Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Yes I know, I know - I am a SERIOUSLY bad blogger. I admit it.
I'm not going to bother with all the apologies & excuses, because well.. what's the point? Life just kinda got in the way. I haven't even been commenting, which is a bit more unlike me (I've never been the best at posting regularly, but I generally have been an ok commenter!)
But anyway, I'm here now - for the timebeing at least..

Am very much overdue an update - so much so, that I don't even know where to start! As always, this is going to be pretty random. My posts aren't ever really structured are they? Maybe if they were, I'd find it easier to update..?

Have bought lots & lots of things since I last posted.. Including this, my new favourite necklace:

How ridiculously cute is that!? I love it :)

Ok, I think I'll use this post to show you some of my more recent nail 'looks' - some of these pics may also include new rings too. Remember the days I always used to show you what rings I was wearing?!

I'm not sure that I have the patience/time/concentration span to caption each picture with the details - so how about, if you're interested in something specific, just ask! (I know my reputation for commenting back is astoundingly bad, but I will try very hard!)

Ok, that's your lot! I think the baby pink/hot pink combo was my favourite - which is strange really, because I'm not generally a very 'pink' person.. Any opinions you care to share?

Right, I'm going to leave you with one last thing. Over the Easter holidays I had a big ol' clear out. Or, the start of one at least! Hence discovering these babies:

New favourite shoes! These had been hiding away, never ever worn, for the best part of.. I dunno, 5 years? (Please no comments on how ridiculous that is, I'm well aware :/)
Well anyway, since rediscovering them, I literally have barely taken them off my feet! What did I wear before these? They're amazing. They go with practically everything, are supremely comfortable, & just generally bloody perfect. Yay for finding unworn things & falling in love with them!

Take care,


PS. I've lost quite a considerate number of followers since my last post, which is a shame to be honest.. I guess because I VERY rarely unfollow people, I just think it's a bit sad.. But I suppose that's why I've got quite SO many blogs I follow, because I never trim the dead wood! I guess I just don't want to be seen as dead wood - argh, I'm babbling. I don't even know what I'm trying to say really - just know, that even if it seems like I'm never going to post again, I will be back, sooner or later! Don't lose faith in me :)
PPS. It's just taken me 6 DAYS, just to get this to POST - someone up there does not want me to be a good blogger! I finally thought to try & post via my phone - hope this works!


  1. im glad you finally got the post up!! Loving all the nails, the sea blue and pink is my favourite plus that strawberry necklace is just too cute

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. Hey chick thanks for the comment on my blog, so sweet of you and I really appreciate it.

    I love your blog the posts are always so informative and interesting. I love all your nail looks my favourite is the really glittery purply colour, is it OPI?

    Much love hunxoxo

  3. Hello, Thanks for your comment on my blog... I think you do that DP's ring in your collection! And what a great collection you already have... love the final heart shaped ring... is that Dorothy Perkins too?

  4. what polish is under the black crackle effect?

  5. What an amazing array of pretty coloured nails. x hivenn

  6. that strawberry necklace is adorable!

  7. Ah I'm so glad you've returned! I miss you when you're not around :)

    I saw a super cute strawberry ring in Primark at the weekend - it'd match your necklace perfectly.

  8. Love the rings, and super cute nails :) x

  9. lovely shoes <3

    hope your doing well dear :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog claire, x


  10. Wow loving your ring collection! I mean, the nails are amazing and all, but the rings... drooling! :)

  11. Oooh that strawberry necklace is super cute! Love what you've been doing with your nails, I really need to get more creative with that kind of thing! xx

  12. eeek i totally meant £5 in my post you just commented on!! Juts changed it thanks for pointing it out :)
    £15 is redic haha

    Love all your nail choices here! xx

  13. You sound like me at the moment, theres just not enough time in the day! Love all you rings and various nail shades...don't get too upset about the followers, mine are always up and down even tough I try to post at least once a week! xxx

  14. love all the nail pictures, the shatter is my favorite. have you seen the new shatter polishes that are different colors? i want to try a teal shatter over a gold polish.. it reminds me somewhat of what youve done. really pretty! xoxo

  15. Oh wow, I love your nails! I have serious nail envy now... They are such a cute shape and size and just... sigh... I love love LOVE the ring in the 3rd and 4th pictures, it's amazing and so unique, wow! xxx

  16. First of all - don't apologise about not posting. I used to think blogging was my life.. but then I realised that i actually had things to do aswell as spend all of my time on my laptop, I'm glad i'm not the only one who doesn't post every day haha!
    I love the turquoisey nails and the blue ones too, and the cracked ones! I keep meaning to buy some of it, you can get white and stuff too now! So cool :)
    I love the heart ring too, it's so pretttty. I don't know how you wear those huge amazing ones - I always put them on but then end up taking them off half way through the day!

    I did that too! I found this amazing dress from about 7 years ago, it was white with red polka dots - kinda vintage style. It's got an elasticated waist so it still fits me, I wore it once then sold it on eBay again! I'm not ever going to throw things away!

    Eeeeeee I've missed reading your blog xxx

  17. SO many great colors for nails! making me want to paint mine a new color!

  18. Love the strawberry necklace, I've been looking like that. Very cute. And the nail polishes look lovely

  19. great nailpolishes :)

    ps: you can still join our giveaway

  20. i love those shoes!
    oh you followed me on my old blog but since have a new one so hop on over & have a quick look!