Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Rings & Things

Right, first things first, before I forget: how do I delete blogs from the list that I follow..? I'm not going to have a massive cull or anything, but there's a couple (ok, one in particular) that's doing my head in & I don't want to follow anymore.. It's just turned into a string of adverts basically & that really doesn't interest me. But I can't work out how to 'un-follow'! So please help if you can, thanks :)

So, as always, I've been buying stuff. Yes, I know, I have a problem..
I'm going to share with you just a tiny proportion of what I've bought recently. Mainly because I haven't had chance to take photos of the majority of it..

I had a big Primark trip last week.. Bought quite a lot, but the most expensive item I bought was £5, so definitely got my money's worth!

That £5 item was this:

Love it. Totally got a thing for polka dots at the moment.

One of my other favourite items from that shopping trip was this:

Yeah yeah, we've all got a million & one lace things.. It's old hat. However, for £2 I couldn't resist it. And I actually love it. I'm planning on wearing it over the top of my grey tshirt maxi dress. What do you think? Actually, I'm planning on wearing it with lots of things, but that's the main one I have in mind.

I also picked up this baby:

Again, yes I know, everyone has it. Yes I'm jumping on the bandwagon. But, oh well! If you've read my blog before, you'll most likely be aware of my obsession with rings, so therefore I feel quite justified in having to get this when I saw it, even if everyone else already has it!

Ok, so seeing as I appear to have moved onto rings.. I got these pretty packages in the post this week too:

They contained...

Apologies for the pic - could not for the life of me get a decent pic of this one, dunno why!


And probably my favourite of today's bunch:

Love :)

Now, this may seem like a random recommendation, but I suggest you all go & check out Yes, I did say Tesco!
I placed a rather large order from them very late Saturday night. It arrived yesterday morning, & I gotta say, I'm very impressed! All the items I chose were sale items, & man did I get some bargains!
Definitely worth looking if you've got children too (or nieces/nephews/cousins/brothers/sisters/friends children etc) - I got LOADS of great stuff for my nephew. Going to put most of it away for Christmas though, because I'm trying to be sensible..!
I haven't taken pics of any of what I bought yet (haven't even tried them on yet actually) - but here's a couple of pics I've nabbed from the site:

Good stuff hey?!

I googled before I ordered & managed to find a 10% discount code - so what were already serious bargains were even cheaper!

* Studded shoes: £4.50
* Longline tunic: £2.70
* Spotty shorts: £5.40
* Cut out shoes: £4.50

How ridiculously cheap is that!? I'm sure you can see now why I ended up with a huge order.. and I could've bought LOADS more! And I got free delivery (because I spent so bloody much!)

Anyway, I'm going to stop babbling about Tesco now. I just really wanted to share that little tip with you - let me know if you do check it out, I'd love to hear if you order anything - purely because I'm nosy!

Right, going to leave it there. Gone on long enough I think!

Take care,



  1. I love getting bargains and primark has to be the bargain shop of the year. Love all the rings and that blue polish looks amazing is it the models own one?

  2. hello! thank-you for your lovely long comment the other day :)

    don't worry, i've unfollowed a few blogs before, mainly because my interests have changed since i first started blogging and/or i don't like what they are writing about anymore. i'm intrigued to know what blog it is though, hopefully it's not mine! hehe. to unfollow you just click the 'follow' button and it will give you the option to unfollow. i hope this helps!

    love the lace top you picked up, and the cut out shoes! i'm going to have a look on the tesco site tomorrow. i just hate paying delivery for things especialy if i only want one piece!

    i hope you are okay, and i'm so excited to see what your blog shop has to offer!


  3. The little bunny ring is so cute. I also really like those cutout shoes and they are such a bargain. Might just have to get me a pair. x

  4. Lovely jewellery as always. Is that a Barry M polish you're wearing? Great shade, do share!
    Adverts on blogs drive me nuts, too.
    If you go into your dashboard you just need to click on "Manage blogs I follow" and deselect those you wish. xxx


    I am sooo jealous of all ur bargains!!

    i NEED this white cut-out shoes!

  6. WOW!
    i am so checking out RIGHT NOW <3

    awesome bargins xxx

  7. I had a bit of a clearout yesterday and it's dead easy to do. Click on "manage" on your dashboard (just under the list of blogs you follow), click on "settings" next to the name of the offending blogger and then there's a "stop following this site" option. Click on that and they'll be banished! I'm so nosy though - will you tell us who it is?

    The last ring is GORGEOUS and I'm loving all your Tesco bargains. I find my local store a bit disappointing but there's almost always something fun to be found on the website isn't there?

  8. I haven't been to Primark in such a long time, but just reading this has set me off thinking maybe I should schedule a trip. I can't believe the lace top was only £2, now that’s an absolute bargain.

    Those Tesco prices are ridiculous, I don't blame you for ordering so much, I prefer getting many cheaper items than one expensive item. I rarely ever order anything online (With the exception of eBay of course!) but I can imagine it's pretty exciting when the parcel arrives, and it saves all the stress of actually queuing up in the shop.

