Wednesday, 17 February 2010

First Post

Well, this is officially my first post on my new (& first!) blog.

I'm quite excited about getting this up & running, but fear I don't quite have the technical know-how.. so I'm planning on just giving it a go & seeing how it ends up!

I've got lots of ideas for this blog - it's just going to be about finding time to do it all.. we'll see hey?!

I'm pretty much obsessed with jewellery, clothes, bags & shoes - so the majority of my posts will most likely feature around my latest purchases, or ideas for outfits etc. But again, just going to kinda wait & see where this takes me!

Anyway, that's enough I think for my little introductory post - I just really wanted to test out how this all worked & this seemed the best way to see.


1 comment:

  1. Hello, good luck with the blog!
    I've really enjoyed reading the few posts you've done already and I'm sure I will continue to be reading.