Monday, 13 December 2010


Ok, so I haven't posted since the 30th October. That is pretty ridiculous. I do apologise.. I've had a lot going on. A huge amount going on actually. That now I've started writing, I really don't want to go into..
I've tried to still read/comment your blogs, I just couldn't face my own. I don't even know why. If you've been following a while you've probably already noticed that I have issues! Do forgive me...

Also forgive me for this hugely random post. This is just a 'I'm in the mood so might as well' kinda post. So will basically consist of anything that pops into my head :)

So.. as I'm sure you can imagine, I've bought a lot since I last posted. In fact, even when I last posted there was a huge amount of things I hadn't shown you..

Right, I believe in my last post I was babbling on about Autumn colours. This links to this:

Which is pretty much my favourite bag at the moment. Purely because of the colour. This isn't a colour I've ever really owned/worn, but for some reason recently I've become a bit obsessed with it! I love it. My collection of items in this colour or very similar now consists of: this bag, shoes, dress, tights, top & scarf (obviously not all to be worn at once!) I'm certainly noticing more of this kinda colour about recently, so I'm assuming it's not just me that's a fan!

You've probably seen these lots about, but these are one of my favourite pairs of shoes at the moment (I did warn you this would be a random post!):

They were £8 from Primark & to be honest, I wasn't entirely convinced when I first picked them up, but thought they were worth a try. So glad I did because I absolutely love them! I've worn them LOADS since I've had them, which says a lot for me, because I rarely wear brown. But they're great & my feet seem to constantly be in either these or my black studded brogues at the moment.

If I could find these (or something very similar) in grey, then my life would actually be complete..

I found this the other day:

I'd bought it AGES ago from that wonderful world of eBay & then I must've just put it to one side & forgotten all about it! I'm a nightmare, honestly. It goes to show that I have/buy FAR too many things! But anyway, I came across it the other day & decided that I love it. It's just the right side of tacky & it's really pretty :) What do you think? Too tacky? Don't worry, I won't be offended!

Some good news for moi! I've just found out I've won this:

on Alex's (Odd Socks & Pretty Frocks) Christmas giveaway :) Well chuffed! I've got a HUGE collection of rings (I don't deny it for a second) but this will be my FIRST double ring. Thanks Alex!

(Btw, hope you don't mind me pilfering the picture from your blog.. if you do, just let me know)

Also, I think it will go rather nicely with my new Urban Outfitters dress, with it's little gold buttons:

I took advantage of the free delivery offer a little while ago, & that's what I treated myself to :) I've just realised though, that I've not even tried it on yet! Hopefully it'll be nice..

Ok, I think I'm nearly done for today. I'm not making any promises about when I'll be posting next, but I really will try & not leave it so long until next time..

I've lost a few followers in my absence, which I totally understand, but I was considering doing a giveaway for all you lovely lot who've stood by my little blog, even when I'd appeared to have deserted it.. I'll put some more thought into it & let you know properly soon - it's still in the 'idea' stage at the moment. I'm thinking maybe to coincide with the New Year might be a nice idea..?

Right I'm off (it's nice to be back though)

Take care




    Holy wow, that bag is such a gorgeous colour. It's an awesome style of bag, but that colour... ugh so gorgeous.

    Also, that double sided ring? I wantttttt!

  2. YAY I have got those primark brogues as well ;) Bargain I reckon, and the bag is lush !!!

    welcome back to the blog scene, you have been missed!

    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog <3

    Cheri xox

  3. That bag...that necklace...I think I'm in love. Honestly, that bag is so totally and utterly beautiful, I NEED it.

    Nice to see you back again :-)

  4. Lovely to see you back. Those Primark brouges are fab - such a bargain for £8. Love that Urban Outfitters dress too, I have a similar one from, you guessed it, Primark! x

  5. I have those brogues! I also have some grey ones, which I got from peacocks but that was a while ago now s they may not have them anymore! Worth a look though?

