Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Ok, so this is (hopefully) going to be a relatively quick post for me - I'm not very good at short posts, I can never really see the point!

Thought you may well (or more likely, not, but that's fine!) be interested in seeing the results of one of my online orders. I'm still waiting on loads - I don't know what's happening with the mail at the moment, but I'm not impressed, gotta be honest! (Seem to have been waiting particularly long for asos & New Look - anyone else having problems with them..? I'm getting impatient!)

Right, so this post is going to quickly show you my sales purchases from:

These items were purchased with free delivery, & using a 10% off code - although, I was too keen, because now there's an EXTRA 10% off sale items.

This was reduced to £5! What a bargain! I literally could not buy it. It's grey - tick. A cardigan - tick. £5 - tick. Mine - tick!

This was £7. Figured it'd be quite a versatile purchase - working just as well with jeans as it would with a skirt for work. I like versatile things. They make me feel more justified in buying them!

Very excited to spot these babies in the sale - I've been after some grey brogues for AGES now. I may have even mentioned it on here. These are basically EXACTLY what I was looking for :) Got them in 2 sizes, because I was worried in case they didn't fit - & guess what?! The size 5 is too small & the size 6 are too big. Gutted!
Gonna try them again though & see which ones I'll be more able to live with... I will make them work. They have to! I need them in my life!

This beauty has gone pretty much straight to the top of my 'favourite dress' list. (If I had a 'favourite dress' list that is..)
I love it. The colour, the shape, everything. It's gorgeous. And really flattering on, which is always a plus!
My only slight problem with it is that it's too short for work. But then again, so's most things I buy/try on, so..! Can't wait to wear it - love it!

Ok, so that's the end of my Dorothy Perkins order - it was the smallest one I'd made, but it's the only thing that's arrived!

Just a quick shot to show you my current nail varnish & new necklace:

The nail varnish is an asos one - it's probably a bit darker than it looks there, the flash has brightened it up a bit.
The necklace is one I got from eBay - it's great. I wore it a couple of days ago & got quite a few comments from my students! My nephew (who will be 2 on Saturday) was quite impressed with it - he was looking through them & I was asking if he could see & he said "no, just pretend" - so cute :)

See ya guys - will aim to be back soon(ish! You know what I'm like! But I am trying..)

Take care,



  1. That dress is stunning, I love the colour and the cut and it certainly warrants being a favourite dress.
    I think I remember you mentioning grey brogues, I do hate it when shoes don't quite fit, but as you say nothing an insole or the like can fix x

  2. That purple dress is divine!
    Hope you're keeping well missy :) xx

  3. ooh great finds! I love those brogues, they are perfect :)


  4. Ooh nice purchases! I was really trying to avoid looking at shoes when I did my DP order otherwise I'd have snapped that beautiful brogues right up.

  5. That pussy bow blouse is a-ma-zing! I saw a camel coloured one ages ago that I really wanted to order off of the DP website but then found it was out of stock :'(

    That necklace is also too cute for words! x x

  6. I love that cardigan, and your necklace!x

  7. That dress is lovely, utterly lovely.

    And your nails! They're done so well, I'm really impressed.

    You sound happy. That's good :-) Stay happy my lovely.

  8. great stuff

  9. What fantastic buys. I really like the black tunic/dress. And they grey brogues are brilliant. x

  10. Love everything you have bought, especially those brogues!

  11. Thanks for the comment on my blog :) I have read the Jigsaw man, i read it last year and found it fascinating - didn't realise there was a second one, so thanks for mentioning that!

    So good to know i'm not the only person who likes reading about this kind of thing. I'm doing a degree in Criminology so i suppose i have an excuse haha!

    Stacey xx

  12. LOVE that purple dress, and your nail polish, and that necklace! I've had no money this January but have been dazzled by the sales - I get paid on Monday so am hoping there will be some dregs left for me. Although a bit scared I'll just spend my whole paycheque in one go!

  13. The purple dress is stunning and I adore the second cardigan! It's gorgeous. You are good at sale shopping - I can never see anything I like!!


  14. Its crazy people have been waiting so long for deliveries! :( I got a christmas card on the 5 of january, now thats a bloody record! you did so well with your sales shopping, reduced items always give me the most triumphant feeling when ive been shopping, I HATE paying full price! I like your long posts :) Ive never been very good at short posts myself either girlie! (go us! high five, haha) xx

  15. I love that blue polish!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, im now following yours : )

  16. that purps dress is so cuuuteee!! love the polish too xx

  17. love the brogues!
    Beautiful blog. For a quick post this one was class xx

  18. the brogues are just gorgeous! :)
    lovely post!

  19. The dress is lovely and the brogues are ace. Such neat nails too!

  20. I love those brogues, they're so cute!
    Just to let you know, I've awarded you the stylish blogger award here:

    Have a nice day :) xx

  21. Thanks for your comment, no not too much info! I had to strip off in a cold public loo! Fab sale buys, I keep toying with the idea of brogues.