Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Rings & Things

Right, first things first, before I forget: how do I delete blogs from the list that I follow..? I'm not going to have a massive cull or anything, but there's a couple (ok, one in particular) that's doing my head in & I don't want to follow anymore.. It's just turned into a string of adverts basically & that really doesn't interest me. But I can't work out how to 'un-follow'! So please help if you can, thanks :)

So, as always, I've been buying stuff. Yes, I know, I have a problem..
I'm going to share with you just a tiny proportion of what I've bought recently. Mainly because I haven't had chance to take photos of the majority of it..

I had a big Primark trip last week.. Bought quite a lot, but the most expensive item I bought was £5, so definitely got my money's worth!

That £5 item was this:

Love it. Totally got a thing for polka dots at the moment.

One of my other favourite items from that shopping trip was this:

Yeah yeah, we've all got a million & one lace things.. It's old hat. However, for £2 I couldn't resist it. And I actually love it. I'm planning on wearing it over the top of my grey tshirt maxi dress. What do you think? Actually, I'm planning on wearing it with lots of things, but that's the main one I have in mind.

I also picked up this baby:

Again, yes I know, everyone has it. Yes I'm jumping on the bandwagon. But, oh well! If you've read my blog before, you'll most likely be aware of my obsession with rings, so therefore I feel quite justified in having to get this when I saw it, even if everyone else already has it!

Ok, so seeing as I appear to have moved onto rings.. I got these pretty packages in the post this week too:

They contained...

Apologies for the pic - could not for the life of me get a decent pic of this one, dunno why!


And probably my favourite of today's bunch:

Love :)

Now, this may seem like a random recommendation, but I suggest you all go & check out Yes, I did say Tesco!
I placed a rather large order from them very late Saturday night. It arrived yesterday morning, & I gotta say, I'm very impressed! All the items I chose were sale items, & man did I get some bargains!
Definitely worth looking if you've got children too (or nieces/nephews/cousins/brothers/sisters/friends children etc) - I got LOADS of great stuff for my nephew. Going to put most of it away for Christmas though, because I'm trying to be sensible..!
I haven't taken pics of any of what I bought yet (haven't even tried them on yet actually) - but here's a couple of pics I've nabbed from the site:

Good stuff hey?!

I googled before I ordered & managed to find a 10% discount code - so what were already serious bargains were even cheaper!

* Studded shoes: £4.50
* Longline tunic: £2.70
* Spotty shorts: £5.40
* Cut out shoes: £4.50

How ridiculously cheap is that!? I'm sure you can see now why I ended up with a huge order.. and I could've bought LOADS more! And I got free delivery (because I spent so bloody much!)

Anyway, I'm going to stop babbling about Tesco now. I just really wanted to share that little tip with you - let me know if you do check it out, I'd love to hear if you order anything - purely because I'm nosy!

Right, going to leave it there. Gone on long enough I think!

Take care,


Saturday, 14 August 2010

Bit of an update

So turns out that being off work doesn't make me a better blogger. In fact, I've been even more rubbish than I was previously! I do apologise. I don't even know why I've been so rubbish recently. I've still been reading & trying to comment, so hopefully no one's missed me too much :)

Don't really know what this post's going to be about. Just figured I had a chance to do it, so I should really make the most of it!

My sister gave me another new nail varnish last week - I haven't used it yet, but planning on doing my nails with it tomorrow so we'll see how it turns out. Here's a pic of it, just from Google:

So, do you want to see some of my favourite recent eBay buys? There's been a few, as always! Here's a couple of them..

I had my eye on this in New Look for ages - it was originally £18, then went down in the sale to £12 but I still thought that was a bit much really for what it was.. then I spotted it on eBay (brand new with tags), paid about £4 including postage - thank you v.much!

It's nice & versatile - a good length to wear with leggings but it's not too long, that I could wear it with trousers for work too. Good stuff :)

Now this is probably my favourite eBay buy in quite a while. I paid a whole £7 for this baby:

It's from Miss Selfridge, & was originally £49!

Check out the detail:

It's so pretty :) Thinking I'm going to wear this for my friend's birthday night out on Thursday this week, so you may well get to see me in it!

I've also recently bought these bits from Chiara:

Haven't tried the clothes on yet, but I'm pleased with them so far- they look nice. I'd definitely wear a vest underneath that top though! I've lost a bit of weight recently, but definitely not enough to be baring my belly!
I really liked the pumps, not even sure why, coz they're not really my thing, but I couldn't resist them! However, they may have to go into my impending blog sale, as the size 5 are too small & the size 6 are too big! I'm going to try them again though & see..

Speaking of my blog sale, I can't believe I haven't sorted it yet! As I said, I've been particularly rubbish at all this recently. But I really have got a ridiculous amount of stuff that I really think some of you would like :) & it'd be seriously good for me to have a bit of a clearout.. I'll get round to it, eventually, hopefully..!

I remembered recently how I ALWAYS used to include in my posts what rings I'd been wearing, & I don't think I've done that for a bit, so here we go:

This is one of my favourite rings at the moment :) I bought it AGES ago, wore it once & then it disappeared from my life. I looked for it loads but thought it may well have gone forever, but then it turned up again yesterday - woo! So of course I had to wear it today - & I'll definitely be wearing it lots now I've found out. Love it.

I also have a pic of the newest ring I've added to my collection:

This one is definitely going to turn into a favourite too :) Picked it up in the Miss Selfridge sale, for only £2 - well pleased!

I was about to apologise for the state of my nails, as it's been a week & a day since I painted them - but actually, they don't look that bad considering!

Right, think I'm going to leave that there for now. By the way, if you've commented me & I haven't replied, I do apologise! I really do appreciate every single comment I get, so thank you :)

Take care,