Monday, 19 April 2010

Giveaway Winner :)

So, I'm totally off schedule with this - I am really sorry. I'm also sorry that all I seem to do on this blog is say sorry at the moment!
I know I'm being a pretty rubbish blogger. I know I haven't been replying to comments. I know I haven't updated this as regularly as I was - I know. & yes, I am sorry.

Right, so here goes...

The winner of my giveaway is..

The lovely Ruth at

I've already commented - but if you read this, please comment with your email address so we can arrange delivery :)

I'm actually really pleased about this. Ruth is really lovely & I recommend you all go & check out her blog (I'm pretty sure she's going to be doing a giveaway too soon, so that's a bonus for you!)

Right, onto normal topics for my blog - things I've been buying...

Well, I thought I'd been really good, & hadn't bought much recently at all - but apparently I was totally kidding myself! I think because I haven't been into town, I'd convinced myself I hadn't bought anything - but obviously that's not true.. I'm sure you know me well enough by now to know that!

So, first off, my latest asos order:

I got this lovely Vero Moda blazer in both colours, as I love it:

I'm quite big into blazers - I've got loads, but none in either of these colours, so they are obviously totally justifiable purchases.. ahem!

I also got some jewellery (of course!):

Some rather lovely bits & pieces there.. I'm particularly loving the floral fabric ring & the mirror pendant - look how pretty it is :)

I have since had an email saying that the owl ring is out of stock :( So I'm quite disappointed by that! But still wanted to show you...

Ooh, I also got this, which I almost forgot about!

Really like the print on this :)

This order has apparently been dispatched now, so am looking forward to receiving it! (But not to the disapproving looks from my parents when they see another parcel coming my way - oops!)

Has everyone seen the latest news from asos? Free delivery my friends, free delivery!
Pretty good huh? They've had free returns for a little while now too.
Although, obviously (as is just my luck), this was introduced the morning after I'd placed my order - of course. But I'm still pleased for my future purchases!

I've received a couple of things from eBay recently too:

This Marks & Spencers Portfolio dress. I don't really know why I got this to be honest. It's not very 'me' at all! However, it arrived this morning & it is a really nice dress, so we'll see. Maybe for work..?

This also arrived this morning:

It's a Forever 21 tunic - I'm pretty pleased with this - tried it on quickly earlier & I really like it :)

Have got other things to show you, including things I've been wearing recently - but am thinking I need to wrap it up here - shall save them for next time.
I went back to work today, after two weeks off for Easter, & I'm not joking, I'm exhausted. I was ready for bed by lunchtime. I can't believe it's only been one day & I already feel so drained. Not good really.

Anyway, I'm feeling the need to go & stick a dvd on & chill :)

Take care,


PS. Massive hello to all my new followers - look at you all - I can't believe it! Hi :)

PPS. I was thinking of attempting to do a blog sale - what are your thoughts on that? Good idea? I've got such a ridiculous amount of stuff, that I've never worn, still with tags on - so thought I could give it a go..? Would you be interested? Because I won't bother if you're not! Let me know your thoughts, either way :)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Clock's Ticking...

C'mon, what are you waiting for?! You've still got two & a half hours until my giveaway closes!

I'm kinda in shock that I've got 94 followers - but weirdly, there's nowhere near as many entries for my giveaway. So if you enter now you're in with a good chance still! You can enter on this post if you're too lazy to go back - God, I'm good to you hey!?

The sun's been shining (although it kinda had a little break today.. come back soon!), so these babies have made a reappearance into my life:

I think I've worn them everyday since I went & retreived them from the massive pile of unworn & forgotten about shoes the other day!
Well, seeing as I bothered painting my toenails I thought I'd better show 'em off!

I also have matching fingernails:

Which is VERY unlike me. Like my underwear, my nails never match!

Right, just a quick post (by my standards anyway!) tonight - what I'll do is draw the winner of my giveaway tomorrow - then announce it either tomorrow or Friday (depending on y'know, whatever's going on in the real life) - so then I can hopefully post the goodies on Saturday!

Take care,


PS. Why oh why has Blogger decided to start messing with my photos!? It started on my last post - it's putting them all topsy turvy & I don't know why - help!

PPS. I'm sorry I've been so rubbish recently at replying to comments - I promise I will eventually get round to them - all of them!

Monday, 12 April 2010


Ok, so I have been a really rubbish blogger recently. For that, I apologise. I thought having time off work would mean I would be blogging more, but apparently it doesn't work like that!
This is officially the longest between posts, since I started my blog - I'm sorry!
I want to try to explain, but there's just too much going on - I don't know where to start, & I doubt it'd be very interesting for anyone..

Hi to all my new followers! I'm sorry that your following me hasn't had the best start!

Giveaway! Ok, so officially, my giveaway ends today.
However, I'm going to give it an extension, as I've been so absent. So, you now have until Wednesday 14th April to enter. And, I've got a couple of extra bits to add to it:

Couple of pairs of earrings (crappy pics, sorry - trust me, look better in real life!)