  6. Welcome back! The heart ring is gorgeous, well done on winning it! x

  7. I adore the bag so much, the colour is gorgeous and the style looks to be practical but stylish too. Plus there is the added bonus of double straps.

    I tend to buy things and forget about them, that necklace is my sort of thing. Definitely on the right side of tacky x

  8. Well of course you are forgiven, even though you have done nothing wrong! It's your blog and shouldn't feel obliged to post regularly if you don't feel like it! I love the bag - very Mulberry! Also, well done on winning that ring - it's gorgeous and I want it! x

  9. Great buys miss :) I really want to buy my first ever pair of brogues in the new year! Spent too long admiring everyone elses from afar. Life gets hectic sometimes, so please dont apologise for not posting, but you know weve missed you! :) just take it at your own pace, and the inspiration should head your way in no time at all! always nice to set 2011 as a fresh start :) thats why I love this time of year! Out with the old and onwards and upwards with the new xx

  10. welcome back and im totally loving that bag x

  11. I love this post! Thanks for sharing x I’ve just come across your blog and I love it! Will be stopping by from now on x

    Enter my Christmas giveaway!

  12. Great to see you back. Love the bag, gorgeous style and colour. Where is it from?

    How apt that you won the ring from the lovely Alex! x

  13. beautiful blog :)
    now followingg xxx

  14. your blog is ssoo beautiful! I lloovvee the heart ring and brogues :) following!


  15. gorgeous vintage-esque items.
    the details of your loafers are gorgeous!!

  16. Love is the One who masters all things;
    I am mastered totally by Love.
    By my passion of love for Love
    I have ground sweet as sugar.

    Thanks...wonderful Lady...

  17. you've won two giveaways!
    lucky : )


  18. I love your eBay necklace! and it's sooo not tacky so fear not :) I can totally relate to you - I'm always buying wayyy too much stuff and losing things in the mess that is my room. But don't you just love the feeling when you find something again? My personal favourite? Finding money in an old bag or purse. RESULT! :) x x

  19. I love that bag, there's a similar one in Matalan but the colour is nowhere near as gorgeous.

  20. Lovelovelove all of this! Want your double ring! xx

    Thank you so much for the comment! Appreciate all of them! x

    - Tran N //

  21. everythign in this post is gorgeous!
    Thanks for the comments

    x x

  22. love that ring! yaya for another devon girly! xxx

  23. What great autumn colours! I'm feeling that wine colour a lot too.

  24. Love the satchel, the colour is gorgeous!

  25. Thanks for the comment on my blog, was so interesting! The book is really good, it's really opened my eyes up to the condition, i don't know how accurate it is medically though, but i'm sure you will seeing as it's something you've experienced first hand.

    I do criminology at uni because i'm so interested in what makes people tick/psychology and behaviour etc, not just in the context of crime, although that's what i'm specialising in obviously, but everyday behaviours too - it's such a fascinating area.

    Hope you enjoy the book :)

    Stacey xx

  26. The handbag is beautiful!!! and the ring!! <3

  27. I'm SO glad your back!! I hope everythings okay - don't worry about not posting, it's not like i have in a while ahaha!!
    I absolutely adore the bag. and the brogues. And that is one amazing ring to have won! I'm after a double.. or triple ring but i just haven't found one that I adore yet :'(
    The UO dress is amazing too!!
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas and new year too :)

    I have a giveaway on at the moment - feel free to enter lovely :)

    P.s - I know right, I can't believe i got the Carvela brogues for £19!!


  28. P.p.s - the necklace has never been tacky, it's brilliant :')

  29. Nice bag

    Please visit and follow me

  30. Hey, hope things are OK? New year, new start and all that business! Love the purchase and the ring you won is really lovely. Good luck with everything going on in 2011 =)

    Hannah xx

  31. Those brogues are lovely :) can't believe they were only £8!
    You're blog is really interesting x

  32. Love the brogues and the necklace, glad to see you back blogging too :) xxxx

  33. wooow, tha necklace is realy gorgeous! x

  34. That bag is absolutely stunning, I think I'm in love! Also thumbs up for brogues :D xx