Saturday, 26 June 2010


So, where to start?

My Dorothy Perkins order (featured in my last post) arrived safe & sound - also including these, which I didn't show you before:

These Uttam London rosette dresses were both in the sale too, at £10 each. There was a pretty aqua colour too that I was tempted by, but it was out of stock in my size - lucky really!

There's so many sales at the moment - it's not a good time for my poor bank balance..! That & the fact I still haven't been paid for the extra hours I've been doing since bloody February, doesn't help. I was assured it'd be in this month's pay cheque.. which obviously wasn't the case. Oh well, it'll be a bonus next month, right in time for the Summer holidays, so I'll look on the bright side!

I've been having a sort of streak of good luck recently.. (wish it'd transfer to more areas of my life!) - but I won the Wonderland prize on Gem Fatale's blog - - very exciting! Check it out:

So, I can't wait to receive that! My favourite thing has got to be the teacup ring, it's just amazing :) My kids at school will definitely be impressed with that baby!

Going back to shopping - does anyone have/know of any current free delivery codes, or discount codes for either Miss Selfridges, New Look or Dorothy Perkins..? Please please please let me know if you have! & yes, I know I've just received an order from DPs.. but check out this bag:

It's imperative that this bag finds its way into my life.. Seriously. But I need a free delivery code!

There's also this one, that I did see whilst I was making my order the other day:

Which I also really like, but I managed to resist it & I'm kinda ok with that decision. It's that first one that's got to me - it has to be mine!

& yeah, Miss Selfridge, purely because of their sale jewellery - they've got a few bits I want rather a lot.. like these for example:

They're only £2. I'd wear them as a brooch, as I don't have my ears pierced!

These rings would definitely like to become part of my collection.. I'd be doing them a favour really..

So yeah, there's a couple of things I want.. but when the most expensive is £3 - it's not really worth the delivery charge - know what I mean!?

Yeah, & I'm on the quest for a New Look code of some sort, as I've seen some sandals that I have fallen in love with.. but again, a decent price for a pair of sandals, becomes not so decent when you add nearly a fiver for delivery!
I know, I know, I'm cheap! What can I say!?
So if anyone can help me with any of these missions, I'd be very grateful :)

I definitely am going to do a blog sale at some point in the semi-near future. I have got so much stuff, it's really ridiculous. I've got lots & lots of brand new with tags items, that deserve to go to a more appreciative home! So that's something I'm going to definitly organise. I may well wait until the Summer holidays though.. I think there's 4 weeks left of school, then I have 5 weeks off. That way I'll have time to do it properly (I hope) & get things posted off etc. Good idea?

Right, I'm going to go now - I shall leave you with this - it certainly rang a bell for me, so I thought some of you would appreciate it too :)

Good ol' Edward Monkton :)

Take care,



  1. haha that little cartoon at the end is so funny! And i love those uttam dresses, what a bargain!

    I don't have discount codes I'm afriad, is the best for me!

    And yesssss, do a blog sale! x

  2. Gorgeous bits and well done on winning the blog comp you lucky thing. I don't have any codes, try googling and see what comes up x

  3. I love Uttam, them dresses are a total bargain.
    I saw the second Dorothy Perkins bag in the shop the other day and really liked it. I love the colours.
    I am much on the hunt for a new bag, but I'm waiting for the perfect one to grab me :)

    Postage costs really annoy me, if they were a little more reasonable I may be temptered to order more online. Actually I've just ordered a book from, free postage on all items yes please! x

  4. Do you know about this website?: If you search the shop name and the word code in the forums you'll usually find out if there are any! And it's a good website for other saving money things too like bills and debt and other grown up stuff I don't need to worry about yet :S! Sorry if you already know about the website and therefore I wasn't very helpful!

  5. I love the Edward Monkton cartoon :)

    The Uttam dresses are so cute, amazing for £10! x

  6. You're so lucky you won the prize. The jewellery is just :O

    Can't wait till the blogsale. :) xx

  7. The purple dress is so pretty and I hope your good luck streak continues. ;)

  8. Wow, I'm in love with the mint handbag :)

  9. Congrats on winning the comp!
    To the question you asked on my blog, I would have to say I would go for the wine shade dress, as its such a versatile colour. I will have to find some more money first though!

  10. i've been scouring the sales too, there's so much great stuff in the asos one and i LOVE that they now do free delivery! (i justify it to myself as not really spending money...yeah i should get treatment for this addiction). loving both the mint coloured bags, it's such a great colour

  11. Those dresses are gorgeous, and such a bargain! I've been tempted by the sales too - it's terrible, I'm supposed to be saving for a holiday!
    Well done for winning the giveaway on Gem's blog. I'm so jealous I love that ring :)

  12. I adore Edward Monkton. Fab dresses, and well done for the giveaway win (:

    You can search whatever shop & see if there are any codes going - well worth a wee look :)
    I understand your need for that bag - it is gorgeous!
    & congrats on winning Gem's giveaway! xx

  14. Congratulations on winning Gem's giveaway, lucky girl! I think I got a birthday card with that cartoon on it once :)

  15. you got loadsa stuff there xxxx

  16. Congrats on the giveaway! I love Uttam and there's a little boutique in Goa that sells them for £3 each (expensive by Indian standards).
    Love the cartoon and your jewellery.
    Have you worn your maxi yet?

  17. OoOoOh me love your DP dresse <3 great blog babes xxx

  18. loving the dorothy perkins dresses!


  19. REALLY love that mint and grey bag. Perfect! And congrats on the win - cool stuff!

  20. I love your blog! love the stuff.

    check out my new giveaway at:

  21. I love that purple dress (from the first pic),and £10! wow,thats pretty cheap.I can never find a dress these days thats anywhere near below £20,so thats a pretty good price :D

    StopAndStareStyle - btw,posted my FIRST EVVVERR look on here lol,so i'd love to hear your feedback.It would be much appreciated :D

  22. cute post!
    i love Edward Monkton illustrations!


  23. well done on the giveaway - you lucky thing. love your dresses too xx

  24. Heehee, I love that cartoon, it is exactly how I feel about so many of my clothes.

    Plus, those two dresses are utterly beautiful.

  25. I love the dresses and the cartoons, thanks fo sharing.