Sunday, 30 May 2010


Ok, so here I am. I guess the posting more regularly thing can probably be deemed as unsuccessful..!
I've been around - I'm reading everyone else's blogs, I'm commenting, but I just am finding the idea of posting really difficult. I don't even know why. But it's taken me ages to work up to doing this.

I do want to thank everyone who's been commenting me, & hasn't abandoned me since I've been a rubbish blogger - I've only lost a couple of followers, & I can't blame 'em really!
But a massive thank you to those that are sticking by me :)

It's half term now, so I will try & post more - no promises..! But I will try.

Ok, so my last post was a bit silly, but I quite enjoyed it - after I'd posted it I realised there was someone I'd forgotten, so I've decided to give him his own little space here in this post:

The lovely Doug Savant, aka Tom Scavo in Desperate Housewives.

So, I don't really have too much to say on that - have had a soft spot on this man since Desperate Housewives started, & couldn't believe I'd forgotten him - so here he is!

Ok so I'm going to give you some ideas of some of the things I've been wearing whilst I've not been posting.. As usual for me, there's generally not full outfit pics, just components/snippets!

This is an outfit I'd worn to work with grey trousers (no pic), then just changed into jeans to meet my sister after work.

I'm not sure that the colours are all that clear here - looking back at it. The cardigan & shoes are both a gorgeous 'blush pink/nude' shade, that goes perfectly with the rose quartz necklace. It all looks a bit washed out here, I'm not sure why - sorry!
I love the lace top - the buttons add a little detail to it - don't know how well you can see that..

Having a look now at my pics, I think these are all pretty much work outfits! So maybe not all that exciting, but oh well, it's something I guess!

A 'blue' day.. Got that checked shirt in the sale in Primark a few weeks ago. It was only £5, & I love it. It's so versatile. I wore it this day, open over a long tshirt & black shorts with blue tights. But it's also long enough to be worn as a dress - which I've done, over leggings. It was a well worth it purchase!

That blue ring? You may well have spotted it already, in pink - or if not, you soon will!

I don't know if anyone's been reading since the beginning, but in one of my first posts I mentioned really wanting a 'watch-ring' - well, look at that, I've got one!
Spotted it in the Topshop sale & literally HAD to have it! Weirdly, the couple of times I've worn it, it's got lots more attention from the boys at school than the girls! The boys are very impressed with it! & I've gotta say, I love it :)

I don't know why the cardigan looks blue there, but it's not - it's the exact same purple as the ring/beads in the necklace..
I adore these sandals. I got them in the sale last year from asos. However, I'm really disappointed, as the zips (which you can't see - they go up the back of the heel), have both broken - so they do up ok, but then they just gape open & apparently they can't be fixed :( So I have to wear full length trousers with them at the moment, to hide the backs! But I rolled them up to photograph them..

Ok, one more days outfit - I've got a few more, but if I save some then I'm more likely to post again! & don't want to overload you in this one post..

I think all the jewellery featured in this, I posted about when I bought it - nice to see it in context?! They've all become very popular pieces actually - they're all easy to wear pieces that work with lots of things..

Right, I think this has gone on long enough now. I hope you've enjoyed seeing these. Sorry if I've just bored the pants off you!

Like I said, it's half term now, so I have a week off work - so hopefully will be able to use some of that time to blog a bit more. I have a few things I need to post about.. some more outfits to show you, things I've bought.. & I've also been lucky enough to receive a couple of giveaways that I need to share with you :)

Thanks again for all your support - I promise it really is appreciated..

Take care,


PS. I'd just like to apologise for the messiness of the photos! I don't know what's going on - I'm obviously out of practise, but Blogspot won't seem to let me move them around & make them look more organised. It's also turned them around again so some of them are topsy-turvy.. I've had a go at sorting them out, but to be honest, I can't be bothered to fight with it - so, sorry! They'll just have to stay all back to front & topsy-turvy & messy. Grr.


  1. i love desperate housewives, i can't get sick of watching it!

    loving your accesories by the way~

  2. Ah he's a cutie!

    i love watch-rings! i have one, but the battery is dead :(

    you have such amazing rings! jeallouss!

  3. Those rings are fab - I love the purple bow one and the watch ring is amazing! x

  4. You have such an amazing collection of rings! I love the flower rings, I don't think i've ever seen a blue one, very pretty indeed.

