Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Yet again, another rather random post from the world of heart-shaped-bruise!

Ok, so I'm going to start by sharing my new favourite nail varnish with you. Now you may or may not have noticed: I have a LOT of nail varnishes.

This is one I picked up the other week:

I must have shared with you before, my love of George @ Asda nail varnishes.. I've got quite a few. They're such a bargain, & tend to be really good too!

This was really difficult to get a decent picture of, so I had to give up. I recommend you check it out in person. It's the most gorgeous, two-toned shade of purple/blue. Honestly, it's amazing. I took loads of pics, but my phone-camera is just not picking up the amazingness of it.

I'll show you this pic, because it also shows off one of my newest rings:

Now, I've already mentioned how gorgeous the colour of my nail varnish is, & how the pictures really don't reflect it. What I now need to tell you, is that the above photo (with new ring) was taken 10 days after application. 10 days. Seriously. How good is that!? I honestly can't express how impressed I've been with this nail varnish. There are NO chips! It's not looking quite 100%, I will admit, but not TOO far off!

All this for the bargain price of only £1.

Cannot recommend enough :) And like I say, I've got quite a few nail varnishes from this range, & generally I've always been pleased with them - particularly for the bargainous price!

Ok, so now what? That was the main thing I wanted to talk about!

Do you want to see my new necklace? (It hasn't actually arrived yet) I'm awaiting its delivery.

Picked this up for mere pence on eBay. Thought it was cute.

Do you want to see my new favourite belt? (Can something count as your favourite, even if you've never worn/used it!?)

Check out that baby - isn't it rather lovely? Tis one of my Dorothy Perkins sale purchases. It's ever so pretty!

My new favourite shoes? (Even though, again, haven't worn them yet!)

I love them, even if they haven't actually graced my feet yet!

This is a pretty rubbish post. I really didn't have a plan at all of what I was going to talk about/show you (is it obvious!) Although I did warn you it was going to be random again..!

Has anyone been watching that new programme - 'Bedlam'? I've only seen one so far, but I quite liked it - I think it definitely has potential - & is at least, watchable. Not sure if my opinion was swayed though because it's starring Will Young. & I've totally got a soft spot for Mr Young.. how could you not!?

Look at that cheeky face - how could anyone resist!? Bless him :)

Anyway, I've only got 3 days of school left & then I'm on half term. Thank God! (In fact, just remembered I'm out on a course on Thursday, so only 2 actual school days) Am in desperate need of a break, so am looking forward to half term. It's only a week, but it'll hopefully be enough to recharge my batteries a bit.. Honestly, working with teenagers day in, day out, is absolutely draining!

Ok, I'm actually going to go now - this post is becoming more & more random by the second..

Take care,


Sunday, 6 February 2011

Rumple's Wiggin'

Riteyho, here we go - another random post from me. You should expect nothing less from me nowadays.

I've got LOADS of stuff to show you - new purchases etc, but the majority of it I haven't got pics of yet, so you'll have to wait.

I've made an effort this week to take some pics of what rings I've been wearing. I don't even know why really, just felt like I wanted to! Plus it's easier to swiftly take a photo of your hands without people noticing & asking questions, than it would be my outfits or whatever.. so there you go!

Ok, so Day 1:

I've had both of these for a long time. They're rather more 'classic' in style than my usual 'statement' look - I just fancied something simple that day, yet still pretty in my opinion :)

Day 2:

Sneaky peak of my bracelets there aswell that day!

The two purple rings are both from eBay, & again are ones I've had a while. The other one, is an 'Empowerment' ring. I'd been on a training course the evening before on 'Domestic Violence Awareness', & was drawn to that ring the morning after.. I've got a matching necklace somewhere as well - haven't seen that for a long time though, hmm...

Day 3:

The gold heart double ring was courtesy of Alex at www.oddsocksandprettyfrocks.blogspot.com & I LOVE it. It's honestly one of my favourite rings (& that's saying something - not like I haven't got enough to choose from!) So, thanks Alex :)

& the other one is another eBay purchase, from a long time ago - I got a batch of 8 rings (I think) all like that, but different colour stones - I do like them, but I often forget about them, so they don't get worn as often as they should!

Ok, so they're the rings I've taken pics of this week. I actually bought 3 more new rings today.. but I'll save them for another time!

Oh, & just in case anyone's wondering, the nail varnish is:

(OPI - Rumple's Wiggin')

I mentioned a min ago that the gold heart ring was from Alex, well I have something else to show you too, courtesy of another blogger:

LOVE this necklace - so pretty :) This little baby is courtesy of Rosie, at www.carelesslycutyou.blogspot.com. I actually received it on Christmas Eve, but I just realised I hadn't shown you guys yet..

I've recently bought a new camera - want to see it?

Thrilling, I know!

It was a major bargain & I fancied treating myself, so I did. Haven't actually charged it up & tried it out yet - but will do soon.. Hoping it's ok!

I had a Dorothy Perkins order delivered yesterday, haven't tried any of it on yet though. Will maybe show you what I got next time!

It's my sister's birthday on Monday - I've got her 'The World According To Karl Pilkington' book, another random book (that I spotted her eyeing up in Asda today) & a checked shirt that I'd rather like to keep for myself.. Hope she likes 'em..

Right, I'm feeling really rubbishy & tired, so am going to get back to doing what I was doing previously, & attempting to catch up on my blog-reading, without falling asleep.

Got loads to show you (including the result of winning another giveaway), so will be back soon!

Take care,