Saturday, 31 July 2010

31st July - 31st Post!

Ok, so I don't want to talk too much about what I finished with last time - just because.. well, I don't want to! But I did just want to say: thank you all so much for your kind comments & support. You can't know how much it means to me. I really do appreciate every word. And I am actually attempting to take some of the advice - which if you knew me, you'd know is quite a big thing! I'm not good at taking advice!
I want to leave that at that for now. But wanted to say thanks :)

Ok, so, I was planning on sorting my blog sale, but then realised I still can't find my camera.. so.. I'm putting that off for now. I did start having a sort out - which led to me discovering about 15 pairs of shoes I've never worn. Literally NEVER worn. There's loads more that I've only worn once or twice, but I literally have a massive bag full of ones I've never worn. Which is crazy. But pretty much sums up my problem!
But anyway, I'll get back to the whole blog sale thing - it is going to happen in the next few weeks - promise :)

Right, so I thought I'd been really good recently - but then I remembered all this stuff - oops!

Made ANOTHER order from asos the other day. I wanted to use the 10% discount code they'd sent me, so thought I'd have another look.. here's what I ended up purchasing:

This looks really pretty - hope it lives up to expectations when it arrives :)

Also got this dress:

But NOT in that colour. I got it in THIS colour, much more 'me':

Check out this bag - I won it on eBay earlier, but it's an asos bag:

Think I got a bit caught up in the moment.. I don't even know if I like it! Part of me thinks it's pretty hideous. But I'm not sure if it's hideous in a great way, or just plain hideous..! Oh well, too late now - we'll see when it turns up!

I placed an order on the Asda site the other day - think that's a new one for my blog! They can be a bit hit & miss, but generally they do have some pretty decent stuff. They also do great kids clothes :)

So, here's SOME of the bits I got - I'm going to pick them up in store on Monday - saves on delivery charges!

Those items range in price from £3 to £6 - bargains!

I also got these couple of bits for my nephew:

He's obsessed with motorbikes - so when I saw that tshirt, for the price of £1 (yes, £1!), I really couldn't resist. It's not even in the sale, that's just the price. Honestly, you can't go wrong!
The hoody was reduced from £3 to a whole £1.50 - such bargains!

Also got this little tshirt for my friends baby boy:

How adorable? And I got him a cute Tigger t-shirt, but can't find a pic of that for some reason..

So, slightly different topic now: mobile phones! I've been looking into getting a new phone for a little while, mine's started to go slightly mental, so it's getting kinda vital that I get a new one..
This is the one that I think I've decided on:

Just wondering if anyone had this? What you think of it? Pros, cons? I'd really like to hear some real-life opinions before I commit to it! There's no returns policy anymore either on contract phones, so if I got home & decided after 2 days I hated it.. I would be stuck with it for the next 2 years! So, I really want to be sure :) So anyone that can offer me any input I'd be really grateful :)

Also was wondering - does anyone have/know of any Boohoo free delivery codes? There's a few things I want in the sale, but I really begrudge spending that much on postage! I only ever order from there when I have a free delivery code, but I can't seem to find one, so thought I'd try you lovely lot :)

Anyway, this post seems to have been going on forever now.. so I think it's time I finished!

Take care,



  1. Cute finds, love the asos dress! Thinking of something similar for a wedding i am off to! Got thr big version of xperia. I love it but be warned that the battery life is crap! Just because it does so much .
    Jenna xx

  2. OMG I got that grey sort of coloured ASOS dress too, it's very pretty and cute! Your other purchases looks great as well =)

  3. I love the ASOS Ddress, i've got my eye on that too, its really pretty. Asda is fab for kids clothes, we've got some bits from there. xx

  4. I didn't realise Asda did the collect in store thing, it's a really good idea.
    I really do like Asda/George/G: 21 clothes.

    Just wait and see what the bag is like when it arrives! I mean I don't think you can judge a bag from a photo, like you can in person. So it might just be a surprise in itself. I like the idea of it being hideous in a great way- unique for sure! If not I'm sure you could always sell it on :) x

  5. Love the ASOS dresses! I get caught up in the moment on eBay all the time - I have some truly random things! x

  6. The 1st dress is lovely. And the colourful bag is fab! x

  7. The second dress should be a winner - really versatile, you can dress it up or down so easily! :)

    Paddy † @ LITTLE RAZZI

  8. Do NOT get that phone. I got it sent to me early and hated it. It is smaller then your palm and impossible to operate due to the small screen. Your fingers end up touching the whole screen at once rather then one or two keys. Cute but so hard to use! I sent mine back as i had got it early! :) It doesn't come out for about another month and I couldn't stand having to also have it for 24 months like you!!

    Very nice purchases :)
    Also LOVE ebay :)

  9. It's not fair that you've only done 31 posts and you have tons of followers!! I'm just kidding, but I'm jealous.:P I wish I could do posts this easily and have so many followers.

  10. You buy the nicest things! I love both of those dresses - such pretty detail on both.

  11. Hope you're good darling doll.

    Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling - je suis très très TRÈS désolée for the ridiculously late reply!

    Have a lovely week!

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  12. Love the colour you picked on that dress!

  13. Oh my GOD that bag is beautiful. It's the most beautiful bag I have EVER seen and I want to steal it.

    ASOS are really good - I got a dress, skirt and pair of shoes from their sale and they all look really pretty and fit really well. And I shall be checking eBay obsessively for that bag.

  14. I love that bag, it's insanely groovy, what a fabulous find. The second dress down is particularly pretty, I can imagne you'd look gorgeous in the dove grey version. xxx

  15. I think that bag looks cute! Has your ASOS order arrived yet? The first dress looks so pretty! x

  16. I really like that shirt under the leopard print flats on the right. I'm very curious as to what it looks like on. The lace is very pretty.

  17. that first baby pink ASOS dress is absolutely stunning !
    so simple and elegant,I love the detailing at the bottom. I want one for myself.let me know what it is like on when it arrives :)

    hope your well and thanks for the lovely comments <3


  18. Ooo, great finds...especially the first dress!

  19. Oooh I really like the cream dress you ordered from asos!
    And about the phone, I think getting one with a keyboard is a good investment, they're alot easier to use than most mobiles I find! :) xxxx

  20. great finds, and I'd never have expected it of asda! Hope you're feeling ok :)

    Please take a look at my brand new blog, Fashion Stereotype I'd really appreciate any feedback or advice you may have :) Thank you!

  21. I think that purse is adorable. How much fun is that? Colorful and bright! Fabulous! Good luck with your phone purchase. I just got a motorola blur and I love it :). I went in for the iphone and the salesman talked me into this instead.

  22. 15 pairs!!! Wow! Haha. When I buy things I tend to know if they're right because if I don't wear them within a few days of buying them then I'm obviously not sure about them. I do have clothes I've never worn though, it alwasy makes me feel guilty.
    i like the asos dress in both colours, but id probably have got it in the greyish colour too. x

  23. Check out my latest blog post - I tagged you : ) x

  24. wow you got so many great stuff!! i really love the light pink dress with the floral detail on the side of the hip!! and the pink skull tee is just too cute!!

  25. I really like the ruffling on the first dress. x

  26. ooh i wanted that wee grey dress so bad but they only had the orangey coral colour left! which i thought might clash with my hair and not in a good way! cant wait to see more photos of you when u have the house to yourself :) x

  27. I like the second dress that you got. :) Remindsme of a sailor, however I would have got it in the peach. As I am a peach FIEND! :D

    Here's my blog, have a ganders: