Tuesday, 2 March 2010


So, I know I'm new to this, but blogspot is seriously confusing me! I've been trying to do a new post for a couple of days now. Where's all the nice little buttons, that change the font & text size etc gone? Do I actually have to input my own html, coz that is so not going to happen.. I'm confused. I guess we'll just see what happens!

So, in taking photos of my rings for this blog, I've discovered that I actually have upwards of 60/70 rings floating around my room. Maybe more. This is an estimate. Which is rather crazy. But gives me plenty to share with you! Haven't actually photographed them all yet, maybe about half?

This is one I was wearing today:

This little beaut came to me from the world of eBay - only cost a couple of quid tops, then when it arrived it was snapped - so I was refunded. Superglue did the trick, it's now one of my faves - & it was FREE! Yay :) Freebies are bloody great.

While I was looking at my rings, I rediscovered this one, which I'd forgotten I'd owned & have never worn! It's a crime that it's been sat, forgotten & abandoned, look at it, it's so pretty!

I got this one from the asos sale last year. But like I said, it'd been abandoned - poor thing.

Ooh in that last photo you might be able to make out my new nail varnish. Tis a pretty pearly white colour. Very subtle for me - my nails are generally bright & making a statement, but fancied a change. However I did have to put 5 coats on, as it was just TOO subtle! I like it though, it's pretty.

I've just been rather naughty & have ordered some stuff from New Look... I had an email today saying about a sale, & as much as my will power tried to stop me, I just had to check it out.. I did cut down my original basket by approx half though before clicking 'Checkout', so that was quite good of me!

These are the things winging their way to me as we speak(ish):

I'd seen this dress the other day & thought it was really pretty - so I couldn't resist when I saw it was now £12 :)

I know there's lots of this kind of dress around at the moment, & maybe I'm a bit behind the times, but oh well! I like it & it'll be an easy to wear, throw on piece :)

Bought this mainly for work. Reduced to £7.

Thought this'd look cute with skinnies/leggings & black slouchy cardi. We'll see. Reduced to £6.

Don't really know why I got this.. I went through a real watch phase a couple of years ago, the result of which being I have approx. 15 watches, in various colours - thing is, I NEVER wear a watch anymore. So yeah, I dunno. But I liked it, & it was reduced to £4.50 - so, maybe I'll start wearing a watch again!

Realised this morning that my purse had broken, so had a quick look, as I was ordering things anyway, & found this one - reduced to £3. I'm sure it'll do the job!

I can't remember what else I was going to talk about on this post, I've got distracted by my new order!

Ooh, I know something I was going to mention - does anyone watch 'Hotter Than My Daughter'? I seriously recommend getting on iPlayer & giving it a go, not only are some/most of the people actually hilarious, but I'm absolutely LOVING the presenter, Liz McClarnon's, wardrobe in it - she's got some absolutely gorgeous outfits - so worth having a look just for that :)

Right, I'm going to save the rest for more posts - don't want to go on TOO much in one go (I'm good at that, hey?!)

Take care


PS. I thought of something else I was going to tell you all - I got my boots back yesterday - YAY! My poorly, broken boots are now wearable again - I was so happy to have them back! So of course I had to wear them today - I've missed them!
Anyway, they're now back in my life, so I'm happy :)


  1. Ooooh lovely finds! And freebies are ALWAYS great, thank god for superglue hha!

    Oooh, when your posting, the 'html' tab and there should be a compose tab or something? Switch between and your sorted :) - if not, change your browzer to Firefox :) xxx

  2. Lovely buys. I adore the rings. You've got a great eye for chunky jewellery.

  3. Love the rings - I hardly ever wear them which is a crime really! I own maybe 3/4? haha!
    I think I might log on ebay and try and find myself some vintage beauts to decorate my fingers... :)



  4. That first dress is what my purchase yesterday was!

  5. i love that first ring!

    and i was just about to buy that new look floral dress! £12 what a steal! But i opted for a pair of leather boots instead :) x

  6. Ooooh, so going to check out New Look now! Love the floral dress!

    You need to make sure you're in the compose tab, not the HTML tab. They're both sitting side by side at the top of your editing box. :)

  7. I've been eatching hotter than my daughter and I agree, Liz Mcclarnons wardrobe is pretty fiiiine! I love her florally cream stuff she wears :) xxx

  8. Oh lovely rings! I really like the 2nd one especially.

  9. love floral at the moment i have LOADS its ridiculous! love them rings too, this is weird but you have gorgeous nails! so lucky lol!
    love sammy

  10. stumbled across your blog - it's great! loving those rings - i'm so into chunky ones right now haha.
    ps. check out/follow my blog :)

  11. ooh I love all of your buys and I'm so jealous of your ring collection!!!

  12. the second ring is so awesome!
    the striped cardigan is amazing! reminds me of some henrik vibskov pieces. do you mind me asking where you got it from?

  13. Hey, i gave you an award on my blog!!

  14. Ive got the top dress from newlook :) Did a post on it yesterday!!

    www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  15. just wanted to let u know since I read this post I've bought some rings! yay! so thanks :)



  16. fab pics! love your blog x

    Checkout my mothers day UK giveaway:

  17. Great rings! I also have a large collection of rings that I do not wear enough. Love the floral dresses too!


  18. lovely rings!
    thankyou for entering my new look giveaway on my blog :)
    the winner will be announced next wednesday! :)
    hope you have a good weekend!