Monday, 29 March 2010


Ok, so you lovely lot have been patient enough! Here goes:

Sorry if you're disappointed! It's not as exciting as some giveaways I've seen, but it'll have to do :)
Consists of:
-a wall plaque - thought the saying was rather apt!
-Collection 2000 lipliner
-elf plumping lip gloss
-Collection 2000 lipstick x2
-Cheek Creme
-Brown & gold tone bead bracelets
-Plastic heart rings x3 (orange, yellow & black)
-Leopard print scarf
-Next 'Pure Passion' Bath Creme

Ok, so to enter - you have to be following my blog (obviously) - & you have to comment on THIS post, with why you feel you deserve to win. This won't actually affect who does win, as the name will be picked at random - I'm just nosy!
You've got until Monday 12th April to enter - good luck :)

By the way, if you mention this in a post on your blog, you'll get an extra entry - can't turn down a bit of free advertising can I now!?

Ok, so back to business.
I went shopping AGAIN this weekend. Honestly, it's a real problem! I swear it's a compulsion or something - I probably need therapy of some kind. Oh well, let me share some of my buys with you!

So, I bought far too much stuff in Primark, yet again.

This pretty dress, which I love. Cost £9.

I also FINALLY gave in, & bought this:

I've been resisting it for far too long. & it's just so perfect, why shouldn't it be in my life?! Well, now it is. So I'm happy. Cost £10. Although, I got it in a bigger size, as shirts are always dodgy on me (as I've got big boobs) - & I wanted it to be slouchy & roomy enough, but now I've tried it on, I'm thinking it may actually be TOO big. Which is annoying! So might have to do a swap job. Not sure.
(Btw, how lovely would this shirt look with the above dress? Yay!)

I also picked this up:

Lace vest, in navy. I already own this in cream, black & grey.. I'm terrible at doing that - when I find something I like, buying it in every colour! Cost £4. (This is a bad pic, is much nicer than this in real life)

Also got two skirts in Primark:

This one's navy, with black embroidery (which you should be able to see better in the second pic) - was reduced to £5.


This one is lighter than it looks in the pics - tis a kinda cornflower blue/lilacy colour - pretty :) Also cost £5 in the sale.

Also treated myself to two pairs of shoes (which I don't need!):

These shoes are kinda hideous, therefore I love 'em! They were also reduced to £2,so there was no way I was leaving them behind!

Also got these, slightly more sensible shoes:

They're a pale, nude, pink kinda colour - so figured they'd go with lots of things as the sun starts coming out :) They cost £4.

I also bought a top in H&M (& a skirt that I don't have a pic of - it's just plain black & stretchy anyway, nothin exciting):

That cost £3.99.

I also bought a bag in New Look for £5:

Pic doesn't really show the colour - it's a really pretty muted turquoise, with silver trim.

I also got this bag:

Which I'm pretty much in love with.

I got a few other random bits as well, including:

-Flower hair grips (LOVE the colours of these) - £1 from Primark
-Rose quartz necklace (which you can't see v.well, I realise) - was reduced to £.1.50, in a boutique that's closing down
-Pearl/cream beads - £1 from Primark
-Cute butterfly underwear - on sale at £1 from Primark
-Necklace - £2.50 (very expensive!) from Primark

Ok, so thinking this has turned into another rather long post..
Just thought I'd mention, if you comment on this, just for entry to the giveaway, I may well be slightly offended if you haven't even looked at the rest of the post - I like peoples comments on my purchases!

Thank you so much to everyone that's following/commenting me - you're all bloody marvellous :)

Take care,



  1. Ohh you got some lovely things there!
    My favourites are the denim shirt (absolutley love it!) and the nautical style skirt :)

    Great giveaway too hun, please can you enter me?
    I think I should win because... I comment on blog posts all the time xx

  2. Love it! the giveaway is lovely!

    Enter me please, I deserve to win because I had one of the worst mondays possible and I love giveaways! x

  3. Loving That Dress..Need It In My Life!!
    Iv Got That Shirt & Its Bloody Fab, I Wear Mine With Every Thing & Think It Would Look Really Cute Over The Dress Too!! ♥

  4. oooh im lovin gthe clolourful slingbacks! might have to get me some of those hehe. Great buys

  5. Oh lovely lovely! Please enter me! I deserve to win because i'm on my third day on the 30 day shred dvd...hence no chocolate and im dying without it! Probably a bad idea to do it over easter period! Winning would cheer me up no end!
    Love the dress and i agree the shirt would look ace over it!
    I will post a sidebar in my blog about your comp :)

    Lil xx

  6. I always love your mini hauls! The H&M tshirt is really cute and I'd happily nick either of the two bags off you.

    And what a lovely giveaway! I can't think of a reason why I should win, but I'd certainly like to - it would mean getting something exciting through the post and that's high up on the list of things that brighten my day.

  7. wow wow wow!
    i think i deserve to win because i'm quite new to blogger but this is the best giveaway i've seen and i'd love love love to be the new owner of those gorgeous bits and bobs :)
    love your purchases, the shoes are my fave!