And also, I'm going to throw this in too:

I've borrowed the 2nd pic from the website - gives you a better idea than any I could take!

And seeing as I'm feeling generous, you don't even have to go back to my giveaway post (entitled 'Finally..!') to enter - obviously you can if you want. But if you're feeling lazy, just enter here, on this post.
You just have to be a follower of my blog - & comment asking to be entered. I'd also like you to say why you feel you deserve to win, but as I said before, this is purely for my own nosiness & won't affect the draw!

Ok, so I hope I've managed to redeem myself ever so slightly for being so rubbish recently :)

So here we go then, normal blogging resumes here! :

I've been using this bag a lot recently:

I also bought a similar-ish one from New Look the other day, that looks like this:

I also bought these sunglasses the other day from Primark:

But I think they'll be going back - apparently I'm too old to pull off baby pink aviators!

I bought this necklace last week, which I'm in love with (& so is my nephew - he's 14 months old & he always checks out what jewellery I'm wearing, he always loves all my rings - but he was particularly interested in this - can you blame him!? He's got good taste!)

Ooh, my Dorothy Perkins order arrived, & I love all of it! Very unusual for me - I normally want to return at least half of it! But it's all lovely stuff, & fits - again, very unusual - I'm not the easiest shape & size for online shopping, but this time it worked a treat - woo!
Haven't actually worn any of it yet though - oh, apart from the jewellery:

(Yes, I have been living in my denim shirt - love it!)

This ring was far bigger than I had expected from the website - good job I like big rings! It'd be too big & impractical for the majority of people though - without a doubt.

Oh, & these aren't from Dorothy Perkins, but are from the same day, so...

Oh & please do ignore my nails - they were looking better than that earlier in the week, I promise, & then I just got lazy! Although, I painted them last night in a gorgeous bright blue & I keep catching glimpses & loving them every time I see them!

Ok, that's me done for now I think.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Take care,


Friday, 2 April 2010


First things first, if you haven't entered my giveaway & would like to - go & do it! It's the post before this one..
And don't get too excited, but the winner may well be lucky enough to be receiving a couple of extra little things too, that weren't included in the post :)

Right, so I finished work yesterday for Easter - I now have two weeks & one day off. Lovely. The bonuses of working in a school!

I was a bit naughty the other night & ordered some things from Dorothy Perkins - they'd sent me a code for 25% off, so I had to check it out, didn't I?!

Here's what I ordered:

Navy blue lace playsuit. I love navy blue, & I love lace - & I love this! I've never owned/worn a playsuit before, so I really hope it fits ok, as I am rather excited about it :)

Speaking of playsuits, I also got this one!:

I figure, I'd just wear it the same way I'd wear a little dress?

Speaking of dresses...

More florals!

I also got:

& of course I couldn't resist some jewellery:

What do you think? Worth checking out the Dorothy Perkins sale? If you do have a look & want anything, the code for 25% off is DPVIPD - let me know if you get anything!

Oh, & while we're on the subject of online offers - asos have got free delivery this weekend - & that's on anything, including sale items :) Worth having a look!
I was quite restrained, but obviously couldn't resist entirely - so have just ordered:

Which weirdly, I saw on someone's blog this week (can't remember who - sorry!), & commented how much I liked it - then there it was, just begging me to buy it!

& this:

I used to have an owl necklace, years & years ago (before the whole Primark phenomenom!), but I lost it, so when I saw this I decided I had to have it :)

Ok, so onto eBay.. I'm not going to show you everything I've won/received recently, because there's rather a lot. I'll just show you a few bits:

These rings arrived yesterday - aren't they just the cutest!? They really are adorable. I spent ages deliberating over which colour to get, & I just couldn't for the life of me decide, so I had to get both! Glad I did though, I love them :)

This also came yesterday:

This is actually probably nicer in real life than the photo shows. Really pleased with it.

I've also received this week: Oasis jeans, Dorothy Perkins city shorts, Republic dress & at least one other ring I can think of..

I'm waiting on a few things too, including:

This little Topshop beauty. Which I've paid the bargain price of £5.95 for (including p&p).

I do actually think I have a problem with shopping. I know that sounds silly. But it's like a compulsion. You should see my room, it's filled with bags & bags of things, still with tags on. Because I buy so much. It's ridiculous. & I know it is, yet I still am doing it! I think it's most likely some deep-rooted psychological problem, so therefore it's not worth fighting it :p

Anyway, hope you all have a fantastic Easter - we don't really 'do' Easter in my house - it's just time off work for us!
Has anyone got any exciting plans for the Easter weekend? I'm having my hair done tomorrow (which it's in desperate need of), so that's what I'm most looking forward to, sadly!

Take care,


PS. Sorry I haven't replied to the comments on my giveaway post yet, I will do - promise! I've just been busy. But I will!