Monday, 3 May 2010


Ok, so I owe you guys a BIG apology...

I'm not self-centred enough to assume anyone has even noticed my absence, let alone cared, but I still feel the need to explain slightly.

I've not been around much recently. I haven't posted for AGES (for me, anyway) - & for that, I'm sorry. I've been a crap blogger.
Basically, I've had a hell of a lot of stuff going on, in real life, so to speak. Stuff that on the whole, I've been finding bloody difficult to deal with.
Some of it pertains to an active court case, so I can't say too much on the matter.
I don't even know that I want to explain too much.
I just needed to say that, that I've been just trying to deal with what life was throwing at me - so couldn't handle this too.

I know that seems silly. I just couldn't face posting. I don't even know why. Then the more I left it, the harder it seemed.

But I'm coming through the other side now. Sort of anyway.
I'm writing this post to let you know that I may not be around for a while. I'm not sure. I'm still trying to read & will hopefully be getting back to commenting too. I like staying up to date with what you lot are up to & everything. It's just been too hard to join in. But I'm going to try a bit more.

So, if I don't post much for a bit - I apologise. But I'm going to try, every so often.

The person I owe the biggest apology to, is Ruth. I'm so sorry Ruth, that I haven't posted your giveaway goodies. I know it's no excuse, but with everything that's been going on, I've hardly been out at all - so I haven't made it to the Post Office. I really am sorry. I'm not sure when I'll get chance to do it, but hopefully it'll be soon. Please forgive me!

Sorry this has been such a miserable post. Here's a tiny glimpse of my old blogging self..

Check out this cute bag I've bought (from eBay - so am waiting for it to arrive):

Hopefully when I'm feeling a bit better, I'll want to talk more about nail varnish & jewellery & all that good stuff - in fact, I think it'd do me good, so I am going to try - promise.

Anyway, hope you all forgive me - for not being around, not replying to comments etc. Please be patient with me...

Take care,



  1. we have missed you! hope things get better soon :-)

    sending my love xoxo

  2. Don't even worry about it, I hope everything sorts itself out for you :) Of course you are forgiven but you haven't done anything wrong! Totally understandable!

  3. hoping things improve for you x

  4. We have missed you sweetie. Don't think that you've disappointed anyone by taking a break though - just do what's right for you and hopefully life will get a bit easier for you soon.


  5. you've been missed doll, sending you much love x

  6. of course you've been missed. hope everything is ok xxxxxxx

  7. awww sweetie I know exactly how you feel. I hope things get better for you soon. sending you love! x



  8. I totally understand taking a break from blogging when life gets busy. Hope everything clears up soon! I love that purse you've got.

  9. hope you are ok, sending you my thoughts and love x

  10. Definitely noticed your absence but everyone will understand. Will be thinking of you over the next wee while. Come back when you are ready. x

  11. Hi, thanks for the update. Thinking of you and hoping that life will be back to normal for you very soon. Take care. xx

  12. I wondered where you'd been - sounds like you've been having a tough time recently. But don't worry, we're all here waiting for you when you're feeling better.

    Lots of hugs xxx

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  14. Hi Youv Won My Giveaway :D..Could You Email With Your Address & I Need To Ask You A Question Too!! Thanks xx