  8. Love the quilted bag! So cute. xx

  9. I love the denim shirt, i recently bought one from Topshop - wish i had checked out primark first!! x

  10. Fab purchases. I really want a denimn shirt but am on abit of a self imposed shopping ban at the moment!

    I deserve to win as getting pretty things through the post makes me very happy!

  11. ah love everything that you bought! all looks fab now i want to go shopping lol xoxox

  12. Lovely things!! You have great taste.
    I'd love to enter your giveaway but I'm on holiday - boo hoo!

  13. I'll play the sympathy card and say I deserve to win because I'm facing hospital soon!

    Love your new buys x

  14. I deserve to win because I would use everything in the box, and love the things that you show on your blog. Now i need to go shopping.

  15. Ah, the infamous Primark denim shirt. I have it too - it goes with everything and I wear it all the time! I may even wear it tomorrow. :)

    I'd love to enter your generous giveaway... I should win because I've won a few others the last few weeks and seem to be on a lucky streak! Hehe - that's SUCH a bad reason to win! Glad it's totally random! ;) x

  16. i love the shoes and the grey purse. so pretty!

  17. :O I love the green bag!! Sooooo jealous!!
    Is the comp open to international entrants as I'm living in Spain.
    Please enter me if so- I think I deserve to win because I havent had a Crunchie in years and have no Primark near me to buy the beautiful bag!! :(

  18. What fab bargains you've been getting. I love the little high waisted skirt. I think I'll also be on the hunt for that H&M Tee!!

    I'd like to enter please. I think I deserve to win as I'm having a dreadful time at work just now.


  19. I LOVE Penneys too!
    I deserve to win because I heart freebies :D

  20. Yep, I have that cream netted top from primark :)
    It would be mine

  21. Hey!
    Sorry i've been slightly absent for a while haha, i've been snowed under with work :(
    Haha, SNAP! Check out my latest post! How amazing is Primark at the moment? It's amazing!

    As for the great giveaway..
    I haven't had chocolate in AGES, and hey, it's easter!
    The plaque is amazing! It sums me up in general. I'm even changing my facebook to that hahah!

    Posted about it too :) xxx

  22. Lovely lovely post - your blog rocks!
    Panda x

  23. I deserve to win because I never win anything! I love Primark too :)my email is krixtinag@hotmail(dot)com

  24. Lovely lovely post :) As always, you have such similar taste to me and I'm constantly jealous of your things, ha.

    I'm not sure why I deserve to win - in fact I probably don't, but I adore your blog :)

  25. I just found your blog and had to enter your give-away!!! I love your style !

  26. Hi Hun,

    Please enter me for your giveaway, I deserve to win because well just because I'd like to, who doesn't like winning stuff ;) ok if I had of a real reason maybe because I'm not only moving house tomorrow but moving cities and your prize could arrive on a day when I'm still there with my head in my hands wondering if I've made a big mistake ;)

    and you're right those shoes are so hideous but I really love them too! lol xxx

  27. Love your haul!

    Can I enter please?

    I deserve to win as I need to hide away from the kids and that Crunchie could keep me company :)

  28. Great Haul!

    I'd love to be entered :) I deserve to win because I love receiving things threw the post and it makes me happy.

    Haha rubbish reason :P


  29. hiya. i discovered your blog from your comment from another blog, lol.

    i want to enter your giveaway. well, i definitely deserve to win coz it's my birthday on april 12, yay.


  30. Well done on the followers sweetie :)

    I deserve to win because I love the dress you bought :P

    Enter me please hun rosietint(@)

  31. Please enter me because i love primark too!

  32. i discovered your blog from another blog and i'm very glad i found you because i love all your clothes!
    i also would like to be entered because it's purely by bday in less than a month ahahaha! :P

    (excuse my e-mail i've had it since i was 10) LMAO xxxx

  33. I've been reading for awhile and although I don't get to wear jewelry much (job restrictions :) I love looking at other people's jewelry and yours are so great!
    Please enter me...great blog too.

  34. I'm desperate for a denim shirt! Good find!

    Can you enter me please? I deserve to win because on Monday I'm about to start my last term of my Master's degree and it's really hard and I may just lose my sanity... but the giveaway prize may keep me on the brink of normality!


  35. an I enter Your comp! I think I deserve to win because I love reading your blog because it keeps me smiling! Plus, there is a huge spider outside my bedroom and I can't leave my room cos im scared!



  36. Enter me please :)

    I deserve to win because...I'm a new-ish follower and think you're blog is fab and because the prizes look lovely and who doesn't like winning?! x

  37. ooooooohhhh love the new buys :)

    but onto my giveaway entry!
    I deserve to win because I've had the week from HELL and need some cheering up... the choccie would deffo do the trick! haha!

    (SORRY about the super late reply to your comment by the way, I've just had the worst few days... I'm back to daily blogging now though!)



  38. Enter me pleassseee! I love all the goodies, I derserve to win though, because i'm awesome :)


  39. so ya, i wish i could go shopping with you cos those colorful flats are BLISS!!! and i'm a heels kind of girl but that could def. change my mind! and the bow clutch-- GORGEOUS!!!

    too bad i saw your giveaway so late, it's fantastic!

    i love your taste :)