Sunday, 17 July 2011


Figured I should probably make the effort to post again - it's been about a month :/ For some reason Blogger is still not working properly for me, but at least I've worked out now that I can still post - just have to do it from my phone. Bit of a faff, but there we go!

So, as usual, this will be a bit of a hotchpotch post of different things, including things I've bought (lots - oops!), nails etc..

So we'll start with.. erm.. (this is the problem with not having any structure to my posts, I never know where to start or anything!)

Are the sales killing anyone else?! Ok, killing may be an exaggeration. Killing my bank account would be more accurate. Honestly, why do I have NO willpower whatsoever when it comes to shopping!?

Here's a few things I've bought recently:

LOVE these. They were from New Look & were reduced to £7 in the sale.
I definitely didn't need them, but hello, how could I resist!? They're really rather lovely indeed. These are probably number 20 or something silly like that, in my brogue collection.. Oops!

I've bought quite a few things actually in the New Look sales, but haven't got pics of anything else yet. Ooh apart from this:

And you probably know already the elephant one was from Primark. Lots of people seem to have it, but I couldn't resist for £1!

You know what I'm like when it comes to my jewellery.. Nightmare! Speaking of which, I bought LOADS from the asos sale too.. Lots of new rings. As if I needed new rings! Will try & get pics soon..

Also got this:

Which I've nabbed a pic of from the site. Really not sure it's going to suit me, but I fell in love with it & had to have it!

I bought a few things from the River Island sale too.. I hardly ever shop in there, but I saw a free delivery code so thought it was worth a look.. I'm seriously a sucker for free delivery!

One of the things I got was this:

I've never really been a fan of slogan tees, but recently have found myself being attracted to them more & more. They're just so easy to wear, when you can't be bothered, or haven't got time to think too much about your outfit..

Now I may well be the only sad enough person to get this reference, but the slogan instantly made me think of a song from the Buffy musical episode..

No? Just me? Thought so! (If you do know what I'm talking about, please do say so I don't feel quite so alone in my utter lameness..!)

Ok, what next?

Right, I mentioned free delivery earlier.. Well I was seduced into making some more purchases yesterday because of a free delivery offer! Everyone get yourself over to Clothing at Tesco, to get free delivery until tonight..

I've got the following winging its way towards me:

Oops, yes, more new brogues! But they were only £5.. And I've got a few pairs of Tesco shoes & they're REALLY good quality.. so obviously I couldn't resist.. (by the way, if you're looking for these: for some reason they're in the Kids sale section - I have no idea why, they're adult sizes, but just a tip for you!)

I also chose these:

Which are cropped palazzo pants. Hmm.. We'll see. I'm thinking they'll probably look like a skirt, so will be fine!

Speaking of skirts, also got:

I really like maxi skirts at the moment - they're so comfy & easy to wear. But all mine are plain colours, so figured I'd try a couple of patterned ones. They were only £5 each, so can't go too far wrong!

I've bought lots more too, but don't want to bore you so I'll save some for another post :)

Onto nails:

I've developed a love for a new nail varnish brand. Accessorize. LOVE 'em! Here is my collection so far:

Oops, have just realised there's one missing. I got one ages in a giveaway that I had forgotten about!

Here's closer up pics, in the hope you can see the colours a bit better:

I haven't used all of these yet, but the ones I have I LOVED. They're brilliant.

Here are the ones I have used so far:

(Btw, I forgot to check the names of all these before I sat down to post & am too lazy to get up now & get them.. If you're interested in any, let me know & I will make sure I include it in a future post)

I am one of those people that are still not over the crackle trend (I'm sorry to admit!), so I also added crackle to a couple of the above:

Ok, so this has turned into rather a long post, so I will leave it at that I think!
I only have another week & a bit of work, then am off for the Summer, so hopefully will have chance to blog a lot more regularly then :)

Take care,


PS. Am still strongly considering doing a blog sale - it won't be for another couple of weeks at least, but would anyone be interested? Would mainly be clothes & shoes (you may have noticed my slight shopping problem - resulting in stacks of things I've NEVER worn :/ Would rather they went to you lot!


  1. Great buys, I’ve noticed a big influx of sales recently, they seem to be on everywhere. I caved in Dorothy Perkins and bought a top and dress the other day. Some of the sale prices are just unbelievable and hard to resist, I would much rather spend my money on sale purchases and know I am getting a lot more for my money!

