Saturday, 20 March 2010


Can't believe I have 49 followers! Tomorrow I'll sort out the stuff for my giveaway & take pictures etc ready for a post - how exciting!?

So, the party..
This is what I wore:

It's a Miss Selfridge dress, via eBay. Got it months & months ago but hadn't worn it yet, so decided it was time for its debut :) I really like it, it was so comfy & I love this colour..
(Excuse the state of it in this pic - I had to retrieve it from the floor where I'd dumped it to take a pic of it earlier.. I promise it was ironed when I went out!)

I wore it with black tights, a black slouchy cardi (to dress it down a bit - & to cover my fat arms!) & these shoes:

These are my trusty 'going-out' shoes! They're pretty much the only shoes I ever wear out. They're so comfy, & they go with everything, & they're the only heels I can walk in! So it's either these or flats :) They were from Peacocks, & I've had them for quite a few years now - so they're doing me well..

This is the bag I used:

I got it for Christmas a couple of years ago, & I didn't think I liked it much at all at first, but actually it's really grown on me & I'ved used it quite a lot! It's a good size & I like that it's a clutch, but with a handle.. if that makes sense..?

My hair looked like this:

My Mum did this for me, as I'm incapable of doing it myself! It was clipped at one side with a black flower (you might just be able to make it out..)

All in all, it was a good night! Well, until I got home anyway.. I got in at 1am, but didn't make it to bed until 4am. As I was indisposed in the bathroom, shall we say. Oops. Didn't really want to know that did you!? It was the first time I've had a drink since New Year's Eve - & I wasn't exactly sensible... But other than that, it was a fun night. Which I'm glad about, because I really wasn't sure that I wanted to go.

In all my drama of having to find an outfit for the party, I forgot about what I was actually wearing all day - I do however have a pic of the shoes:

They're sequin pumps from New Look a few years ago. I was wearing a black dress & black tights, with turquoise cardigan & jewellery - these are great, as they're just black pumps, so go with lots of things, but the sequins just add a bit of interest :)

Just realised that this has gotta be the first post I've ever done, with NO jewellery (ie. rings) photos! Crazy.

Ooh, just one more thing to show you:

How cute is that?! This is the purse I used last night. My sister gave it to me for Christmas, from my nephew :) It's meant to remind me of him. It's the first time I've used it, & it generated some interest I tell you! It's actually quite handy, as it doesn't take up much room at all.

I think that's it for today. I'm ridiculously tired & my brain's not functioning properly so I should probably leave it there!

Take care,


PS. Any ideas on what to get a 48yr old man for his birthday? It's my Dad's on Monday & I'm going to have to go shopping tomorrow, as at the moment I haven't even got him a card! I've got ZERO idea...


  1. I love your hair and the purse! I love purses but I never really use them ha.

  2. Oh my goodness, what fabulous hair. I think you ought to be brave and let us have a look at your face. Glad you had a good night.
    What to get a 48 year old man? Tickets to see a fave band, a DvD boxed set, something from River Island's trendy menswear range, a bottle of Jack Daniels, his hero's autobiography, a magazine subscription or just a night out with his fab daughter.

  3. Glad you had a fun night. And don't worry, the best of us throw up every now and then. As long as you're not feeling too awful today, that's the main thing.

    I never imagined you were blonde - wonder why? Love your hair though, it looks great.

    And seriously, how cute is that purse! I want one.

  4. I love your hair and the bag is amazing, really unique. Books are my fail-safe gift for my fatherly collective x

  5. Love the adorable sock purse!! I want one:D Wow, your dad is YOUNG. My dad is about that old, and I'm 12...


  6. Cute outfit! I'm sure you looked fantastic! Do you have an "after" picture of your hair with the clip it in? I'm so cautious of "side" anything... maybe it is my head; not shaped for it. I think your clutch was my favorite part of the whole outfit.

  7. I keep my money in the zippy part in my bag or my pocket :)

    Oh and SOCKS. Can't go wrong with socks for a 48 year old man ;D

  8. I adore your blonde hair! From your back looks amazing!

  9. Hi,
    I love your blog, & have nominated you for an award. check it out!!!


  10. That sock purse is too adorable! The black wedges from Peacocks are gorgeous, lovely outfit.

  11. Lovely blog, love the background!
    The outfit you wore is gorgeous.

  12. greaty post , i like blue color blue dress is awesome

  13. let me be your 50th ;)
    also, beautiful hair, and shoes, and that blue dress. but especially your hair! if only I could get my hair to curl like that.

    x Emily

  14. Gorgeous hair! xox

  15. BEST PURSE EVER! I love it. Dress is such a lovely colour too, ahh :)

  16. the detailing on your dress is very pretty! love the purse too!

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