    And I was also wondering where do you keep all your rings? Do you have a jewellery box bursting full? I would love to see them all. My jewellery collection is so limited, I don’t own much at all, but I do have a massive box of costume jewellery (mainly broken) that needs sorting out at some point! xxx

  9. Oh my gosh I LOVE those spotty shorts from tesco! Going to have to have a hunt and see if they have my size!

  10. You can unfollow blogs by doing this:
    1. go to your public profile.
    2. make sure you're signed in
    3. click on "manage blogs I follow"
    4. click on the blog you don't want to follow
    5. hit the button somewhere on the page that says "stop following this blog"
    5. done!

    Hope this helped!
    I love all those pretty clothes--you have such a great eye: you could be a stylist!


  11. I really love those Tesco studded shoes!! Also the 2nd top from Primark is amazing! xx

  12. Your blue nails are awesome!!!


  13. I will check that store out :) Those rings look amazing!

  14. Fab buys, I love the stuff you have got from Tesco!

  15. I have the Tesco shoes! (the cut outs!) I love them!! I have followed your lovely blog! Could you follow back?
    (I don't have any adverts!)

  16. All those rings are awesome, especially the bambi one :)

  17. hii...go to manage blogs and then click the person you want to delete

  18. chunky cocktail rings are my absolute fav! Just found your blog and love it!

    xo you have a new follower

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Lovely blog and great sense of style. I want to follow.
    But I don't like fans of blogs I want to exchange style&fashion tips.

    Check my blog. Let me know if you want to be friends through friendconnect.

  21. LOVE LOVE the gold rabbit ring!! :) x

  22. great blog!

    please check out my blog and enter my giveaway :)

  23. I love those buys - and its so good that they were that cheap, its hard to find clothes as cheap as that in Australia....

    Also I notice you're a ring obsessive - I just did a blogpost on a jewelry website I just found that does some really interesting crystal/stone rings that you might like - they're so beautiful.

  24. i have no clue how to unfollow... i use bloglovin :) WHICH IS SO MUCH BETTER! (convert. convert!)
    i love that ring. i've never even see it on anyone so no worries there!


  25. Great finds, and what bargains! Love the ring, and love your nail varnish, too. Is it Barry M? I'm currently sporting a v.similar colour! x

  26. that bunny ring is SO cute! I love all the other also!


  27. hey!
    i've missed commenting on your blog so much, my laptop broke so i've been absent for a month or so

    i hit tesco last month too, and nearly bought those cut out shoes in black! apart they were £8 in my store and i didn't have enough :(
    i adore that bunny ring you got, and the spotted shorts are also lovely! i need need need to take a trip to primark, i haven't bought anything in so long because i've been saving for my MacBook Pro, and other things, ahhhhh

    your nail polish is gorgeous, i have one similar! :)

    reply soon lovely!
    love, ruth xxx

  28. That first dress is so cute! Bargain. I tried avoiding Primark for a while but it's just too tempting to visit when you're constantly low on funds like me! Though having to go to Slough is a good deterrant...

    Is the rabbit ring Primark too?? LOVE. I need more rings, now I'm leaving my no-jewellery-allowed job I can go nuts with the bling again ^.^

    Lastly, really impressed with those Tesco picks...I've never been a snob when it comes to supermarche clothes shopping! :o)

  29. LOVE the bunny ring!!! Considering I started watching Dexter for the first time ever at the weekend, I am just starting series 3!!! I love it so much and just keep on watching it! I have to stream in online which is really annoying cos season 3 is like 25 quid and I don't wanna pay that much!!!

  30. love your nail polish colour!!! and ive said ti before but ill say it again i love your gold bunny ring! :) thanks for entering my giveaway xo

  31. the rabbit ring is amazing! love! great post xoxo

  32. I have never seen that rabbit ring before! Its way cute :) Aw, and awesome tesco finds! I love going to asda or tesco for my monthly shop and having a wee wander about the clothes bit - always pretty damn good! Did you sort how to unfollow people? No point following if you dont wanna read about what theyre saying anymore eh! xx

  33. i love the nail polish colour :)

  34. Wow you look like you have had a fabulous time shopping some amazing purchases xoxo

  35. Some great bargains - I love Tesco clothes atm too - some really cool stuff for really good prices, even when they are not in the sale! x

  36. wow you picked up some amazing bargains!
    I also have a bit of a ring addiction and the last one is fab, wheres it from?
    I love your blog, i'm your new follower :) x

  37. oh that bunny ring is so cute! and those spotty shorts are such a bargain

  38. THANK YOU for reminding me where that bag was from! some people were asking me but i had no idea because i must have got it 4/5 years ago, so i assumed i must have picked it up on charity shop travels! haha i know i uncovered it the other day and fell in love all over again omg! xxx

  39. I love your nail varnish and the Primark goodies look lush. :)


  40. That deer ring is too cute! I've never seen it before, so to me it's unique to you :)


  41. Great finds! Love the rings! xx

  42. wow!! you have found some lovely stuff! that ring is to die for :)
    Im now following you btw! xo

  43. I love your collections of rings, so cute! I'll definitely be following your blog to keep updated on more of your purchases.
    You should stop by mine sometime and check out the photography.
    I love your blog, keep it up!

    Jess @ Be. Photography

  44. everybody has that ring.. for a reason ;)

  45. Tesco rocks! I feel like it doesn't have as much recognition as it deserves but I have found many a bargain there :) In the sale I found a wolf jumper dress and a lace effect bandeau dress and both were about £4 EACH, I kid you not. I love those cut out shoes you found! They'd look amazing with some brightly coloured tights worn underneath x x