Saturday, 15 May 2010

Light Relief

Ok, so as I said, I've not been around so much - I have been trying to comment more again on your blogs though. Things are still pretty... difficult. But I'm getting there. Slowly but surely.
Have been thinking about posting again, but decided to ease myself in gently, with a bit of light relief!

I've seen this around on a few blogs, so decided to give it a go :)

The idea is that you choose 5 people from the world of film or tv, that you'd be happy to have some 'one on one time' with.. if you get my drift.
Anyway, I've blatantly cheated, as I couldn't narrow it down to 5!

So, hope you enjoy these fine specimens of men - what a delight for your eyes..!

First, we have the absolutely gorgeous Jensen Ackles, of Supernatural fame.

I love the programme, & I'd like to think I would like it even if he weren't in it - but he definitely helps. He makes me go rather weak at the knees as Dean Winchester.
So, just for fun, here's another pic!

My next gorgeous man links to the first, as he plays his Dad in Supernatural!
Roll up, Jeffrey Dean Morgan:


As well as Supernatural, I was also a huge fan of his in Grey's Anatomy - & honestly, he was the only reason I managed to get through the film of PS I Love You.

Ok, next we have this fine specimen of a man - Shemar Moore.

He plays FBI Special Agent Derek Morgan in Criminal Minds - which happens to be one of my favourite programmes.

He's just gorgeous. End of. So here's another picture :)

My next choice is Simon Baker.

I'm pretty sure if you watch The Mentalist, you can't help but love him. He's got such a cheeky grin - check out those dimples.

Then we have the gorgeous Goran Visnjic, who played Luka Kovac in one of my all time favourite programmes, ER.

I've been watching the entire boxset from the beginning since the new year (am up to Season 12), so maybe that's why he came to mind! He's one of my favourite characters, & I love the way he develops over the course of the programme.

Ok, next we have a man who my friends all laugh at me for fancying. I don't care how old he is, he's gorgeous :)

Anthony LaPaglia:

He plays Jack Malone on Without A Trace, so happens to be my favourite character of one of my favourite shows. And, very much like some of the other men I've chosen (well, their characters anyway) - he's a troubled soul - the brooding, tortured type obviously appeals to me - don't quite know what says about me!

(I think I've got a thing for men in suits..!)

Last but not least, we have the cheeky chappy Andrew Lincoln:

This man has been a favourite of mine for quite some time now. Loved him in Teachers. Loved him in AfterLife. Loved him in Love Actually. I'm sure you get the picture.
He seems to have done quite a bit of voiceover work too, so it always makes me smile to hear his voice unexpectedly on an advert too!

Hope you've enjoyed my choices! I tag anyone that fancies giving this a go :) It's very shallow, but like I said, I was in need of some light relief, & this just did the trick actually!

I've got lots of things to share with you/show you, so I'll try & start posting a bit more regularly again.. no promises, but I will try.

Thanks everyone for your patience - & I really appreciate all the kind comments & everything, so thanks :)

Take care,



  1. Welcome back!!! You've been missed.
    Great choices, I love Jack Malone.

  2. sending love and strength in your direction x

  3. great choice of men! especially simon baker :) I am now following you blog


  4. Hugs for you ma dear!

    Good choices. My friend is obsessive about Dean Winchester (not just the actor who plays him)!


  5. I hope you start to post again, I missed you! You will get there don't worry :D
    And thank you for all your wonderful comments <3


    x x x x

  6. Great choice of men, they are't the usuals that people like, like rob pattinson or zac efron, which I don't particularly like anyways haha x
    Please enter my contest if you haven't already... ENTER HERE :) ♥♥

  7. Ooh excellent choices! Andrew Lincoln is divine isn't he?

    So glad to see you back posting and commenting hun. Hope things will continue to get better.

  8. Ah Andrew Lincoln is so cute as Simon in Teachers! And Goran Visnjic - Mmmm :)

  9. Nice picks!

  10. Your blog is so nice! I just discovered it :) Keep it going!


  11. very funny and interesting post

  12. Hope things get better for you soon <3

    Thanks for the comment lovely, really appreciate you taking the tim!

    annnnnnnd Can't believe you like the guy from without a trace...I LOVE him, and i'm in the same boat; my friends thought it was such a creepy crush cuz he's kinda old! but yumyumyum nonetheless!
    ahah i'm so happy I found someone else who likes him!xx

  13. Just to let you know I have given you the Cherry On Top award :) xx

  14. hey - wonderful blog :) we love, love, love it and all your clothes you buy are fab, we definitely approve! x

  15. Thanks! It's a bit surreal :)

    Some of these guys are gorgeous! I can see why you like them so much! x

  16. Oh amen to Anthony LaPaglia!! Delicious!
    Thanks so much for your delightful comment on my magazine :) so sweet. Glad you liked it! xx

  17. Definitely Mr Lincoln! I love him aswell, I've got a total thing for geek chic - think Norm from Avatar *swoon*

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  18. great choices!! and i hope that you're doing ok doll!!

  19. Thanks so much for all the sweet comments you've left me recently. Please don't feel like a stalker :) I'm glad you like my blog and I love reading your comments!


  20. Lovely choices, I used to be in love with Andrew Lincoln... especially in Teachers.He looks a little like Dan from gossip girl in the first pic of him... hmm double the yum hehe

    Hope you start to feel better soon love xx

  21. I'm still laughing at that plastic joy award - will provide me with much amusement for the next 20 minutes or so. xx