Sunday, 7 March 2010

Lazy Sunday.

Am having a seriously lazy Sunday - haven't got dressed yet (& not planning to!) - & am currently sat in bed writing this on my laptop, wrapped in a fleecy blanket - lovely :)

So, lots to talk about!
Lets start with some bits & bobs I got yesterday in town:

I got this bag in the New Look sale - yes, I couldn't resist checking it out in store as well as online - naughty I know!
It was on sale at £8 (from £18) - I really like it - it's big enough for work as well, which is always a bonus :)

Got these from the kids section of H&M - for the price of £1.99. I also bought a really cute tshirt for my nephew, but I gave it straight to my sister so didn't get a pic of it - not sure that baby boy fashion is what you want to see anyway..?!

Lovin' these little beauts. The gold heart necklace is from Primark & was reduced to £1, & the silver butterfly necklace is from New Look - in the sale at £2.

Some pretty bargain tights - always a winner :) Pink pair = £1 & teal/turquoise pair = 50p! Both from Primark.

Also got this little bag from New Look - £4. Don't think the colour shows up v.well in this photo - tis a great colour for all the nudes/peachy/pinky tones around at the moment. And got this purse from Primark.

Probably my favourite new thing of the day however, is this:

Butterfly ring from H&M. Love it. A lot. Crappy pic, but I'm sure you get the idea :)

Speaking of rings, time for my update on which rings I've been wearing since my last post!

So, yesterday I was wearing:

This ring was from Dorothy Perkins in the Jan sales - it's the same as a grey one I've already posted (also have it in purple somewhere!)

I've already posted the other ring I was wearing yesterday, so won't show it again.

In the past couple of days since my last post, I've also worn this:

which, if my memory serves me correctly, was from Miss Selfridge - but it was a long time ago...

& this:

which was a present from one of my best friends - she bought it back from San Francisco for me :)

My New Look order was waiting for me when i got home from work on Friday. Very exciting! Bit disappointed in the floral skater dress - it's not a v.nice material at all - thinking of returning that one. I think everything else was a keeper though :)

Can't believe I've got 26 followers already - hi everyone! I really appreciate each & every one of you (but especially the ones that leave comments!) It's really nice to know that people are actually interested in seeing what I'm doing over here on my little plot of interweb :)

Right, I did have other things to show you (eBay purchases..!), but I'm thinking this post is probably long enough.. so they can wait!

Take care,



  1. loving your collection of chunky rings, the last one pictured is beautiful x

  2. As always in total awe of your rings...what beautiful hands you have.

  3. Thanks everyone :)
    This blog is really highlighting to me just how many rings I do actually have though.. tis rather bad, haven't even touched on the grand total yet!

  4. The New Look sale has some great bags and accessories in it, I found myself a ring for £1!

  5. The butterfly ring looks amazinG! Aah

  6. I love that bag & that ring! Seriously. Oh, & not to be creepy or anything, but your hands are SO NICE. Haha:)

    Follow please? <3

  7. I love that butterfly necklace and ring.


  8. Ohhh think I'm gonna have to purchase the first bag now that it's in the sale. Have been eyeing it up everytime I go in there!

  9. Love all the buys, and those rings are gorgeous! xxx

  10. really beautiful blog - love the bag i need one that size for work

  11. Such pretty things! I love all the rings.

  12. I have the heart primark necklace, i always wear it, it's so Topshop! Great buys, and it's always good when you can blame buying a bag for work :P xxxxxxxx

  13. lovely buys! especially the cute hair flowers & necklaces



  14. Beautiful blog! I have become a new follower!

  15. Love the jewellery, i have the gold heart necklace from primark, dont think i got it for a squid though :(. fab posts. new follower here x