Monday, 3 January 2011

"I hope that this'll make you notice.."

As always, thanks for all the comments guys :) And although it's not been quite such a long absence between posts this time, thanks for sticking by me!

So, I guess I should probably say: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Welcome to all my new followers - was well chuffed to see I'd got over the 200 mark, even with my hugely unreliable posting..

There's so much for me to say/show you that I don't even know where to begin. I haven't got pics of my Christmas presents or anything - to be honest, I didn't get a huge amount this year. Since Christmas however, I have ordered a huge amount of things online. I originally thought the sales were rubbish but then, on second look (when everything was marked down further!), I found quite a few things I wanted.. so am currently awaiting deliveries from: Dorothy Perkins,, eBay, asos, New Look, Priceless Shoes, HMV.. May have got a bit carried away, but oh well! Had some extra money in my December paypacket, so why not treat myself?!

I figured I'd stick to something I always used to show you on my blog though, & haven't done so much recently - my rings :)

Here's the first of my new rings:

It was from one of the concessions in New Look - how adorable & 'me' is that!? Could not resist.

I got this one yesterday:

A bargain in the Accessorize sale - 90p!

This next one I actually bought a while ago, but haven't worn yet (had forgotten I'd bought it), so figured it still counts as new!

Picked that one up in Primark - like I said, it was a while ago now. Glad I found it though, will definitely have to debut it asap!

Then there's these:

(which I wouldn't actually wear together, just for the record!)

The big turquoise one, is also one I bought a little while ago (the same day as the Primark one actually) - it was in the sale in Warehouse & cost the bargainous price of £2! It very obviously had to come home with me :)

It's annoying me that you can see the tags on this, but I'm too lazy to go & take another picture, so I'll have to put up with it.

The other one, I picked up today when I was out with my Mum. She actually spotted it - well done Mum! It was from Store Twenty One, which used to be QS - I hardly ever go in there, but was glad I had today - this one was reduced to £1.75 :)

So yes, new followers, you may have picked up that I have a bit of a 'thing' for rings! The cheaper the better, generally speaking!

I, like lots of people, am back to work tomorrow.. Part of me is dreading it (mainly hearing the alarm in the morning - urgh!) but part of me is actually looking forward to it - as I've mentioned on here before, the routine is good for me. And I do actually enjoy my job, it's just the thought of going back puts you off! I'm sure you know what I mean..

Ok, I think I'll leave it there now - I have lots of things to share with you in upcoming posts, including more details of what I'm actually receiving in those deliveries (if anyone's remotely interested..?)

So, bye for now :)

Take care,



  1. Ooh lovely new rings! I really like that last one - so pretty.

    I totally agree about the sales. My first impressions were that they were full of tat but I've picked up some lovely bits from DP and River Island online and Gap in store.

    And Happy New Year to you!

  2. As a new follower I can see you're into rings - but I am absolutely the same so I do not judge! :) I don't know why I'm like this at the moment... I never used to be bothered by rings.... but now I'm a little bit obsessed with them :S Oops!

    A great post that I can totally relate to! It's funny to see you post this now as I was considering creating a "purchases" post in the next couple of days. To scare myself really with the amount I've ordered recently!
    And to hopefully convince me to cool it for a while(!).

    I too have ordered a million things online since Christmas. So far it's been ASOS, Office, Topshop and Urban Outfitters. Oh and I went to the shops too. *Oh the shame* But I had some money and vouchers for Christmas so I feel less bad... hehe! x x

  3. Nice rings, I see the same Accessorize one I have. I got mine in 2009 (I think) so it's crazy to believe they still had some knocking around, very nice though! I naturally love the bow ring and I have a similar blue one but I think mines from Topshop! Glad to see you back =)

    Hannah xx

  4. Happy New Year to you too!

    Lots of rings. Thats what we know and love on this blog. I really like the big blue one from Warehouse. I struggle with rings as I have big knuckles but slim fingers so they never go on. Half the time I can't even remove my wedding and engagement ring.


  5. rings are the best accessories. i feel naked without my rings on. you have a great collection:)

  6. Love the bow ring. I really need to pay a visit to the Accessorize sale as they always have such amazing bargains. x

  7. I love the bird nest ring, how unusual!

  8. I'm interested in what you got in those deliveries!

    All those rings are so pretty, but the best is the one from Accessorise. I love pretty rings, I think they're one of the best ways to make an outfit that little bit more special, but I have such stubby short fingers I can never wear them :-(

    Happy new year!

  9. All of those rings are just lovely. I hit the Accessorize sale last week, but it was so busy in store I just ended up buying some reduced stationary in the end. I adore the ring you got for 90p, I am actually thinking I really should go back, but by now I can imagine all the displays being rather ransacked by sale shoppers!

    I never knew Store Twenty One used to be QS, infact I don't think I ever shopped at QS, but last year I did get a few bits and pieces from Store Twenty One, mainly my Winter Boots which have turned out to be one of my favourite purhases of the year x

  10. Happy New Year! I always think you have the best taste in rings.
    I have that Warehouse one, too. Like you say, how can anyone resist a £2 price tag? Trouble is I stuck it on the wrong finger on New Year's Eve and Jon had to remove it with a hacksaw the following morning. xxx

  11. wow, i absolutely LOVE that first ring. i like new look jewellery in general but find it hard to look around in my local shop, so think i'm going to take a leaf from your book and shop online. :) x

  12. Happy belated new year! i absolutely LOOOOVE that first ring, so gorgeous" :)

    hope you'll visit/follow

  13. that bow ring is gorge - happy new year xxx

  14. Love your ring collection especially the 1st one, the bow ring and the purple ring! ;)

  15. Hey lovely - oh no I know your comment wasn't meant in a bad way, I just felt bad because it looked like I've been spending loads of money so I thought I needed to justify why! I love all of your rings, I never wear big ones so I want to change that! xxx

  16. wow that bow ring is stunning x

  17. Love the bow ring :)
    What do you do for a living then? Hope it wasn't too unbearable!!! <3

  18. I love statement rings! Yours are all lovely. The large bow one is fantastic. I recently bought one of an angel wing and can't wait to wear it.

    Happy New Year.

  19. I am ridiculously in love with that bird-table beauty, and the big bow is gorgeous too!
    My ring obsession is getting crazy now too.

    Rosie x

  20. Wow very jealous of your rings! Love the new look and warehouse ones in particular, but they are all lovely. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yours is cute :)
    Jennie xx

  21. Lovely new purchases, I really like the Accessorize ring! What a bargain!

  22. gorgeous, especially the bow! i buy rings, then lose them when i take them off to do stuff..xx

  23. Oh, I love that first ring, so pretty!

    I've been seriously hitting the sales this year too, even though I also thought they were a bit rubbish to start with.

    Happy New Year sweets xxx

  24. Hey! I just stumbled upon your cute little blog and I can say it's gorgeous! And yeah those rings are incredibly amazing!
    If you like please visit my blog and follow me!
    xoxo Nini