    && OMG a watch ring. I have always wanted one of these. I sooooo get it :)

  5. Welcome back! Hope everything's improving for you.
    Thanks for sharing your fabulous ring collection, I never tire of your impecable taste in jewellery.

  6. Welcome back! And thanks for continuing to comment on my blog, I love reading your comments :)
    I love that lacy top and the cotton skirt.. all the jewelry is gorgeous too!

  7. TOM is the worlds best DILF <3

  8. Thanks for the comment sweetie

    I LOVE your taste in men...he is YUMMMYYY

    Amazing rings :):)

  9. He is hot!!! I love all the rings you have, i never seen to wear mine for some reasonn so have given up buying them now! x

  10. You have been wearing some pretty fabulous thing I love the watch ring xoxo

  11. love the rings, they are all gorgeous!
    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  12. Hey, I just discovered your blog and now I'm a follower :-)
    I love all your rings. Where are the blue and pink flower ones from?

  13. I think we must be camera twins as mine has the exact same problem when it comes to showing up blues and purples. Annoying isn't it?!

    The broderie anglaise skirt is stunning.

  14. You have the best ring collection! Love that watch ring :)

  15. thank-you for your sweet comment, i really have felt a lot better today :) the last part of your comment especially meant a lot to me. i really do need to stop apoligizing so much.

    i just adore your flower rings, and the last outfit is oh so lovely.

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  16. YOU ALWAYS have the cutest things :) i want to raid your closet, please!? :)

    those sandals, ONE OF A KIND! a gem.

  17. Does that watch-ring tell the time? If it does, I am SO IMPRESSED!

  18. the rose rings are for sure my favorite. thanks so much for your sweet comment. your genuine thoughtfulness always brightens my day. i will ALWAYS follow. :) hope you have a beautiful day.

  19. OMG- FAAAAABULOUS RINGS, I love them all!

  20. Lovely post <3
    I love ALL your jewellery but I really love the watch ring and the floral ring.
    Hope you're back posting, we all missed you :)

    x x x x

  21. Love all of the rings! Adorable

  22. Firstly, thankyou for all your lovely comments on my blog!
    Loving this post, I adore the watch ring and your lovely Asos sandals! Also love the 'blush' toned look fab!
    Keep going with the posts, I had a little wobble a few weeks ago but you write really well and I love reading about your latest purchases!
    Keep smiling hun
    much love

  23. Thats so odd! Im watching it now :)
    He is lovely!! And such a good actor!!!

  24. Haha, such a good post! I love the rings, especially the clock one - I love any unconventional clock type things!
    Also those sandals are gorge, what a shame about the zips :(
    I've never looked at Tom Scavo in THAT way until now... And he is actually pretty sexy!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog, I always love reading them :) If you post more often, I can stalk you back! Haha. It is hard when you go through phases of having to force yourself to blog. I've been there. It sometimes helps to make blog to-do lists of all the things you could blog about, and then if you have time, you can just quickly do a post!
    Loved your comment about the quiet zone, the woman behind me and Alex answered her call just before the train left the station and I whispered to Alex 'If she hasn't put that down when we set off, I am going to tell her to STFU!' but luckily she felt the vibes and got off the phone. I have ZERO tolerance for noisy passengers! And noisy neighbours too. I'm basically a 70 year old in a 23 year old's body!
    So glad you're loving three in a bed too! The couples that own the B&B's always have such a good relationship with eachother, it's lovely to watch. I guess they have to to run a business like that together!
    Hope everything's okay with you, chick ♥ xxx

  25. You have some gorgeous jewellery! Also, this is quite a random compliment, but you have really nice nails!

  26. I love that lace top with the mismatched buttons, and that adorable white skirt! So pretty.

  27. I have those jeans - from george @ Asda !! They are so comfy and delicious nomnomnom. I also have the blue flower ring from new look. Love the jade nailpolish --- may be buying that colour soon !! Absolute stunner love u xx

  28. popular blog, so many followers!
    nice blog!!

  29. The rose rings are gorgeous! So much pretty jewellery. And the lace top is beautiful.

    YES! Finally someone else who appreciates Doug Savant . Tom Scavo is the best looking husband of the housewives (closely followed by Mike Delfino)

    Lou x