Saturday, 13 March 2010


I can't believe I've got 35 followers - I really never expected that anyone would want to read this! But it's great :) Thanks guys!

I keep seeing these everywhere, so I'm considering it too... A giveaway. Gotta be honest, before I started reading other people's blogs it would never have occurred to me - but now I'm quite liking the idea. I've got quite a lot of ideas of things to include! Maybe not yet though.. I should set a target. 50 followers? Is that unobtainable?! Hmm.. I shall put some thought into it & get back to you - does anyone have any comments on this idea?

So anyway, I've been very restrained since I last posted, & have bought nothing! Well, apart from eBay again - which as you know, I don't think counts :p

So I'm waiting on these items:

Pretty turquoise flower ring - it's actually made of clay. I've got far too many turquoise rings, but oh well!

Got this on the way too. It's from Dorothy Perkins & I've paid £4 for it :) I've actually already got a VERY similar top (from Primark), but I don't know what I've done with it.. & this is a BIT different.. !

Remember a few posts back, & I showed you the things I'd ordered from New Look? Well, today, I returned the floral skater dress & the watch - shame, but that's the risk you take when you order things online I guess.

Fancy seeing the rings I've been wearing then? Standard fare for my blog!

Wore this today - it's a bright pink, plastic heart - can't go wrong!

Got this ring a couple of weeks ago, & have worn it a few times already - I love it :) It's really pretty. It's like a cluster/knot of pearls. I've had lots of compliments on it too. This is a crappy pic, but you should get the idea.

Please do excuse my nails - they have looked better than this all week, I promise!

I'm seriously considering getting one of these:

It's not exactly cheap though (approx. £65 I think), so I can't decide! & actually, one really wouldn't be enough anyway - I have far too many shoes! Does anyone have any experience with these, or similar? I first saw them before Christmas some time, but I still haven't got round to actually biting the bullet & ordering it, so should that tell me something? Hmm...

I just want to add a little thank you for everyone's lovely comments. It's easy to feel alone, but actually this has proved a reminder that people do care - so thank you.

Take care,


Edit. Can't believe I forgot to post this - I've been given not one, but TWO blog awards! I will give them the proper credit due, in a following post :)


  1. Oh I love the pearl ring - where's it from?

  2. OMG,love the turquoise flower ring!!!Such a pretty colour,and you can never have too much of a colour that pretty!

  3. I love all of those rings! So cute

  4. Aw 50 followers is definitely achievable! That would be a great target :D
    Congrats :)

    I love the rose ring and that shoe organiser is great, but i think i prefer having my shoes out on show! And £65!? Think I'd rather spend that on shoes. x

  5. Fantabulous ring and love the shoe rack but £65? Like Eleanor says, that's a pair of shoes!

  6. moi qui adore les bagues je suis servie,merci ;O)

    bon w end

  7. Woohoo 36 followers now! And congratulations on the blog awards! The shoe wheel looks good in the picture but it definitely reminds me of a fan!

  8. ebay totally doesn't count..I'm just off for a browse myself ;)

  9. Your heart ring is adorable! Where did you get it? x

  10. Love your rings, again! You have some fab pieces. And that shoe wheel is amazing!

  11. you have the most amazing rings ever i swear!!!! i always say that haha. you should do limb modelling seriously! that flower ring is so pretty i want!
    hope your ok hun!
    love sammy

  12. Great blog! I love your pearl ring, it's so pretty. Congrats on the blog awards!

  13. Oh my gosh that shoe thing looks crazy!!!
    Rianna Bethany xx

  14. I love the rings! Your blog looks so pretty!

  15. love all your rings.
    and that dress is gorgeous