. I love it!

I wore it with black tights, patent black shoes (see previous post), a black vest tucked in & a slouchy black cardi - don't forget it was a work outfit, so I have to be suitably covered up etc!

This is the jewellery I wore with it:

Got this ring ages ago, from a jewellery stall in a market - I've also got it in cream, & I wear them both a lot :) The colour of this doesn't show up too well in this pic, but it goes really nicely with the skirt.

I believe I've posted this before.. I had to wear it, as it went so well with the buttons! Sad life I lead honestly.. Although, someone actually commented on the fact, so I'm not the only one to notice details like that!

Finishing touch:

I adore my unicorn necklace. I don't get chance to wear it all that much, as I'm definitely more of a silver girl - so I had to make the most of the opportunity today! It was from asos a while ago now & I loved it for AGES, then it finally went down in the sale, & became mine! Cost me £3. Well worth it :)

So, I'm meant to be going to a 40th birthday party tomorrow night. It's at quite a posh golf club, so it's definitely a bit more of a dressy do than my usual Friday night! I'm not even positive I'm going at the moment, but I've been debating with myself all week about what I'm going to wear! Haven't actually come up with any conclusions whatsoever, so that's helpful! I was going to show you some options & get some opinions, but have just realised that I didn't get round to taking those pics.. Oh well.
In all the thinking I've been doing about what dress I'm going to wear (if I go out) tomorrow night, I suddenly recalled these shoes:

(They came to mind as I was thinking about a pink dress I've got!)

Look at them - how amazing are they?! I got them months & months ago, & had forgotten their very existence. I've never worn them, & getting them out today, I realised I never will! I can't do heels. Not proper heels like that anyway. I know full well I'm never going to wear them - I probably knew this when I bought them. But they're so pretty, that I bought them anyway! How ridiculous!
I've got lots & lots of heels that just sit, looking pretty. Most of them have been worn once, & then I've accepted that it's just not meant to be. But these poor things hadn't even made it out the bag! I'm thinking I'm going to need to find a loving home for them. They deserve to be worn & adored properly.
I did try & convince myself that I could wear them (they'd go so well with this pink dress!), but it's not going to happen. I know it won't. It makes me sad, but.. they deserve better! (They're a size 5, if anyone's interested!)

Thank you so much to everyone that's following & commenting me - I love it :) I've not been very good this week at replying to my comments, but I promise I'll get round to it. Just kinda have had a lot of going on...

Take care,


PS. I've just realised I still haven't posted the awards people have kindly given me - I promise I do appreciate them, I just.. oh I don't even know. I haven't got an excuse, I just haven't got round to posting them yet - sorry!

PPS. Anyone else absolutely gutted about the weather? Where's the sun gone!? Come back! Please?!


  1. I know what you mean about the weather, it's bloody raining here grrr

    I adore that skirt and the unicorn necklace, how pretty and £3 what a bargain!! and those shoes are fab, are they new look per chance? I had a similar pair that were peep toe which I ebayed recently and wish I hadn't :(

  2. i love those unique rings!

  3. That skirt is adorable, I'm not surprised you got complemented. As always I think it's your jewellery that steals the show. Your taste is so so very cool!
    PS Spring? Grrr! It looks nice today but the forecast's for rain.

  4. Ohhh I love the neckleace! I really want a unicorn for my charm bracelet and everyone thinks I'm a bit strange cos I'm on a total mission to find one.

  5. very beautiful post

  6. OH MY, those shoes! Love, love, love them. And your jewellery collection is adorable, jealous.
    Loved this post - be sure to update with what you did decide to wear :)

  7. I love your nail polish and the last picture with that gorgeous shoes!

  8. I am beyond gutted by the weather! I love your skirt.

  9. I love nearly everything here. Except the rings and shoes. Its just because the rings are a bit too big for my liking and I don't do heels (tall already ). Great blog!

  10. I know, the sun has gone again :( Sad times.

    Love those shoes and the skirt though! And you're nearly at 50 yayay!

  11. Oh my!! I need that unicorn necklace in my life! It is adorable...
    And well done on the are nearly there now! :)

  12. i like the unicorn necklace

  13. love tyhe skirt!

    Enter my Olivia Rubin giveaway:

  14. Thanks for the comment. I'm already following you lovely! Your blog is actually a favourite of mine. x

  15. hi how are u doing ,

    hey thanks for comment
    have a great week end

  16. Shoes are amazing, skirt is amazing, necklace is amazing. EVERYTHING IS :) x