Thursday, 18 February 2010

Bit About Moi

Decided I'd give more of an introduction to myself. So, here are a few of my likes & dislikes. I could think of loads more, but decided I should attempt not to bore you TOO much already..!


  • Ebay - I'm a total Ebay addict. It's quite bad really. A large proportion of my money goes there, which leads to a high proportion of my wardrobe being acquired via Ebay. I just love it! I am a major bargain hunter generally, whether in town or online, so Ebay appeals hugely to my bargain hunter side. I am however, a slight Ebay snob, in that I only ever buy things that are 'new with tags'. I know I doubtless miss many a bargain that way, but however much I admire vintage styles - I like my items to be new, with labels in, when I get them...
This picture is of one of my newest Ebay purchases - & I love it! Great size, great colour - so versatile :)

  • PJ/Duvet Days - Man, I love having a day where you don't have to go out, don't get dressed, don't have to do anything. Just stay, snuggled in your pjs, wrapped in a duvet - watching dvds, reading, having naps - a combination of these would be ideal! I actually have days like this too often really - but I love it, & I think you need it sometimes (I certainly do), to recharge your batteries. Days like this come highly recommended!

  • My Nephew - I knew that my little sister getting pregnant would obviously change her life, & therefore mine to some degree. I totally underestimated what an impact this child would have on my life. I totally adore him. He amazes & astounds me each & every day. & he's just so damn cute it's unbelievable!

  • Jewellery - I love jewellery. Particularly rings at the moment. I feel naked if I leave the house without at least one ring on each hand. I love chunky, interesting rings. I will be sharing with you on here some pics of my jewellery, I'm sure, as I don't feel an outfit is complete without considering which rings to wear! One of my favourite necklaces at the moment, is a silver camera pendant. Totally random, but I love it & have worn it a lot recently. It goes with anything, & adds a bit of interest to any outfit. I'm hankering after a clock pendant at the moment (preferably a working clock, & on a budget..!)

Edit - I've just seen a clock ring on the Topshop website - it's silver & heartshaped - I think I'm in love. However, it's £14 - so it won't be mine I'm afraid :(

Je deteste:

  • Rude People - I don't think there's any excuse for being rude. People who don't say please or thank you seriously get my goat. It doesn't take a second. It shouldn't be something you even have to think about, it should just happen effortlessly. I hate people with no manners - argh!

  • My Room - My bedroom is seriously messy. I hate it. I can never find anything I want, because there's just so much stuff absolutely everywhere. I actually dream of having a tidy room. I plan all the storage solutions & bits & pieces I'd have if it was sorted out & tidy. I would adore my clothes & everything to be organised. Like I said, I dream about it (sad, but true!). But it's just so bad, it's past the point of being tidy-able! Very disheartening to be faced with such a sight every morning.. Every time I think I'm going to do something about it, I have to give up as it's just TOO big a job - crazy huh!?

  • Gold - I don't like gold generally. I do have a few odd bits in gold, but on the whole I'm a silver girl. And the gold I do have is more what would be described as 'antique gold'. One of my pet peeves is gold fittings on bags. I'm pretty sure 'fittings' isn't the right word, but my mind's gone blank! Y'know, zips, studs etc. I hate hate hate it. I don't even really know why, now I come to think about it. It's just one of those things that's always got to me!

  • Label snobs - I buy things because I like them, regardless of where they are from. I've mentioned that I'm a bargain hunter - that means if I see a cardigan in Asda that I like, I'll get it. I love Primark. I buy rather a large amount of stuff from there. I HATE people that have an issue with that. I don't understand how, in this day & age, people can still have a stigma against Primark. I have things I've bought in Primark literally years ago, & have been washed & worn countless times & are still going strong (stronger may I add, than items from more expensive shops). I know a couple of people who absolutely refuse to set foot in Primark, yet have complimented me on an outfiit entirely made up of Primark items without realising. Yes, this has turned into an 'I love Primark' rant, but I bet you all know people like this - it's so frustrating..

Right, well this post has been far too long & I'm sure I've bored you all to sleep. I'm planning on featuring a lot more photos in my blogs in future, but my camera isn't charged tonight.. I wasn't prepared when I decided to start my first blog - I promise it will improve!

Take care



  1. I love the clock ring it is so cute! By the way I found your blog on London--Rose's blog.

    I also agree with the rude people's things when you brush past a person in a street a little sorry couldn't hurt!

    From Dolly

  2. I love the clock ring! It would be ideal for me...I don't wear a watch. Great start for your blog!:)


  3. you sounds so much like me! & I'm a total ebay addict too... it's a HUGE problem!

    love the blog & the layout, and good luck! can't wait for your next post :)



  4. great blog. and i love that heart-shaped ring. seems like it is perfect for you. stop by my blog some time.