Monday, 12 April 2010


Ok, so I have been a really rubbish blogger recently. For that, I apologise. I thought having time off work would mean I would be blogging more, but apparently it doesn't work like that!
This is officially the longest between posts, since I started my blog - I'm sorry!
I want to try to explain, but there's just too much going on - I don't know where to start, & I doubt it'd be very interesting for anyone..

Hi to all my new followers! I'm sorry that your following me hasn't had the best start!

Giveaway! Ok, so officially, my giveaway ends today.
However, I'm going to give it an extension, as I've been so absent. So, you now have until Wednesday 14th April to enter. And, I've got a couple of extra bits to add to it:

Couple of pairs of earrings (crappy pics, sorry - trust me, look better in real life!)

And also, I'm going to throw this in too:

I've borrowed the 2nd pic from the website - gives you a better idea than any I could take!

And seeing as I'm feeling generous, you don't even have to go back to my giveaway post (entitled 'Finally..!') to enter - obviously you can if you want. But if you're feeling lazy, just enter here, on this post.
You just have to be a follower of my blog - & comment asking to be entered. I'd also like you to say why you feel you deserve to win, but as I said before, this is purely for my own nosiness & won't affect the draw!

Ok, so I hope I've managed to redeem myself ever so slightly for being so rubbish recently :)

So here we go then, normal blogging resumes here! :

I've been using this bag a lot recently:

I also bought a similar-ish one from New Look the other day, that looks like this:

I also bought these sunglasses the other day from Primark:

But I think they'll be going back - apparently I'm too old to pull off baby pink aviators!

I bought this necklace last week, which I'm in love with (& so is my nephew - he's 14 months old & he always checks out what jewellery I'm wearing, he always loves all my rings - but he was particularly interested in this - can you blame him!? He's got good taste!)

Ooh, my Dorothy Perkins order arrived, & I love all of it! Very unusual for me - I normally want to return at least half of it! But it's all lovely stuff, & fits - again, very unusual - I'm not the easiest shape & size for online shopping, but this time it worked a treat - woo!
Haven't actually worn any of it yet though - oh, apart from the jewellery:

(Yes, I have been living in my denim shirt - love it!)

This ring was far bigger than I had expected from the website - good job I like big rings! It'd be too big & impractical for the majority of people though - without a doubt.

Oh, & these aren't from Dorothy Perkins, but are from the same day, so...

Oh & please do ignore my nails - they were looking better than that earlier in the week, I promise, & then I just got lazy! Although, I painted them last night in a gorgeous bright blue & I keep catching glimpses & loving them every time I see them!

Ok, that's me done for now I think.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Take care,



  1. you have the best ring collection x

  2. That huge flower ring is FABULOUS!! Love it. :)

  3. Woah that ring is crazy!
    I also love the bags :) xxx

  4. Awwwww the pink aviators are so cute. I don't think you should take them back. x

  5. Lovely bags, ring, and bracelets! =D

  6. Fab sunnies! Big and bold.

  7. that ring is gorgeous! the bigger the better. x

  8. Don't worry about not posting, i know the feeling haha! It's understandable though, i mean, you work at a school right? It's all a lot of pressure! Im at easter school at the moment, which is.. fun haha!
    Like the other bloggers have said, that ring is AMAZING. From looking at your other posts, you have the best ring collection, and this HAS To be the best! I bet it's a pain to wear though haha! If i wore it, it would probably get caught on everything..
    I have a niece who is the similar age to your nephew, and trust me, she's had hold of ALL of my necklaces, which are now nicely in a big gold mess. Thanks Lyla.
    I saw the pink aviators, and tried them on, but i decided i looked silly. And hey - your never to old for baby pink :P
    The additions to the giveaway are amazing! I'd love to win it! It's definately the best one ive seen, by far

    Hope things are less stressful for you
    Love, Ruth

  9. I can't remember if i entered the giveaway or not... i think i did!

    Anyway, that bluey coloured ring is amaazing!


  10. are those the same bags? i love them!!

    Anna Katrina

  11. love the ring! great taste.

    Nicole visiting from

  12. Please sign me up for your giveaway. :)

    Your pics are very nice!

  13. Ohh, i do love that HUGE flower ring!

  14. What a fantastic selection of jewellery!