    I really like the floral brogues, something a bit different and perfect for summertime x

  2. My blogger still isn't working either. I can't comment on posts if the comment box is under the post using my GFC which is a nightmare and I can't follow blogger blogs :-(

    I hope blogger sorts it for us soon and it's nice to have you back! xxx

  3. aw those shoes are adorable and I love the nails <3

    claire x

  4. I can't resist sales either. I have to look when there's free delivery and always end up buying loads, need to resist for a while now. I like the first pair of floral brogues, I bought some floral booties which I've yet to wear xxx

  5. WOW, those first shoes are an absolute bargain! Really great buy there, I love them. The floral pattern on them is so cute, perfect for summer!
    Lovely buys, hun. I've also spent far too much in the sales, haha.

    x Michelle |

  6. Yes!! I got the Buffy reference straight away. I'm feeling the need to track one down that says "It must be BUNNIES!"

    I don't think I've bought anything in the sales. I have no spare cash anyway but the stuff in them just hasn't tempted me that much. A lot of stuff is still quite overpriced as well IMO. The only things I've bought are a skirt and dress from Dotty P and they both went back.

  7. no, i definitely thought of buffy when i saw that t-shirt! haha. i've also nabbed a couple of accessorize polishes - the glitter ones are faaaantastic! glad to see you blogging again (: xx

  8. those floral shoes are so cute x

  9. what bargains and those shoes are amazing! i love seeing all your lovely nail colours too as mine are finally starting to grow! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  10. Hey D! Nice to see you back again!
    I love the brogues you picked, I never think to look on the Tesco website but I think i might in future, those skirts are lovely! i think a blog sale would be a really good idea, I did one which wasn't very successful but don't let that put you off! Go for it x
    Love Amie

  11. Isn't that weird. I didn't think of Buffy at all, I thought of Radiohead ("where do we go from there, the words are coming out all weird where are you now..."
    Oh my, I barely have time tonight as on a work deadline but I LOVE the nails. I LOVE the clothes (I insist you post a pic of you in those palazzo pants asap please) and those shoes are fab. What will you wear them with?
    Right, must go. Eek, hate deadlines.
    Gem x

  12. gorgeous shoes you have there, 7 pound is brilliant! Also the primark necklace, lovely! Perhaps you'd like to follow each other? Check out my blog and let me know :o)

  13. Wow what amazing purchases! I love the little playsuit from asos how cute is that? And the shoes from new look defiantly irresistible!
    Thankyou for your comment x

  14. I love the ASOS playsuit! I have the same one; and couldn't recommend it more!

    Lost in the Haze

  15. These are great bargains, the floral brogues are adorable and I need that elephant necklace!

    Maria xxx

  16. Wow, those first shoes are absolutely adorable and so cheap! I love them, lucky you! Shoe sales never have my size, so I don't tend to bother even looking at them anymore!

  17. So jealous you got those new look shoes, I fell in love with them but there were none left in my size! So pretty. xo

  18. hey!
    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    i was sure i was following you, but apparently i wasn't!
    I am now though :)
    I LOVE the first shoes, and also the slogan tee!
    great post :D
    Rosie xo

  19. What great nails you have - so jealous!

  20. Hey chick,
    thanks for your lovely comment. Nice to see you back too hun.
    Fab goodies you have there, lots of bargains J'adore le sales... Love the asos playsuit so cute.

    Perfect nails missy lucky you xoxo

  21. I'm not sure I'll be helpful here re the Uttam dress - mine has had the size label pulled out so I don't know what size it is to compare it to. It doesn't look much smaller than the ones that were Larges. Let me know if you want me to get you one though.

    Their sizing is a bit offbeat generally, isn't it? I've got a couple of maxis from there that are both Smalls but I bought them when I was a size 16 so how exactly does that work?!

  22. ooo nice busy - I love the top shoes and the elephant necklace too cute!

    L x

  23. Jealous of all your purchases! And the Accessorize nail varnishes look so good,

    Rosie x

  24. I missed this one too! I love love love the polishes, is the green-blue on Goddess? Or another one... Have a look for Accessorize's Mermaid, Pink Spice, Purple Dream, Electric Blue or Starlet, all of which I LOVE (despite not owning the last 3!) Oh and I love the cute little elephant necklace! Wish I'd have seen this sooner and I may have got him! :( xxx

  25. just seen this post, i am a huge fan of that buffy episode, i have the soundtrack, where do we go from here is my favourite song! x

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