Monday, 13 December 2010


Ok, so I haven't posted since the 30th October. That is pretty ridiculous. I do apologise.. I've had a lot going on. A huge amount going on actually. That now I've started writing, I really don't want to go into..
I've tried to still read/comment your blogs, I just couldn't face my own. I don't even know why. If you've been following a while you've probably already noticed that I have issues! Do forgive me...

Also forgive me for this hugely random post. This is just a 'I'm in the mood so might as well' kinda post. So will basically consist of anything that pops into my head :)

So.. as I'm sure you can imagine, I've bought a lot since I last posted. In fact, even when I last posted there was a huge amount of things I hadn't shown you..

Right, I believe in my last post I was babbling on about Autumn colours. This links to this:

Which is pretty much my favourite bag at the moment. Purely because of the colour. This isn't a colour I've ever really owned/worn, but for some reason recently I've become a bit obsessed with it! I love it. My collection of items in this colour or very similar now consists of: this bag, shoes, dress, tights, top & scarf (obviously not all to be worn at once!) I'm certainly noticing more of this kinda colour about recently, so I'm assuming it's not just me that's a fan!

You've probably seen these lots about, but these are one of my favourite pairs of shoes at the moment (I did warn you this would be a random post!):

They were £8 from Primark & to be honest, I wasn't entirely convinced when I first picked them up, but thought they were worth a try. So glad I did because I absolutely love them! I've worn them LOADS since I've had them, which says a lot for me, because I rarely wear brown. But they're great & my feet seem to constantly be in either these or my black studded brogues at the moment.

If I could find these (or something very similar) in grey, then my life would actually be complete..

I found this the other day:

I'd bought it AGES ago from that wonderful world of eBay & then I must've just put it to one side & forgotten all about it! I'm a nightmare, honestly. It goes to show that I have/buy FAR too many things! But anyway, I came across it the other day & decided that I love it. It's just the right side of tacky & it's really pretty :) What do you think? Too tacky? Don't worry, I won't be offended!

Some good news for moi! I've just found out I've won this:

on Alex's (Odd Socks & Pretty Frocks) Christmas giveaway :) Well chuffed! I've got a HUGE collection of rings (I don't deny it for a second) but this will be my FIRST double ring. Thanks Alex!

(Btw, hope you don't mind me pilfering the picture from your blog.. if you do, just let me know)

Also, I think it will go rather nicely with my new Urban Outfitters dress, with it's little gold buttons:

I took advantage of the free delivery offer a little while ago, & that's what I treated myself to :) I've just realised though, that I've not even tried it on yet! Hopefully it'll be nice..

Ok, I think I'm nearly done for today. I'm not making any promises about when I'll be posting next, but I really will try & not leave it so long until next time..

I've lost a few followers in my absence, which I totally understand, but I was considering doing a giveaway for all you lovely lot who've stood by my little blog, even when I'd appeared to have deserted it.. I'll put some more thought into it & let you know properly soon - it's still in the 'idea' stage at the moment. I'm thinking maybe to coincide with the New Year might be a nice idea..?

Right I'm off (it's nice to be back though)

Take care