Monday, 19 April 2010

Giveaway Winner :)

So, I'm totally off schedule with this - I am really sorry. I'm also sorry that all I seem to do on this blog is say sorry at the moment!
I know I'm being a pretty rubbish blogger. I know I haven't been replying to comments. I know I haven't updated this as regularly as I was - I know. & yes, I am sorry.

Right, so here goes...

The winner of my giveaway is..

The lovely Ruth at

I've already commented - but if you read this, please comment with your email address so we can arrange delivery :)

I'm actually really pleased about this. Ruth is really lovely & I recommend you all go & check out her blog (I'm pretty sure she's going to be doing a giveaway too soon, so that's a bonus for you!)

Right, onto normal topics for my blog - things I've been buying...

Well, I thought I'd been really good, & hadn't bought much recently at all - but apparently I was totally kidding myself! I think because I haven't been into town, I'd convinced myself I hadn't bought anything - but obviously that's not true.. I'm sure you know me well enough by now to know that!

So, first off, my latest asos order:

I got this lovely Vero Moda blazer in both colours, as I love it:

I'm quite big into blazers - I've got loads, but none in either of these colours, so they are obviously totally justifiable purchases.. ahem!

I also got some jewellery (of course!):

Some rather lovely bits & pieces there.. I'm particularly loving the floral fabric ring & the mirror pendant - look how pretty it is :)

I have since had an email saying that the owl ring is out of stock :( So I'm quite disappointed by that! But still wanted to show you...

Ooh, I also got this, which I almost forgot about!

Really like the print on this :)

This order has apparently been dispatched now, so am looking forward to receiving it! (But not to the disapproving looks from my parents when they see another parcel coming my way - oops!)

Has everyone seen the latest news from asos? Free delivery my friends, free delivery!
Pretty good huh? They've had free returns for a little while now too.
Although, obviously (as is just my luck), this was introduced the morning after I'd placed my order - of course. But I'm still pleased for my future purchases!

I've received a couple of things from eBay recently too:

This Marks & Spencers Portfolio dress. I don't really know why I got this to be honest. It's not very 'me' at all! However, it arrived this morning & it is a really nice dress, so we'll see. Maybe for work..?

This also arrived this morning:

It's a Forever 21 tunic - I'm pretty pleased with this - tried it on quickly earlier & I really like it :)

Have got other things to show you, including things I've been wearing recently - but am thinking I need to wrap it up here - shall save them for next time.
I went back to work today, after two weeks off for Easter, & I'm not joking, I'm exhausted. I was ready for bed by lunchtime. I can't believe it's only been one day & I already feel so drained. Not good really.

Anyway, I'm feeling the need to go & stick a dvd on & chill :)

Take care,


PS. Massive hello to all my new followers - look at you all - I can't believe it! Hi :)

PPS. I was thinking of attempting to do a blog sale - what are your thoughts on that? Good idea? I've got such a ridiculous amount of stuff, that I've never worn, still with tags on - so thought I could give it a go..? Would you be interested? Because I won't bother if you're not! Let me know your thoughts, either way :)


  1. love blazers!!! thst forever 21 tunic is so cute too!
    congrats to ruth!

  2. congrats to Ruth! Lovely buys from ASOS too, that ring and the mirror necklace are lush! x

  3. congrats!

    I love the mirror pendant, I saw that myself a few weeks ago and talked myself out of buying it ;)

    You'd like my blog!

  4. I LOVE your posts! The ASOS blazers are lovely, as is all your jewellery.. as always :)


  5. hi, i've just stumbled into your blog, and loving the mirror pendant - shame abotu the owl being out of stock too!

    i think a blog sale is a fabby idea, i've done it in the past with my jewellery, and am having a wardrobe clearout at the weekend, so will probably be doing a clothes one soon :)

  6. hi thanks for following my blog and entering my giveaway- gutted i missed yours, but congrats to ruth of course!

  7. Well done Ruth, you've got some lovely stuff :)

    The shirt print is just wonderful, I can't stop looking at it! And a great big boooo to the owl ring being out of stock because it's really lovely.

    How are you finding being back at work? Easter hols must have been bliss!

  8. Well done Ruth!

    Love the blazers <3

  9. Well done Ruth. Will go and check out your blog too!

    Fab buys as always. Love the little bird necklace. I went to try on those pink sunnies today and they didn't suit me, none of the pink ones did.... I'm gutted.


  10. well done to the winner! and love all the jewellery!



  11. A blog sale would be great!
    Congrats to Ruth!
    Love the jewellery *drool* haha
    I missed your posts! I have your blog bookmarked :)

  12. Ahhhh thankyou everyone who's commented!
    My email address is

    THANKYOU! :) xoxo

  13. Well done Ruth!

    I love a good blog sale - I'm so nosy so even if there's nothing I want to buy, it's interesting to see what people are getting rid of! :)

  14. Those blazers are gorgeous! Great buys... may check them out myself.
    Congrats to Ruth!

  15. Wow, you got so many adorable things! I especially live the flower ring and the mirror pendant.

  16. I do love that little owl ring an the floral ring, they are adorable!

  17. I loveee that floral ring - some really great purchases!

    Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling =]

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  18. Wow love your new purchases!! The blazers look like the most perfect shape.
    And a blog sale is a really good idea. So much less stress than eBay. You can get it all up at once, and leave it until someone wants to buy it for the price you want (not just a 7day listing starting at 99p!)
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my nails tutorial, made me very smiley :)

  19. I really love the blazers - the slight dusty tone on both of them is perfect! And YES to the blog sale...

  20. Your blog is pretty!love the black n white dress n the purple ring!

    come check out and subscribe to my fashion blog!

  21. Blog sale sounds like an excellent idea - so I followed you to keep in the know ;]


  22. well done to the winner and all these bits and bob are fabulous xxxx

  23. I've also been terrible at responding to blog comments, but I'm trying to get back on track! It can be difficult balancing work, home life and blogging sometimes!


  24. i love the vintagey loking jewelry andthat chic blazer! the print on that tshirt is also really awesome

  25. the blazers look lovely, the pink on is my favourite! the little mirror is just so cute, i saw it in the sale and i was umming and ahhing over it for about fifteen minutes, aha.

    thank-you for your lovely comment, and don't be silly, it wasn't pointless at all! i really do wish i kept my blog secret, but i could always create another account under a different email address and without using my pictures. if i do i shall let you know!

    about you taking pictures when no one is in the house. you could always say you are taking it for a new facebook profile picture, or that you have always fancied having a little photoshoot, perhaps? i usually take my pictures myself, or i occasionally get my mum or friend to.

    have a lovely evening, my dear. xxx

  26. Cuttee!!
    I absolutely love your style. :)

  27. How the hell you have so many followers i will never know.

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