Friday, 2 April 2010


First things first, if you haven't entered my giveaway & would like to - go & do it! It's the post before this one..
And don't get too excited, but the winner may well be lucky enough to be receiving a couple of extra little things too, that weren't included in the post :)

Right, so I finished work yesterday for Easter - I now have two weeks & one day off. Lovely. The bonuses of working in a school!

I was a bit naughty the other night & ordered some things from Dorothy Perkins - they'd sent me a code for 25% off, so I had to check it out, didn't I?!

Here's what I ordered:

Navy blue lace playsuit. I love navy blue, & I love lace - & I love this! I've never owned/worn a playsuit before, so I really hope it fits ok, as I am rather excited about it :)

Speaking of playsuits, I also got this one!:

I figure, I'd just wear it the same way I'd wear a little dress?

Speaking of dresses...

More florals!

I also got:

& of course I couldn't resist some jewellery:

What do you think? Worth checking out the Dorothy Perkins sale? If you do have a look & want anything, the code for 25% off is DPVIPD - let me know if you get anything!

Oh, & while we're on the subject of online offers - asos have got free delivery this weekend - & that's on anything, including sale items :) Worth having a look!
I was quite restrained, but obviously couldn't resist entirely - so have just ordered:

Which weirdly, I saw on someone's blog this week (can't remember who - sorry!), & commented how much I liked it - then there it was, just begging me to buy it!

& this:

I used to have an owl necklace, years & years ago (before the whole Primark phenomenom!), but I lost it, so when I saw this I decided I had to have it :)

Ok, so onto eBay.. I'm not going to show you everything I've won/received recently, because there's rather a lot. I'll just show you a few bits:

These rings arrived yesterday - aren't they just the cutest!? They really are adorable. I spent ages deliberating over which colour to get, & I just couldn't for the life of me decide, so I had to get both! Glad I did though, I love them :)

This also came yesterday:

This is actually probably nicer in real life than the photo shows. Really pleased with it.

I've also received this week: Oasis jeans, Dorothy Perkins city shorts, Republic dress & at least one other ring I can think of..

I'm waiting on a few things too, including:

This little Topshop beauty. Which I've paid the bargain price of £5.95 for (including p&p).

I do actually think I have a problem with shopping. I know that sounds silly. But it's like a compulsion. You should see my room, it's filled with bags & bags of things, still with tags on. Because I buy so much. It's ridiculous. & I know it is, yet I still am doing it! I think it's most likely some deep-rooted psychological problem, so therefore it's not worth fighting it :p

Anyway, hope you all have a fantastic Easter - we don't really 'do' Easter in my house - it's just time off work for us!
Has anyone got any exciting plans for the Easter weekend? I'm having my hair done tomorrow (which it's in desperate need of), so that's what I'm most looking forward to, sadly!

Take care,


PS. Sorry I haven't replied to the comments on my giveaway post yet, I will do - promise! I've just been busy. But I will!


  1. I too have that blue/purple floral dress from Dorothy Perkins, I ADORE it, I wasn't sure about it when I tried it on but it was £7, so who can complain?!

  2. Oh I have those tights, they are GORGEOUS. So soft and cosy and a wonderful colour. I generally just love DP tights - can you tell?

    No plans for Easter but I'm sure I'll find something to fill my time with.

  3. i lovee the lace playsuit and floral dress!!! amazing.

  4. i love those playsuits, i really want 1 for the summer. those are really nice


  5. Aw I love the second playsuit. So cute and girly! Is that from DP too?

  6. LOVE the floral playsuit - wanna see some pics of you in it!

    ps the horse necklace was mine!

  7. I'm following! No idea why I wasn't before... how odd!

    Love the floral playsuit and those fun blue tights! :)

  8. Love the playsuits! Oh and the horse necklace is beautiful! Hahah, yeah, year 11's generally don't tend to want to revise. What subject do you teach?
    I quoted the plague from the giveaway on my blog, I've been saying it to everyone haha! I didn't get it exactly right though..

    Enjoy your time off, and eat lots of chocolate!
    Love, Ruth

  9. I absolutely LOVE your style! please stop by and visit me! I love to meet new inspirers!

  10. i love this! :) the playsuits are so cute!

  11. I'm very into playsuits too at the moment! But I don't know if I'd be brave enough to wear mine without tights! Happy Easter :)

  12. I love those two playsuits your ordered !

    XOXO, C.

  13. I have that dress too and can vouch its gorgeous in real life! Love the playsuits I would love one but I think Im too old now boo :(

  14. Thanks for the kind comment on my blog. Trying to keep my chin up. Love the horse necklace, so sweet! x

  15. Love the navy playsuit :)
    I got that discount card...should use it :)
    Also I have the topshop lovely top :)
    Got it last year :)
    Its looks lush on :)

  16. I lovee the playsuits! I'm actually gonna go get me one once my allowance comes through.

    And that ring? Stunning! I love rings like that.

    Happy Easter :)

  17. Nice buys! :)

  18. I love the unicorn necklace, and the playsuits! I've always wanted to buy one but as of yet still haven't. I reckon you would wear it exactly like a dress, but it's better as there's less chance of it blowing up in the wind, haha. x

  19. love all your new purchases i want to go shopping now xoxox

  20. I love that flowery dress, I think I need it :D

    Also, I nominated you for an award because you have such a nice blog here, hope that link works!

    Abi x

  21. I gave you a blog award!! Check it out on my blog! :D

  22. I've passed on a blog award to you :)

  23. Why not have a sale on here, if you've got loads of things with tags on? I'm sure your readers would love to buy them! And then you can buy more stuff :)

  24. Love Love the ring!! You have great taste :)


  25. Amazing buys!! Big fan of the horse necklace and the skater dress.

  26. Wow you found some great things there!

  27. Fab selection. x

  28. I have never worn a playsuit before either.. I think Ill be brave this summer & try one out lol :)
    I love ordering stuff online! I just get so impaitient waiting for them lol then too overexcited when they arrive ahaa! Im in love with the horse necklace & dress, there beautiful! & thanks for the comment :D

  29. I also was thinking that playsuits make me look fat,even if i'm but i really like that one and the floral dress =^.^=
    nice things;


  30. Ok - floral playsuit? Little pony necklace?! All of this is freeking amazing. (And I don't say that very often...:D)

    Never heard of Dorothy Parkins before, but I'm definitely looking to research her now!

    --chloe **

  31. prettyythings. x

  32. j'adore rompers!!! that blue one is divine!