Sunday, 6 February 2011

Rumple's Wiggin'

Riteyho, here we go - another random post from me. You should expect nothing less from me nowadays.

I've got LOADS of stuff to show you - new purchases etc, but the majority of it I haven't got pics of yet, so you'll have to wait.

I've made an effort this week to take some pics of what rings I've been wearing. I don't even know why really, just felt like I wanted to! Plus it's easier to swiftly take a photo of your hands without people noticing & asking questions, than it would be my outfits or whatever.. so there you go!

Ok, so Day 1:

I've had both of these for a long time. They're rather more 'classic' in style than my usual 'statement' look - I just fancied something simple that day, yet still pretty in my opinion :)

Day 2:

Sneaky peak of my bracelets there aswell that day!

The two purple rings are both from eBay, & again are ones I've had a while. The other one, is an 'Empowerment' ring. I'd been on a training course the evening before on 'Domestic Violence Awareness', & was drawn to that ring the morning after.. I've got a matching necklace somewhere as well - haven't seen that for a long time though, hmm...

Day 3:

The gold heart double ring was courtesy of Alex at & I LOVE it. It's honestly one of my favourite rings (& that's saying something - not like I haven't got enough to choose from!) So, thanks Alex :)

& the other one is another eBay purchase, from a long time ago - I got a batch of 8 rings (I think) all like that, but different colour stones - I do like them, but I often forget about them, so they don't get worn as often as they should!

Ok, so they're the rings I've taken pics of this week. I actually bought 3 more new rings today.. but I'll save them for another time!

Oh, & just in case anyone's wondering, the nail varnish is:

(OPI - Rumple's Wiggin')

I mentioned a min ago that the gold heart ring was from Alex, well I have something else to show you too, courtesy of another blogger:

LOVE this necklace - so pretty :) This little baby is courtesy of Rosie, at I actually received it on Christmas Eve, but I just realised I hadn't shown you guys yet..

I've recently bought a new camera - want to see it?

Thrilling, I know!

It was a major bargain & I fancied treating myself, so I did. Haven't actually charged it up & tried it out yet - but will do soon.. Hoping it's ok!

I had a Dorothy Perkins order delivered yesterday, haven't tried any of it on yet though. Will maybe show you what I got next time!

It's my sister's birthday on Monday - I've got her 'The World According To Karl Pilkington' book, another random book (that I spotted her eyeing up in Asda today) & a checked shirt that I'd rather like to keep for myself.. Hope she likes 'em..

Right, I'm feeling really rubbishy & tired, so am going to get back to doing what I was doing previously, & attempting to catch up on my blog-reading, without falling asleep.

Got loads to show you (including the result of winning another giveaway), so will be back soon!

Take care,



  1. Lovely nail colour and I love all your jewellery.

  2. That nail varnish is gorgeous and I love the hearts ring xx

  3. i love these rings! i just wrote a blog about how much i am wanted big chunky rings. plus you are so lucky winning that lovely ring from alex xxx

  4. Great rings. I like the big purple one from day 2. And the knotted bracelet is fab. x

  5. I love the hearts ring too, it's wonderful!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  6. I'm so glad your posting :')
    I've always wanted to buy some OPI naipolish but never had the chance. I really like the ones related to Katy Perrys' new album :)
    Wow, lucky you! Won so many giveaways! They're all lovely too :)

    Ruth xo

  7. Beautiful nails and I love that necklace.


  8. Rings!! This is the second post I've seen today with lots of rings so I'm taking that as a sign that I am due to buy some more haha. Sometimes I like to wear simple 'classic' style rings too. It's nice just to forget they're there! Happy birthday to your sister for tomorrow! x

  9. I love your nail varnish and all your jewelelry. You have great taste, as does Alex! xxx

  10. I have that colour too! I love it x

  11. I think the nail varnish looks great with all the rings, I really should wair nail varnish more often. I love the the very first ring, it's very delicate and beautiful x

  12. Thank you for your lovely comment on my Frocking Friday post, you're just what a girl needs. I have finally done it and bought some brogues, some red ones! no shying away from colour from me! fab nail colour too :)

  13. Oh I am glad you love it :D I tried it on when it arrived and it looked rubbish on me! Looks fab on you so clearly it was destined for your hands.

    Hope you blog the DP arrivals!

  14. Oooh I love the hearts ring too and your nail varnish is lovely. I work in catering so I can't wear rings or nail varnish regularly and seeing yours makes me so jealous!

  15. Lovely rings, I like the big purple and silver one and your nail varnish looks fab :)

  16. aww lovely rings and nail colour! <3

  17. Oh, I'm glad you like the necklace! :)
    And your rings are gorgeous, the band of hearts is definitely my fave.
    Your nail varnish is wonderful too,

    Rosie x

  18. I love the colour of the nail varnish. And your ring collection is great, I'm jealous.

  19. Such a pretty nail colour, ive added it to my wishlist now